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This week I am in Montreal (Canada) for the 11th International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM-17). This is my second edition (in a row) at this venue for computational social science. 141 more words


A Guide to Sun Protective Clothing

The warmer days definitely have me thinking more and more about sun protection. In addition to sunscreen, last summer I started buying sun protective clothing to add an extra layer of coverage and protection from the sun. 477 more words

Pretty Well


March 6 was a day that will go down in History, It was always going to be controversial but no one expected Neil Erikson who was facing court along with Blair Cottrell and Chris Shortis on serious religious vilification charges to show up in FULL Islamic Wear. 184 more words

Tim Wakeling

A Melbourne based neo Nazi. Wakeling is a fanatical member of the United Patriots Front, turning up at all of their rallies and being at the forefront of almost every outbreak of violence and altercation. 72 more words

1st BGSMath Data Science Workshop

Yesterday I attended the 1st BGSMath Data Science Workshop at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans. This workshop was conceived to bring together researchers and local organizations working in Data Science to discuss ongoing research and strengthen the links of a growing network. 88 more words


Left Watch - April 4, 2015 - Melbourne

Hey Guys these were the most active/violent LeftWing Terrorists who attacked Patriots on April 4, 2015 – If you recognize any be sure to let us know. 32 more words

Maternal neglect induces depression symptoms in mice

This post has been written by Irene Gracia-Rubio and Olga Valverde from the Neurobiology of Behavior Research Group (GReNeC) at the CEXS-UPF.

The World Health Organization predicts that depressive disorders will be the greatest contributor to the global burden of disease by 2030. 767 more words

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