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Monday - July 18, 2016

Gorgeous sunset @ Vic’s

s’mores ft Jelly

I often assert that the quality of one’s thoughts influences the quality of life–it’s all in the mindset. But my mind was especially restless today; I struggled to discern the cause: I had definitely rested less this morning, but I’ve done more with less hours of sleep. 820 more words

Summer 2016

Sunday - July 17, 2016

“We cannot tell the precise moment

when friendship is formed.

As in filling a vessel drop by drop,

there is at last a drop

which makes it run over;

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Summer 2016


Visited the Buchan Caves Reserve (they say it Buckan) Sunday 8th November 2015, went on the Fairy Cave Tour (about an hour from Lakes Entrance). This is THE most beautiful place, the trees are huge, the flowers gorgeous – would recommend a visit (and stay if time permits). 11 more words



Wilsons Promontory (or The Prom as it is called by the locals) is one of Victoria’s last wilderness areas and has been a National Park for over 100 years. 163 more words


i just can't say that word


This videowork is related to the loose working title of our project, “I just can’t say that word”.

Vic combined his recordings of my conversations with him immediately after my surgery to remove my breast cancer, still hazy with anaesthetic, and my voice replies to his earlier emails, images from my ultra sound, mammogram and my drawing to help me express the complex (perhaps its actually very simple) balance I hold between fear and laughter; reality and absurdity; body, emotion, intellect and spirit. 84 more words


United Interiors

United Interiors is an online homewares and decor specialist that delivers great design, quality and value. Founded in Melbourne by Tony Romano, they offer the very latest in trending artworks to beautiful rugs and decor for both professional and budding interior designers. 96 more words

Local Retail

In a Room with Pink Plastic Bags

This is a site specific artwork.
The site of this collaboration isn’t necessarily Mayu’s body.
The site of this collaboration isn’t necessarily the illness itself. 101 more words