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Veins so prominent

Like the ones under my skin

But with no wires

© Bethan Grylls 2016

“I read, I blog, I laugh, I cry, I make jokes – sometimes even good ones – I drink tea (a LOT of it), but mostly I write. 42 more words


Effective and Less Invasive Treatments for an Incredibly Stressful and Embarrassing Medical Condition

For individuals suffering from varicose veins, it can be quite stressful and often even embarrassing. Many people coping with this common, but inconvenient and unattractive condition tend to be very anxious and desperate to quite understandably rid themselves of their varicose veins. 461 more words


Hearing the Fat Lady Sing!

That is it.  Barring disasters, I.  Am.  Done.  Unfortunately, unlike the woman in the picture I am not celebrating with champagne.  Rather I am reclining on my couch.   475 more words