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India's Great Railway

“My train was 10 hours late and I’ve missed my connecting jeep, so I’m sleeping on the station floor tonight.”

By this point of my trip the contents of this text home to my Mum didn’t seem remotely out of the ordinary.

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Empty Train

Our Empty Train

Where’s our Birth, Smithy?

Our departure from Ahmedabad was standing empty at the platform and we spent some time wandering up and down in an attempt to find our birth.


Jeremy Corbyn is all smiles after definitely getting a seat on Virgin train | Daily Mail Online

Jeremy Corbyn arrives in Glasgow on a Virgin train where miraculously he appears to have found not one seat, but two, one for him and the other for his bag. 97 more words


Cycling as a lifestyle

You’ve probably read this fact somewhere by now: more than half of the world population live in cities. That’s a lot of people, and naturally a cause of continuous headache for planners. 466 more words


Things You Need to Know about Paris Taxi Booking for Visit Chartres Cathedral

The CDG or Charles de Gaulle airport processes tens, if not hundreds of millions of tourists each year, noticing as Paris is an extremely popular shoppingas well asvacationing destination. 573 more words

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