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GRAVINA, il PD si spacca, nuovi scenari elettorali aperti

Tanto tuonò che piovve. Ci sarebbero già abbastanza elementi per poter scrivere uno di quei travolgenti romanzi di cappa e spada a puntate, solo che il tutto non è frutto della nostra fantasia, ma è la complessa realtà che emerge dalle dinamiche interne di un partito dalle troppe, eccessive e frammentate anime politiche. 1.076 more words


IGEL Linux 10 Sneak Preview

German Thin Client brand IGEL Technology is working on their next release of the IGEL Linux based Thin Client operating system. This is the Linux based OS that will power their own Thin Client Hardware as well as their software based Universal Desktop Converter (UDC). 424 more words

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Welcome to the Family

Welcome to our 2016-2017 Team! To our returning members and rookies: lets get ready to work!

Work From Home - Cristian Gasgonia Choreography

Hey people! Check out this fun summer video featuring some of your favorite UDC dancers and choreography by the 2016 UDC Director, Cristian!

Uber Everywhere - Trosky Sisters

Check out the newest concept video featuring our UDC dancers! Choreography by Co-Artistic, Devin Trosky and her sister Erin Trosky!


Exit les contingents et les plafonds pour l’immigration (24 heures, 02.09.2016)

<< La Commission du National tranche en faveur d’une application très douce de l’initiative UDC. Et elle ménage Bruxelles.(…) La préférence indigène (et non nationale) est affirmée: Le Conseil fédéral doit prendre toutes les mesures possibles pour favoriser la main-d’œuvre indigène. 105 more words

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