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More flights, destinations for Changi travellers


More flights and seats to existing destinations as well as services to new cities will be available to travellers at Changi Airport over the coming weeks. 487 more words

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A deluxe version of the Red Light District

Across the road from the famous Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, the biggest challenge we faced was how could we both fit in this tiny room, even Sharki3 could stretch out her legs and reach from one side of the room to another, this is the Netherlands after all and they are all big people. 361 more words


Walking, Biking & Tramming in Tokyo

I still remember yellow trams were running in Shinobazu-dori Avenue during 1960s or maybe in early 70s.  They were running in Kasuga-dori Avenue, too.  Gone are the good old days and now those tram routes became bus routes or subway routes under the ground.   347 more words


Say Ola! To New Approaches

Google has transformed our lives in numerous ways. Right from live cricket scores to election results and from stock markets to food recipes; google is used everywhere. 803 more words


The neglected car themed bike racks of Cambuslang

Technically, this is an old pic, but a recent wander that went through the main street of Cambuslang showed that sadly, things look just the same now as the did some time ago. 148 more words