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EXCLUSIVE! Bad Veins Are Back With A Pitch Perfect Performance Of Dancing On TV!

We can totally hear this on the radio!
Bad Veins has been one of our favorite bands for a while now, and we’ve got yet another live performance of theirs to show off. 28 more words


Immanuel's Veins

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Get online Immanuel’s Veins today. 299 more words


Artist Embroiders Notebook With Veins, Holograms, And Floral Patterns

Chara, an artist from Athens, creates beautiful and intricate embroidered notebooks. She turns an object as simple as a notebook into a treasured object perfect for writing down your most precious thoughts.Her notebooks are so meticulously made that it looks as if the embroidered decorations were drawn on by a gel pen instead of with a needle and thread. 104 more words

~ Deciduous ~ magical fall

leafy crystal veins

      shimmering after rain,

honeysuckle moon

      hugging yellow skies.

cooler sunny smiles,

     drifting absentmindedly

like shivering balloons.

skillful branch embroidery

     mirrored on pigmented soils. 42 more words


Still Life | Fantastic sequence

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Lafugue Style~Blue syndrome
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By lafuguelogos


Still Life

the deep

Our veins intertwine together in a great embrace
Their subtle colours prove to be a spectrum too bold, too beautiful
I am blinded by that which binds us together… 26 more words