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From The Armchair: Twin Peaks Revisited

What ho, chums! This week I was excited to read about the new game Virginia – or rather to read a tiny bit about it and then completely avoid reading any more for fear of spoilers (it appears that the game relies heavily on keeping its surprises hidden). 899 more words

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Eighth wonder of the world John Malkovich impersonates David Lynch characters -- watch

Watch Being John Malkovich enough times and it’s easy to conclude that the veteran actor is both a beautiful genius and a certifiable mad man. The same can be said, however, of… 220 more words


Virginia Deconstructed: Minor Spoilers Within

To review this game we’re going to try something a little different, a little less structure, a bit like the game itself. There is a plot, there is an extreme linear path of game-play, but there is an overwhelming sense of confusion and being lost on a cerebral path. 838 more words


Twin Peaks Revival Season 2 - Laura's Secret Diary

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Bless Up and Strap Up. This week Brian and Chris analyze, dissect, and desecrate Twin Peaks Season 2 Episode 4 Laura’s Secret Diary. 160 more words

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TV Shows to watch

Hey Everybody,

For anyone who knows me very well, they  know I’m TV obsessed. I have found some new and some old tv shows that I have been loving. 399 more words