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Description From Photographer if Any:

back lit leaf playing with green colors

By PeterComninellis



Tree Soul

Tree Soul

From the seeds that were planted
From alluring love between two souls
Two halves that created a whole
A beautiful accident
I am Your tree soul… 244 more words


Keyes - Black Magic

Is it Black Magic or did Keyes dropped a new kickass song today. Keyes is starting to be a leading women by accident on my playlists. 46 more words


30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 3 [8/22/2015]

Day 3: Imagine you’re looking through a collection of short stories. One of the titles catches your interest. That’s the story you want to read first. 451 more words


One of my favourite phytochemistry groups when I was studying naturopathy were the coumarins. I find it enchanting when the presence of a plant chemical can be guessed at from the taste, smell or some other observable factor, such as the soapiness of plants containing saponins. 310 more words


Field pansy (1)

This little pansy caught my eye amongst the green of the grass.  Looking closer, I could see the delicate purple veins running from its core into the white pedals.   49 more words


Red Leaf (2)

Sometimes I have a plan for what I want to photograph, and how.

Most times, however, I play–holding a leaf up to the light, twirling it,shifting the lens’ focus– 12 more words