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Brexit and the Commonwealth

Yesterday I was a keynote speaker at a conference on Cultural Diplomacy and the Commonwealth hosted by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) in London. 416 more words

Markets or organisations? UPF guest lecture by Robert Gibbons

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If an alien came to earth from outer space wearing glasses that show organizations in pink, and markets in green, what would it see? 982 more words



It can be fun to get out and enjoy sunshine, and the vitamin D provided by the sun can help with your overall health.  However, too much sun can be damaging.   915 more words


The rise of the far right in Australia - Hack - triple j

In early April last year, 23-year-old Thomas Sewell headed along to a Reclaim Australia rally in Melbourne. It was one of 16 rallies attended by thousands of people across the country. 12 more words


Steve Unruh Updates Fans!

I spent my music time this weekend recording violin and flute for the next King of Agogik album! As usual, it was a thrill ride to solo over bizarre time changes and difficult key signatures. 229 more words


Tuga Boys High Tide L/S One-Piece Swimsuit (UPF 50+), Sapphire, 4/5 yrs

Tuga Sunwear: cool prints and bursts of California style. The Tuga boys High Tide long sleeve sun suit is a great option for younger kids and available starting at size 3/6 months up to 6/7 years! 229 more words