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Turkmenistan is home to many Turkmen. Turkmen are one of the original Turkic tribes, that migrated from Mongolia to Central Asia. Their rich culture and history has been preserved, and their nomadic heritage has survived into the 20th Century. 10 more words

Random Fact Of The Day

CBP issues new withhold release order against cotton from Turkmenistan.

Last week, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued a new withhold release order for goods suspected of being made by forced labor.

This time, a detention order (withhold release order) was issued against cotton from Turkmenistan. 244 more words

Alevi Turkmen (Google Books)

Turkic Soundscapes: From Shamanic Voices to Hip-Hop
Razia Sultanova, ‎Megan Rancier – 2018 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
Various branches of the mystical Sufi sect of Islam, such as Alevis, Bektashis, and Tahtadjis (the latter are the Sufi Turkmen “yürük” groups), exist alongside the dominant Sunni Islam,. 2.897 more words

Heavy fighting as Taliban attack western Afghan city

Afghan aircraft Tuesday bombed Taliban positions in the western city of Farah after the insurgents launched a major attempt to capture the provincial capital, with fearful residents seeking shelter from explosions and gunfire. 518 more words

Turkmenistan: The Truth Knowledge And History Of



Introduction Eastern Turkmenistan for centuries formed part of the Persian province of Khurasan; in medieval times Merv (today known as Mary) was one of the great cities of the Islamic world and an important stop on the Silk Road. 3.459 more words


MINIJATURE HLADNOG RATA: Sukob na Turkmenistanskoj granici ili crtica iz borbene upotrebe lovca MiG-23

AUTOR: Generalštabni pukovnik u penziji Ljubomir Savić

Dana 21. juna 1978. u 06:21 časova, dežurna smena na radaru koja se nalazi u neposrednoj blizini Ašgabata (Ашхабад), Turkmenistan otkriva u blizini sela Dušak (Душак, 15-20 km od granice), četiri objekta koji lete polako duž Karakumske doline. 713 more words

Minijature Hladnog Rata

Secret Sounds of Turkmenistan

Welcome to Turkmenistan, the oddest and most mysterious of the Stans. East of the Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan is a strangely modern and strangely administered nation. Hear some of the classic folks sounds (thanks, some freaky prog jazz, hip hop, and more: 19 more words