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AAUP 2015 Meeting Recap

By Rachel Doll, advertising and direct mail manager, University Press of Florida

Last month, along with four other staff members from the University Press of Florida, I traveled from sea-level Gainesville to mile-high Denver for the annual meeting of the… 510 more words


Is the EXODUS SACCO option the best for Uganda Police Officers?

We have all seen where our men and women in uniform or police officers living. If you have passed thorough Naguru and other police quarters you would think the guys who stay there are not the ones who keep law and order in this city or even the country. 371 more words


"Vivos se los llevaron, vivos los queremos" / "Alive they took them, alive we want them"

Xerrada a la Universitat Pompeu Fabra sobre la desaparició de 43 estudiants a Mèxic

“Avui estem celebrant un acte antiimperialista”. Així obria Marco Aparicio, doctor en dret constitucional i professor de la Universitat de Girona, la xerrada organitzada per l’Assemblea de Ciències Polítiques de la UPF sobre els 43 estudiants desapareguts a Ayotzinapa (Mèxic) fa vuit mesos. 1.939 more words

Matkakuume, wanderlust

Recappia viime ajoilta ja jotain uutta.

Pari viime postaustani käsittelivät Ruandaa. Olimme toukokuun pari ensimmäistä viikkoa reissaamassa ympäri Ruandaa UPF-porukalla, ja matka oli käsittämättömän hyvä. Postaukseni julkaistiin myös UPF:n reissublogissa ( … 483 more words


Rwanda 14-05-2015

Rwanda as a country and the Rwandan identity are marked by a 100-days-long event in 1994. In approximately 100 days an estimated 1 million people were slaughtered in the Rwandan Genocide. 986 more words


Rwanda 06-05-2015

After 9am it’s already hot. About an hour earlier we experienced a shower of tropical rain that stopped as suddenly as it started. The ground is already dry and it’s a still day. 690 more words


Science at PRBB: Jordi Garcia Ojalvo's Dynamical Systems Biology lab (CEXS-UPF)

In this sort video the physicist Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo, at the Department of Health and Experimental Sciences of the University Pompeu Fabra – located at the PRBB in Barcelona – talks about his group’s studies on circadian rhythms and other biochemical oscillations at a systems biology level. 12 more words