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Proteins bound to DNA impair Nucleotide Excision Repair

Congratulations to Núria López-Bigas at the GRIB (UPF-IMIM) for her lab’s latest paper in Nature describing why there’s an increased mutation rate in Transcription Factor Binding Sites (TFBS) in melanomas and lung tumors!!!! 104 more words


Coolibar UPF 50+ Baby Beach One Piece Swimsuit - UV Swimwear (12 Months - Crab)

Protecting skin from the sun starts at day one! Comfy design, fun patterns and unbeatable sun protection is what our Baby Beach One Piece Swimsuit is all about. 17 more words

Melbourne’s Most Dangerous: UPF or Non-White Gangs?

As Africans and Islanders attacked each other in Melbourne’s CBD just for the hell of it last night we wonder if it’s time to stop being terrified of the UPF. 563 more words

Blair Cottrell

ETIC 4th Doctoral Student Workshop

Today the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) organized the annual Doctoral Student Workshop. This workshop is conceived as an opportunity for PhD students to interact with other researchers, as well as gaining experience in participating in posters sessions. 139 more words


‘Someone Has to Die:' A Former Member of the UPF on How Insane Australia’s Far-Right Really Are

One of Australia’s most infamous anti-Islam groups, the United Patriots Front (UPF) is known for rallying against mosques, Islamic immigration, and “the Left.”

The UPF were founded by the self-styled Great Aussie Patriot Shermon Burgess, … 1.032 more words


Ralph The Martyr of Lakemba

Ralph Cerminara wants to martyr himself for the bowel movement known as the United Patriots Front, he wants to go into Lakemba $ die on the streets, apparently to further the legend & cause a bond between patriots, or some shit.


Ralphski Posting Revenge P0rn from Laptopski

Hey “Ralphski” you better start covering your tracks if you’re going to post revenge p0rn from your “Laptopski”, you might find yourself in a “cellski” with “Bubski”. 83 more words