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Blades of Love

I thought

of slashing my wrists

With the razor that once belonged to you

And see if your blood still runs in my veins..

And then I thought… 39 more words



Cause this were my veins, nature veins, clean veins, without evil, without wrong, without lies, without tricks. This were my veins when I born, when nothing influenced me, when everything was peace. 8 more words

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Small Treatments That Make a Big Difference

You love your beauty regime. From moisturizing your skin to drawing on your eyeliner, there’s nothing more enjoyable. I wrote an article about this not that long ago… 624 more words

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Water birch - the VEINS

My first posting of the water birch leaf included the secondary veins. Continuing work on this line drawing of the leaf by adding the tertiary veins. 6 more words


The Pleasure in Music

The tempo
flowing through my veins.
The attack
painfully pleasant.
The finale

A Brief Discussions About Varicose Veins

In Australia, patients may develop varicose veins due to their chosen daily routine or due to occupational hazards. These veins can appear bulky and hinder the appearance of the legs. 415 more words