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The ERC recognises the excellence of PRBB researchers

The research group of Biomedical Genomics from the Research Programme on Biomedical Informatics (GRIB), led by Núria López-Bigas, has been awarded an European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant… 146 more words


High chance of snow. PFFT.

Listening to the weather this morning, the words “winds from the Arctic” coming this way has not halted my need to look for sun cream and UPF clothing for the Summer. 682 more words


A successful EMBO Practical Course on targeted proteomics at the PRBB

Different targeted strategies have recently emerged in the field of proteomics that enable the detection and quantification of a predetermined subset of proteins with a high degree of sensitivity and reproducibility across many samples. 643 more words


What is the PPC?

The UPF Scientific Output is a database of projects, publications, congresses,  thesis and other academic and research activities carried out by the UPF community.

If you want to discover it, just press on the link below

UPF Scientific Output PPC

A nation under one flag?

My Dad wanted an Australian flag to fly from a flagpole. Back then we didn’t have el cheapo flags being turned out in such numbers as today and we didn’t know where to go to get one. 410 more words


Recreating the images of the mind

On “Back to the future” day, October 21st, 2015, Luís Seoane, member of the Complex Systems Lab at the IBE (UPF-CSIC) led by Ricard Solé, wrote a blog post called “Images of the mind”. 239 more words