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World Cafe: The Role of Interreligious Dialogue in 2015

UPF (Universal Peace Federation) held its summer festival on 19.07.2015 in the premises of UPF in Giessen. Last year the first such festival was held under the motto ‘world family’, and this year the topic was ‘between war and peace: the role of interreligious dialogue in 2015’. 681 more words

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Celebrity Aussie extremist Shermon Burgess, has had to re-think the marketing strategy for his anti Islamic, right-wing book club, Reclaim Australia, after the Australian Federal Police (AFP) mistakenly added him to their terrorist watch-list. 317 more words


AAUP 2015 Meeting Recap

By Rachel Doll, advertising and direct mail manager, University Press of Florida

Last month, along with four other staff members from the University Press of Florida, I traveled from sea-level Gainesville to mile-high Denver for the annual meeting of the… 510 more words


Is the EXODUS SACCO option the best for Uganda Police Officers?

We have all seen where our men and women in uniform or police officers living. If you have passed thorough Naguru and other police quarters you would think the guys who stay there are not the ones who keep law and order in this city or even the country. 371 more words