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Film "Paterson" - a mood poem

I’ve just watched “Paterson” – a Jim Jarmusch film about a bus driver who secretly writes poetry and delights in overheard conversation.  It’s a really gentle, observant film with not much action, but a lot of listening.   353 more words


Obese employees should be able to work from home, government adviser says

Obese employees should be allowed to turn up later for work and be protected under discrimination laws, a government adviser has said.

The scheme could potentially allow obese office workers to work from home, avoid commuting during rush hour or having to demand a larger chair. 452 more words


Behavioural tricks within Japanese train stations

An interesting look at some of the behavioural tricks and nudges that have been designed into Japan’s train stations. The millions of commuters that move through them aren’t just helped by things like reliable trains or better signage, but by their own unconscious actions triggered by light and sound. 445 more words

Art And Design

Streets in centre of town closed till 20 June for Tin Hau festival celebrations

Once again it’s that time of year when the streets in the centre of town are closed for the annual Tin Hau celebrations with many road closures and diversions around the temple. 321 more words


Electric vehicles threaten oil but are a boon for health

Electric vehicles are more efficient, cheaper to run, require less servicing and can be charged from renewable energy. Most importantly, for your health, they have zero tailpipe emissions.

187 more words
Public Health

The Lifeline of Mumbai-"Local Trains"

Mumbai is known as the city of dream , everyday large number of people migrate from various states of India to Mumbai in search of job opportunity and to fulfil dreams . 297 more words



Here’s something new and interactive to make you practice your reading, language, and singing skills. Perhaps it will make you discover music you didn’t know was out there. 507 more words

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