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Central Asia: Greater Eurasia Scenarios

The Changing Of The Guard

Central Asia is slated for a series of inevitable leadership transitions with the future passing of the elderly leaders in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan coming after the recent one in Uzbekistan, opening up many avenues for state breakdown and interstate sabotage in the latter two mutually antagonistic Fergana Valley states and inviting a plethora of externally managed Hybrid War scenarios (the phased transition of Color Revolutions to Unconventional War for regime change or “Identity Federalism” purposes) to play out. 1.713 more words


Bird-Shaped Ashgabat Airport Spreads its Wings in Turkmenistan

Designing airports based on flight-inspired, aerodynamic forms is nothing new – in fact, that has been the concept behind some of history’s most beautiful airport terminals, such as Eero Saarinen’s iconic… 190 more words


Did you know…?

Turkmenistan’s former leader, Saparmurat Atayevich Niyazov, who died in 2006, banned using playback at public concerts.

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Turkmenistan unveils bird-shaped airport in Ashgabat

Turkmenistan has unveiled a gleaming new international airport with a roof in the shape of a flying falcon.

The design echoes the mascot of its national carrier. 100 more words


Turkmenistan in Stats

Total Distance Cycled: 477.5km

Average distance per day: 119.4km over 4 days

Number of punctures: 0

Days of rain: 0

Number of nights wild camping: 2… 28 more words

Turkmenistan - our four day dash across country no. 9!!!

After all the hype and worry about getting our visa for Turkmenistan it felt slightly surreal crossing the border and finding ourselves on the edge of the Karakum desert. 1.239 more words

Applying and being granted your Turkmenistan visa 

First things first, there is A LOT of hype and speculation that exists amongst the travelling community about obtaining a Turkmenistan visa.

It’s true that independent travellers can only be granted a five day transit visa but from our experience at any rate, obtaining a visa really isn’t as hard as people might think. 725 more words