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#6 [The feeling of being alive]

Moments of severe anxiety strike a buzz deep inside the skeleton.

Arousal of the”fight or flight” system and the heart starts pumping exorbitantly fast.

Terrifying to some; to me, exhilarating. 113 more words


You challenge each other since you’ve met. Push buttons. Check reactions. Show standards. Set boundaries. You seem to walk on a path that goes to NEVER and EVERYWHERE, you say Goodbye! 325 more words


The Remainder of the Day or Get Along Little Polyp

I was shocked and a little disappointed that no one attended my colonoscopy party this morning. Studly Doright reminded me that I didn’t actually put a date, time, or location on my invitation, though, so I suppose I only have myself to blame. 533 more words



The veins inside my hand
Feel like they’re pulling tight
They start to burn
With each word I write

My eyes inside my head
Pulling my eyelids tight… 214 more words


Peace Lily leaf

A leaf illuminated from behind by the sun shows it’s veins.


Tattooed on my left rib, slightly below my left shoulder blade but more so under my left armpit – to symbolize that I always use my heart when making all the decisions in my life. 42 more words