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Carnaval de Torelló

” I did not care what it was all about. All I wanted to know was how to live in it. Maybe if you found out how to live in it, you learned from that what it was all about.”

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Cavas Torello


Paco dela Rosa Torello, a cava wine maker, came to visit Txanton last Oct. 27. His mission: to train our palates to sophistication with his fine range of wines. 341 more words


The Best New Cavas from Cavatast

When asked which cava was the best I tasted all week, I don’t know what to answer. Ramon, the owner of Jaume Giró i Giró cavas phrased it in a good way: can you really say which one of your children you love the most? 475 more words


The Passion of Torelló

When I started this blog, it was very much just for me. It still is, but it has also brought me some great opportunities to meet new people. 850 more words


Wineweek 47: The Week After Cavatast

There is a saying in Swedish, borta bra men hemma bäst. It basically means that its great to travel, but nothing beats being home. We had a wonderful week in Barcelona, however I am ecstatic about being home. 487 more words


The enchanted garden timewarp

Living in the present is so much easier when you’re traveling around. You hear it often at yoga classes or during meditative exercises- try to clear your mind and simply be in the now. 2.611 more words

Pork Perfection at Esquina (Singapore)

Looking back at our two weeks in Singapore, which by the way feels like ages ago (reality: less than two weeks), we did some exceptional Spanish inspired dining. 482 more words