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the perfect car

“Pollution! Pollution! Pollution!” my son complaint to me while we are on our way walking to school this morning. 721 more words

The Culture Shock - China

If you are from a western country and have travelled to China, you would have almost certainly run into these situations before. For those who haven’t had the chance to visit the the People’s Republic of China then you will be ready for these once you arrive. 675 more words


I Found Out Where London's Most Profitable Speed Camera Is

Last week, I got my hands on some Freedom of Information (FOI) data from the Metropolitan Police on the numbers of speed tickets generated by cameras across London. 90 more words


Some local (and otherwise) news

News courtesy of Kevin Foster

(MP for Torbay)

Fair Funding for The Police

The Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Hogg, was in Torquay recently as part of his campaign for Fair Funding of Devon and Cornwall Police. 1.301 more words