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After a long semester of teaching I found some time to indulge in studying the novella Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo. I’ve been an admirer of Rulfo’s career and this book reads as a tremendous progression from his short stories I was introduced to in his book… 372 more words


Review: Twin Peaks - Down in Heaven

You know what I can’t stand? Country Music. You know what I love? Twin Peaks.

Because when you remove all the stupendous lyrics, whiny voices and the general vibe of the conservative Southern United States (exactly what turns me off it so much) and substitute them with garagey indie chords and the rasping but gentle vocals of the same nature you get Twin Peaks. 152 more words


Twin Peaks strive for new sound

by Alec Calvillo

Twin Peaks! Not the show, or the town but the band. They released their third album “Down in Heaven” May 13.

They’re a young five piece band from Chicago, Illinois that released their first album when they were seniors in high school back in 2012. 649 more words

Riverside City College

Twin Peaks - Down in Heaven

Since rising up from the underground, Chicago’s Twin Peaks have continued to prove themselves time and again to be a band to watch. From their show-stealing mid-afternoon performance at the 2014 Pitchfork Music Festival to their wildly impressive full length debut, … 746 more words

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Literally waiting for the paint to dry.

Or, if you are Chris Traeger: lit-rally waiting for paint to dry!

So, while I wait for the paint to dry on those tins I’ve been working on, I thought I should probably go ahead and finish a silly little painting that I’ve been putting off forever! 37 more words


Sharon Van Etten's return to college takes a detour

If you thought Sharon Van Etten‘s return to college in February would take her out of the public eye for awhile, think again.

Sharon’s collegiate redux lasted about two weeks before she got an offer she couldn’t refuse, she revealed the other day: an audition for a role on a TV show. 411 more words