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Weightlifting: Japan and Vietnam Top Olympic Rankings at Asian Championship

Japan and Vietnam led all nations in the team Olympic rankings at the 2016 Asian Weightlifting Championship. The team rankings are constructed by adding the points of the top 6 men or top 4 women of each nation which has yet to qualify to the Olympics. 386 more words

Samsung invests in Azerbaijan – Where is Azeri economy going?

SOCAR and Samsung reached an agreement for the construction of a €498 million plant for the production of carbamide, an organic compound used in agriculture as fertilizer, and in chemical industry. 260 more words


The Drone Index: Selex ES Falco EVO

The twin-boom Falco Evo manufactured by Finmeccanica-Selex ES represents a confidence boosting upgrade for Italy’s darling in the global UAV market. Even without a lethal reputation or a trail of publicity the Falco’s success is a positive sign for Europe’s sluggish drone exports. 509 more words


Exhibition: Turkestan Journey

Exhibition dates: 19 April – 12 May 2016

Turkestan Journey is an exhibition of traditional jewellery and textiles from Central Asia, dating from the nineteenth to the early twentieth century, from the collection of Almaly Company from Kazakhstan. 288 more words


Equestrian Events Calendar: Week 16

This week we have two equestrian festivals: St. George’s Day in England and Turkmen Horse Day in Turkmenistan:

St. George’s Day takes place on April 23 every year, recognising the patron saint of England. 153 more words


Hybrid Wars and “Color Revolutions” in the Central Asian Heartland: Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan Part 3

KNOW YOUR COLOR REVOLUTION:   “… a proxy front controlled by the US to advance the objective of straining the already frayed ties between Russia and Uzbekistan. 3.309 more words

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