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Recreating the images of the mind

On “Back to the future” day, October 21st, 2015, Ricard Solé, leader of the ICREA Complex Systems Lab at the IBE (UPF-CSIC), wrote a blog post called “Images of the mind”. 210 more words


Demonstrators Clash In Rallies Around The Nation

Co-ordinated Reclaim Australia rallies in capital cities around Australia have met with counter rallies from anti-racism demonstrators, resulting in violent confrontations and arrests.At Melton Ci… 8 more words


UPF’s (EPAM’s) proposal for a stop to the drowning of innocent people

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UPF’s (EPAM’s) proposal for a stop to the drowning of innocent people

While EU is pretending to address the refugee crisis by summits and by erecting walls, numerous innocent kids and grown-ups drown in the Aegean, in their attempt to live in safety away from wars. 336 more words

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Trouble at the top - Burgess at the bottom end of it

The past few days we have seen some strange videos coming from the UPF claiming that Shermon Burgess was retiring from the front lines and handing the reigns over to the  Sociopath Blair Cottrell. 198 more words

Opinion Blog

The Paris terror attacks, January 7th 2015: spawned by hatred or just cultural indifference?

By James Glass


On the 7th of January 2015 reports began to flash the social media sites and online newspapers of an attack at the… 2.332 more words

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