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Top 10 Albums of the Week

by, Art Carny

Albums, albums, albums.  Ten to be exact.  All nicely sorted, ranked, and available for your listening pleasure.  The links provided will take you to the artist’s individual Bandcamp sites where, if you like what you’re hearing, you can lend a few dollars and support.   417 more words

Twin Peaks

Inside the Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shootout with Biker Richard Luther

The Waco shootout at a Twin Peaks restaurant flooded with bikers from clubs such as the Cossacks, the Bandidos, and many more is explained with witness, Richard Luther. 107 more words


Back in Time

I don’t remember watching the first season of The X-Files. I may not have. It first aired my senior year of high school and while I had a small black-and-white TV in my room, I was rarely home. 964 more words

Life & Such

Twin Peaks S02 E18: On the Wings of Love

The last episode of “Twin Peaks” was all about secrets and how they can literally kill you. Twin Peaks is a town of secrets. 1.382 more words


As We Approach Sequel Saturation, What Does It Take to Make a Worthwhile Revival?

As the summer, season of the blockbuster, winds down, the franchise — and the sequel, and the reboot, and all other forms of the nostalgia manipulation that’s been in turbo drive for the past several years — no longer seems so unstoppable. 880 more words

Pop Culture

More Kickstarter Incentives!

The Great Northern Kickstarter launches in ONE WEEK!

SEPTEMBER 9 is the official launch day; mark it on your calendars, because a lucky few backers will get the opportunity to pre order the book AND pick up patterns from these (and other!) great designers.


Can't Wait for Twin Peaks to Come Back!

It’s really happening! The eccentric drama, Twin Peaks, is coming back! We heard a while ago that they were going to make several new episodes, and now they’re at the point where some filming is about to be done in the original town that stood in as Twin Peaks — North Bend, WA. 129 more words