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Veins don’t just run through
the human body, they run
through the earth as well.
~Brooke Lindsay

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Once More Unto The Doc, Dear Friends

Today I went without the slap, without a head covering and without much care.  It was Just Too Hot.  My appointment was for 9 o’clock so I had rush hour traffic to contend with.   439 more words

Something so special

There is something so special about that connection so very deep that you can feel it in your bones, feel it running through your blood and the air that you pull deep within your lungs. 14 more words

Food For Thought.

Slightly Chewed

Something has been enjoying the summer green leaves full of light.

© Sheila Creighton 2016


Untitled 10

​Don’t you see the scrapes?

your pick mutilating

once impeccable tones

of your precious Flying V


thank your irreciprocity.

I carried your amps

took your drunken hand… 40 more words