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Its what goes on behind the scenes!


Hour after hour keep rolling on the white lines pass us by

Deep into the evening gloom while in your beds you lie… 174 more words


Transportation sector in Sudan

Ground transportation has also suffered as a result of the U.S sanctions. Sudan has only around 23 active locomotives, while, 19 years ago, Sudan had 131 locomotives. 235 more words


Banao Banao Banao Banao..........................RightNow

Ooh FISH! My cab left me because transport guy updated someone else’s number under my name because he was busy talking with me while updating the number :) 516 more words


12 Things Only Commuters Will Understand

Travelling to work will have opened your eyes. You have become accustomed to the habitual tendencies of your fellow commuters and the state of the UK’s train system. 1.206 more words

Checking the Reservation

The first requisite when travelling by train in India is to check the reservation that’s been pasted on the side of the carriage. Simple but efficient.