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Footprints on shattered glasses

She walked bare-footed on broken glasses. With every step she took, blood drops left the marks. These are the prints of what runs through her veins. 36 more words


All about broken capillaries on the skin.

Broken capillaries:

Appearance: Associated with blotchiness, fine thread-like blood vessels on the skin surface, visible on fine areas, especially the eyelids.

Possible causes: Constant dilation of capillary walls leads to weakened elasticity resulting in broken capillaries. 74 more words



bleed into me
your bitterest best;

wrists held fast,
coquettish behest.

there is time like a river:

flowing hard; then,
at rest.

truth pools
to dip in,

veins without end.


I'll smile at you next time

Fingers entwined, and it caught my breath. It turned my stomach upside town and twisted my heart. For that split second I was enraged, fire bolted through my veins, my whole body froze in shock and I didn’t know how to react. 285 more words