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Twin Peaks – The Mystery as Holy

The following is a guest article from Paul Casey. Hope you enjoy!

“Falling, falling…”

Twin Peaks: The Return is an astonishing achievement. It decimated every convention of television in its makers’ quest to find something truly unique and powerful. 1.870 more words

The Return

UTM’s TV Shows Of The Year 2017

Besides our constant attempts at telling everyone how wonderful we think Twin Peaks is, we don’t give enough love to the very best offerings on television (although the majority of these comfortably sit on streaming platforms, hidden away from your Sky Plus box). 1.346 more words


Twin Peaks Holiday Gift Guide, Part Deux

Want more Twin Peaks merch? Me too. I’ve already posted HERE about some of the best media available, but there’s so much more good stuff out there. 930 more words


Twin Peaks is Cinema, and Metal is the New Classical Music

The recent ballyhoo about Twin Peaks: The Return‘s inclusion in the Sight & Sound (the British Film Institute’s flagship publication) best of 2017 list has sparked much debate. 5.451 more words


[Nine] The Red Room (Mawaru Penguindrum, Kunihiko Ikuhara, David Lynch)

Earlier this year, I watched David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Then I revisited Kunihiko Ikuhara’s Mawaru Penguindrum. 554 more words


How Twin Peaks Saved Me

The following is a guest post from Amber Welsh. Thank you so much for sharing this really personal account of what Twin Peaks has done for you and its a story so many can surely relate to. 924 more words

Twin Peaks

David Lynch's Nudes

Every human being has its own special curves and angles, proportions, and colors. We are so diferent, and in the same time so similar to each other. 312 more words