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Maroc NYE 2016 / Detailed stops list & GPS tracks

This is how we made 3500 km…

Click on every day destination to go to the GPS track in Wikiloc.

Notes and waypoints will  take some time to be updated. 179 more words

Road Book

More Ratón Cantabria

Ratón Cantabria is spreading across the web continuing the mission of providing English tourist information for Cantabria with a personal touch! You can find more from Ratón Cantabria in the following places: 184 more words

Ultimant els últims detalls del projecte

Una vegada finalitzades totes les fases del projecte, només ens queda l’elaboració i creació d’alguns apartats de la pàgina web, ultimar alguns petits detalls d’altres apartats i actualitzar les diverses xarxes socials per tal de tenir-les al dia i que tots els usuaris interessats en el món de l’escalada estiguin el corrent dels últims esdeveniments i noticies d’aquest àmbit. 255 more words


Continuant amb el projecte

A aquestes altures de curs, i pel que respecta a la fitxa del projecte, ja tenim finalitzades la fase de diagnosi, la fase de disseny i planificació 305 more words

Climb Cat

Free Apps - Edition Catalunya

To all my hiking buddies out there in BCN: just want to share with you three splendid apps. One I’ve had for quite some time, the other two I’ve discovered recently. 422 more words


Elevation recording and processing; a double crystal ball

“fuzzy” elevation recording
GPS Elevation Data Error and Correction (blog by GPS Runner)  and Accuracy of Elevation Measurement Using GPS (webpage by Jo Wood) are just a few examples where the inaccuracy of elevation recording by GPS devices is mentoined and explored. 285 more words

Singapore central catchment area hike

Once or twice a year my trekking buddies and I organizes overseas treks lasting about a week. In between treks, we research and organize the next one, we take mistakes from the last hike and plan to do the next one better. 518 more words