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22nd Slavs and Vikings Festival

The Slavs and Vikings Festival in Wolin is one of the biggest early Medieval re-enactment events in Europe. In this festival  take part about ca. 1,500 people from 26 countries of the world. 136 more words

Nikon D7100

Es Caga Tió or the Shitting Log

I have been sharing with some friends a Catalan Christmas tradition that we have: the Christmas Log. When I explained that we hit a log with a wooden spoon while singing a creepy song so it shits some Christmas presents, they obviously thought I was kidding. 617 more words

Llave de enlaces de lengua española

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

Dejo un par de enlaces de lengua española que me parecen muy útiles. Uno de ellos se llama “el” y ofrece información, ejercicios y explicaciones de todas las cuestiones relacionadas con la lengua castellana. 64 more words