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Fyfe - Keeping It Together

With the release date for Fyfe’s debut album just days away, he has started rolling out the tracks. Following on from yesterday’s Veins, Keeping It Together is the latest song taken from the record, which is named Control. 19 more words


The EGD that wasn't supposed to be

Every time I go to the hospital I swear it’s going to be different.  (But before I start my story, what is it about the hospital staff… 583 more words

Rare Disease

Fyfe - Veins

Fyfe is an elusive artist who has put out a steady stream of releases over the past few years. After ending his David’s Lyre project ( 50 more words


Body Landscapes

I want to recognise the fact that we are not solid smooth objects with no crevices or orifice. We bleed and bulge and blood runs through us and it is beautiful. 22 more words


Blood runs through veins

It is becoming a habit, And we do not even realize

The cycle comes back and repeats itself
Where I collapse and you collapse
And we loose our sanity.
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Whirling for Good or Ill

~~ 1 ~~

her passport photo
veins bulging in her forehead
from the night before

~~ 2 ~~

ocean on the floor
the toddler’s howl of dismay…
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Surgery- a week on

Yesterday the nurse came take some blood and flush my new port with a saline solution to make sure it was working ok following the surgery. 102 more words

Living With Cancer