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Tallywackers, Male Version of Hooters Coming to Dallas

Thanks to my friend, Kathleen who shared the story with me yesterday. Although I’m about a 10-hour drive away from Dallas, I wanted to share this. 248 more words

El Paso

Hello again...

So this is one of those posts where I start off by saying it’s been a long time since I’ve posted… that’s a rite of passage for any blog though, so we’ll skim right over that! 353 more words


“Trains”, I said!

Dad had just stated with no uncertainty that if me and my brothers were going to get him anything for his birthday it should be HO scale model trains and accessories. 278 more words


All-Male Version of Hooters To Open In Dallas Next Month

Let’s face it ladies, there are not many restaurants that cater to us as far as eye candy goes! Let’s plan a trip to Dallas soon to check out… 104 more words


David Lynch: Catching The Big Fish - Book Talk

Never thought I’d be talking about a book here. Nevertheless, I do read on occasion and find myself enjoying that experience. This time I actually listened to director David Lynch’s book/autobiography. 982 more words


Twin Peaks S01 E06: Realization Time

In episode five of “Twin Peaks,” Cooper and the gang not only found the cabin, but the world can now stop looking for Waldo. 1.105 more words

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