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Fans at bus stops to cool you down? Cool!


A six-month pilot scheme is under way to see if the wait at bus stops can be made cooler and more comfortable for commuters, even in Singapore’s sweltering heat. 521 more words

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Land of squabbling hopes and dreams.

So usually I talk about the economy and how it affects every home in this nation, but I feel I just have to share this with you; on just how this same economy almost got me slapped. 1.076 more words

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LTA to require registration of e-bikes


As announced at the 2016 Committee of Supply Debate, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will require the registration of power-assisted bicycles, or e-bikes, for more effective enforcement, in particular, against illegal modification on them (“ 207 more words

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Recommended reading: Matchmakers

It was reported in yesterday’s Sunday-Mail (24 July, p. 21) that “Baby boomers are increasingly turning to Uber, Airbnb and eBay to boost their retirement income because of stockmarket falls and minuscule bank interest rates.” That is, they are participating in the so-called sharing or collaborative economy, or more technically they have become participants in multisided platforms, the subject of a brilliant new book I read over the weekend: … 606 more words

Solar Impulse 2 takes off the final leg of its round-the-world flight @TechCrunch @hirimalibe

In the wee hours of the morning, the Solar Impulse 2 took from Cairo, embarking on the last leg of its round-the-world journey. The 17th and final part of the trip is set to end in Abu Dhabi, where it first set off from in March 2015.

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Scene and Herd

At my local convenience store today.

The hitching post and buggy parking spots have been there for a while and are often used (sometimes just to leave a deposit as evidenced), the electric car charger is new and as far as I know, unused. 23 more words


Air Transat flight attendants vote in favour of new agreement

MONTREAL – Their union says Air Transat flight attendants have voted in favour of a new contract with the Montreal-based company.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees says 61 per cent of employees voted in favour of a mediator’s recommendation to end the labour dispute. 87 more words