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Isn't It Too Dreamy? Twin Peaks, Quantum Ghosts, and the Magic of Arm Wrestling

So it’s been a while since my last Twin Peaks update, and… Wow. Just, wow. Where do I begin to discuss where the show’s been in recent weeks? 1.692 more words


Twin Peaks: The Return, Part 14 - The Dreamer, A Rubber Glove and Andy's Ascension

David Lynch is a composer of dreams. He makes dreams of all kinds: daydreams, waking dreams, fantasies, and nightmares. If Twin Peaks: The Return is to be the final dream he weaves for us, it’ll stand as a fitting crescendo to an incredible career. 2.250 more words


Review: Twin Peaks (S3 E13&14/18), Monday 7th and 14th August, Sky Atlantic

Any long-time viewers of Twin Peaks will have been at once beguiled, terrified and intrigued, as well as frustrated, by this extraordinary third series. We’ve been waiting patiently through all the errant, seemingly innocuous and scattered scenes and new characters, hoping that Good Coop is finally revived from his catatonic state and that Bad Coop is returned to The Black Lodge. 1.550 more words


Showtime is open to more Twin Peaks if David Lynch is

From – “The door’s always open to David Lynch,” says Showtime programming president Gary Levine.


TV: Twin Peaks: The Return- We are like the Dreamer

What the hell is going on with Sarah Palmer?  This singular question has dogged me for weeks now. Ever since we first saw Sarah sipping a drink on her couch while watching a jungle cat tear apart its prey on her television screen. 687 more words


Part 14 Was So Good I Can't Even Title This Column: The Waiting Room

Welcome back to my weekly Monday night column, “The Waiting Room”. Part 14 has come and gone, leaving us with 4 more hours left in this 18 hour saga. 1.393 more words

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