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But I cannot get you out
Around 2 years ago, I was obsessed with this song and the emotions behind it. My family was sick of hearing it over and over and over again on my guitar. 11 more words


A tempest gathers in my veins
Echoing across the horizon
Lightning erupts from my heart
Thunder booms through the trees
This wyld storm spilling from my soul… 15 more words

Day 235 Palace - Veins

First released back in July last year, London band Palace’s track Veins is a sumptuous slice of raw and mellow rock ‘n’ roll. A touching flashback to music of the past,  25 more words



As a kid, he’d always loved licking his own blood after sustaining a wound. Since everyone his age was doing it, it didn’t feel awkward, except for the fact that because he particularly gained so much pleasure from it, he tended to look forward to wounding himself or cherished getting involved in an accident, just so he could suck his own blood. 1.193 more words


Which way to the heart?

This is an updated version of an activity I have used with my 7th graders in the past. To get a true understanding of how blood circulates through their body, and to review the parts of the heart, I have the students sort the cards and place them in the right order starting and ending with the right atrium. 378 more words

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