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This was one of the rare low fog event last summer. Luckily, due to the orientation of the sun during the summers and the clouds at the horizon, I was able to make the most of these beautiful conditions from one of the best san francisco view points. 86 more words

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Piper Laurie Wasn't Asked To Be A Part Of The Twin Peaks Reboot

Twin Peaks, pretty much came and went in 1990. Ratings-wise is was a dud.

However, since it aired, the show has become a cult classic. Fans love this show so much, that it’s getting a reboot. 140 more words


Price cuts at some housing projects help boost sales

Some developers have been reducing prices for their projects, encouraging sales in the process.

Ardmore Three in Ardmore Park has sold about 20 units since relaunching last month at effective prices of about $2,600 to $2,700 per sq ft (psf) – after factoring in a 15 per cent cash rebate. 289 more words


From high school to the JBTV stage: Twin Peaks in-studio (JBTV podcast)

The episode follows up after the band’s latest performance at JBTV. Cadien Lake James, Clay Frankel, Jack Dolan, Connor Brodner all answer questions from Jerry and Greg as they talk about The Orwells, what little actual work experience they have, grassroots movements in music, and what it was like coming out of high school as a band.

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Twin Peaks Podcast

I was a guest on Sean Fallon‘s podcast From First To Last, where he talks to people about the first and last episodes of their favourite shows. 46 more words


Recent Rewatches: March + April 2016

I only had one rewatch during the month of March, so I just lumped it in with April. I had a really good crop of rewatches these couple months; even if I didn’t get a ton of new stuff out of these movies they are definitely some of my favorites. 1.455 more words


Let's watch Twin Peaks

On my long list of “shows I intend to watch one of these days”, Twin Peaks sits pretty near the top.  It’s been on Netflix forever, but I’ve always avoided it because I am a giant chicken and don’t handle creepy/scary stuff very well.   851 more words