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History of UDC

When writing A3 I had to do a little bit of digging into the University Dance Company (UDC), and find out what it was really about. 226 more words

Energie 2050

13 avril 2017, Genève (Suisse). Un tout-ménage reçu ce jour dans ma boite à lettres, alors que celle-ci indique avec un autocollant que nous ne souhaitons pas recevoir de publicité. 159 more words


IMG_2330 LIBERATV TICINO Oskar Freysinger a Lugano: "Ecco perché porto i capelli lunghi"

Il consigliere nazionale e consigliere di Stato vallesano parla di Lega, UDC e dei suoi capelli lunghi… Giuliano Bignasca, Lega, LUGANO, Oskar Freysinger, UDC, Vallese


Urban Street Jam 2017

Pictures from UDC’s performance at Urban Street Jam! Congrats to our dancers on a great competition season!! Watch our performance here -> UDC @ Urban Street Jam 2017


IGEL UD Pocket - Micro Universal Desktop Thin Client

IGEL’s new UD Pocket, a micro Universal Desktop Thin Client on a USB 3.0 thumb drive, allows to turn a PC, laptop or any compatible x86, 64-bit CPU based endpoint device in a Thin Client, running the Linux based IGEL Universal Desktop operating system. 312 more words


Thank you Guesties! 🙏

Dear Frankie and Brandon,

You’re classes were so inspiring for us! Thank you for reminding us how much we love dance and more importantly, LIVE dance ❤

Love, Urban!!