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First Snow and Ice II

Another view of branches and ice with a few leaves hanging on.

© Sheila Creighton 2015


{No. 227} Autumn Veins

Out of all the leaves on the ground, I picked this one because of its veins. One may ask there are plenty of leaves out there with similar or better pattern of veins and why this one. 50 more words


Varicose Veins

Oh my Gosh, Mrs. G!

Cover your legs, won’t you please?

I see a bunch of things I’d never see on TV!

They are blue, and black and you’re so white and so red! 290 more words

Personal Reflections


I’ve got words cluttering up my brains

Stories coursing through my veins.

On my bruised and battered heart

Poems leave their stains.

-A. Phillips


A Weathered Hand

The passage of time, marked by the weathered, leathery hand of a fallen oak leaf.