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There's Nothing Like a Campfire

Oct 2015

At about 5:30 in the evening it’s all thunderbolts and lightning with large hail as well. The park quickly becomes a white wonderland and the drifts of hail take hours to melt. 177 more words


Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) 2018 Welcome Forum

Are you a supervisor interested in hosting a talented undergraduate student for a research project and helping them gain insight into career paths in STEMM research? 104 more words

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One Hump or Two?

In our wanderings about the countryside ducking and weaving to avoid kangaroos, emus and feral pigs we have often complained that we are yet to see a camel in the wild. 81 more words


Ky West Hotel

Here’s a small watering hole that most people wouldn’t even notice when passing even though it’s been here since 1896. In bowling green flat land crossed by irrigation channels, acres of corn and dairy cows ‘cos this is known as cow cockie country. 44 more words


Poachers Paradise Hotel, Rutherglen

Feb 2016

The mercury hits 42° it is searingly hot and even though the wind is blowing across the lake it feels as though we are having happy hour in front of a hair dryer. 130 more words


BATTS - " For Now "

With a sound that has been compared to Florence & the Machine by media outlets throughout Australia and abroad, Tanya Batt delivers a sense of earnestness in her heartfelt brand of music. 111 more words


Special Episode: The ArmaLite AR-10 (Pt.2)

If you missed the first part of our special episode on the AR-10 you can find it here!

Vic brings us the second part of his special episode looking at the story of the AR-10, with a very unique run down of various variants of Eugene Stoner’s weapon. 491 more words