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The Power of the Word


Galina Touches a Bible

In Turkmenistan, Galina invited Mahira, her friend, to visit her home, but was dismayed when Mahira arrived with a Bible.   459 more words

Global Heart Ministries

Door to Hell - Turkmenistan

The ‘Door to Hell’ is a natural gas field in Turkmenistan that has been burning since the 1970s and it’s mostly due to a science experiment gone wrong. 69 more words


They Do Not Like Me in Mongolia

I just noticed that they’ve reinstated the stats page that shows readership of blogs country-by-country.  I always enjoyed it and so I was very happy to see it back again.   490 more words

How to Get Out of Turkmenistan When You’re Out of Cash

If you should ever find yourself, as I recently did, in Turkmenistan and out of cash, on the run from a restaurant in which you dined and dashed, and in desperate need of a $60 ride to the border on the day your visa expires, do not fret. 2.464 more words

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The Country of White Elephants

Located on the coast of the Caspian Sea, near Turkmenbashi, Yelken Yacht Club is a place where Turkmen elite goes for short holiday breaks. If you are tired of crowded touristic resorts, this is the place to be. 306 more words


Ashgabat Blues Over Dictatorland

We have received the following missive from an acquaintance of Lord Venal, who recently had cause to be in the Turkmen capital Ashgabat.

Somewhat disappointed by the closing of all nightclubs at an unearthly early hour, he was gratified to receive a personal invitation from President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to drop by at one of his elegant palaces. 285 more words