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Turkmenbashi - Border Control

It was around 1am by the time we all made it off the ferry. We were guided off & told to drive towards a building about 200 meters away & park. 590 more words

Caspian Sea Ferry Tickets - Baku to Tukmenbashi

There was a lot of confusion about how to obtain a ferry ticket to Turkmenistan from Baku on the run up to the rally. After our time at the port & chatting to various people there are a couple of options available. 441 more words

Fancy naming the days of the week after your kids? Become president of Turkmenistan

As promised, now that I am safely out of the country considered one of the most repressed countries in the world, I am free to tell the tale. 400 more words


Welcome to the future

Turkmenistan, what can you say? Odd, weird, freaky comes to mind. If Hitler were alive he would live here as this was his dream… A city of marble and gold laid out in perfect symmetry. 97 more words

Shining a light on human rights abuses in Central Asia

By Zahava Moerdler

As the world focuses its attention on the nuclear deal with Iran and the debt crisis in Greece, many other important issues are left out of the global discourse. 927 more words

Human Rights

Unexplored World: Top 10 Least-Visited Countries in the World

France was the most visited country in the world with almost 85 million International tourists, but has anyone ever wondered which country received the fewest visitors? 1.519 more words