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The Best Ways to Treat Varicose Vein Conditions

Varicose veins are common when it comes to people who are overweight, the elderly and people who spend all day on their feet. There are many reasons why… 457 more words


Skeleton soul

Sometimes love is just not enough, you say this through closed eyes.
With a heart that no longer listens.
Crack, black, smack over me. Pouring through my veins. 55 more words


Quote for Today: Jonathan Franzen

And so–for the first time, it seemed–Pip had looked at her mother’s hands. The skin on the back of them wasn’t pink and opaque like her own skin. 96 more words

Quote For Today

Poem of the Week: "When There Are No More Pastures"

In predawn half light I imagine smelling saffron

and honeysuckle and burning sage.

I remember late winter three years ago,

all that was lost and gained. 92 more words