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Kunya Urgench

My last place of visit in Turkmenistan was the Unesco site of Kunya Urgench near the city of Dashoguz. In Kunya Urgench you follow a long path, along it you will see old buildings from the 11th till 16th century, Sultan Tekesh and Arslan mausoleum,Gutlug Timur minaret and the Turabeg Khanym mosque or mausoleum, it’s not clear untill this day which one of the two it is. 168 more words


Let us out of Turkmenistan!!

Our plan was to leave Turkmenistan and enter Uzbekistan via the northern border close to Khiva which meant that due to time constraints, we had to fly from Ashgabat to Dashoguz. 921 more words


The Underground Mountain Lake, Köw Ata - Turkmenistan

When I learnt that there was an underground mountain lake in Turkmenistan, I made it my goal to visit it in the short time we were in… 107 more words


Why Turkmenistan is the strangest country I've ever been to

We were flying to Ashgabat from Baku via Istanbul. The gates for flights to Ashgabat, Bishkek and Dushanbe in the Istanbul airport were in one corner of the airport no other passengers would ever go to. 905 more words


Ankara vs Teheran: The Great Game on Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan

Today the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs met the representative of the Turkmen government in Ashgabat. The participants discussed of various topics, from trade and economic issues, to cultural and political connections. 419 more words


The Turkmen-Azeri nexus: Iranian neighbourhood, come together!

Today the Turkmen president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov met the newly-appointed Azerbaijani ambassador to Ashgabat Hasan Zeynalov. Zeynalov was received by the Turkmen authorities during the protocol of presentation of ambassadors to the Turkmen government. 339 more words


Persecution Update: Central Asia

This week I wrote about several former Soviet republics and worsening persecution there. 87 more words

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