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Photo Hunt October: Group of Young Men by a Railway Hut

Subjects unknown. Photo reproduced from a  glass negative.

Date: 1910s

Christchurch City Libraries has been running an annual Photo Hunt in conjunction with the city’s… 76 more words


A critical mass

This evening I have been out cycling with Leeds Critical Mass. Some people see this as “monthly protest by cyclists reclaiming the streets.” Others insiste that these events should be viewed as “celebrations.” Well I enjoy it so much it must be a celebration even if we reclaim the streets in the process. 397 more words


This London life

I wrote this blog piece on the train today – yup, scribbling away in the turquoise moleskin my old company gave to me…one part of a truly spectacular farewell gift I received when setting off on this very adventure 5 months ago (the rest of it included my favourite Cape Town wine, a hard-drive filled with movies and series, a personalised travel mug and a party like no other!). 596 more words


Heathrow, Nissan, cats & Corbyn

Theresa “crazy cat lady” May, aka Baldrick, has given the go ahead for expansion of Heathrow for a variety of reasons. For starters she’s shown herself to be a zen master of… 710 more words


BMW limits lightweight carbon fibre use to juice profits


German auto maker BMW Group is limiting its use of costly carbon fibre and turning to cheaper lightweight materials such as aluminium and steel for its biggest selling cars to keep profit margins high. 785 more words

Money Matters

Don’t let litter hamper booming tourism industry #srilanka

My wife and I have just had a wonderful couple of weeks in Sri Lanka. Lovely, kind, gentle people delicious food, a super mix of top class cultural, religious and wildlife things to see, and a slow and clanking bus and train service which is nevertheless cheap and reliable, great fun and the best way to enjoy you superb scenery. 166 more words


A pragmatic step #srilanka #tourism

More people are travelling today than at any time in human history and the numbers are only going to increase over the next few decades. In fact, tourism now accounts for 10 percent of the world’s GDP and employment. 83 more words