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The enchanted garden timewarp

Living in the present is so much easier when you’re traveling around. You hear it often at yoga classes or during meditative exercises- try to clear your mind and simply be in the now. 2.611 more words

Pork Perfection at Esquina (Singapore)

Looking back at our two weeks in Singapore, which by the way feels like ages ago (reality: less than two weeks), we did some exceptional Spanish inspired dining. 482 more words



Quan encara teniu els treballs d’en Pep Ubach penjats a la sala d’Art del taller de marcs dels ART 32, i jo ja començo a preparar el meu conjunt d’obres inspirades en la muntanya i els esports que s’hi practiquen (totes noves a poder ser!!), de cara l’any que ve allí hi serem durant el proper… 78 more words

Barcellona, torello a velocità supersonica!

Barcellona da applausi in allenamento. I blaugrana hanno dato vita infatti a un torello a dir poco spettacolare: 30 tocchi di prima a una velocità incredibile. 19 more words

Guest Post - Film Quality Television: Crime Story (Pilot) 1986

Greetings, all and sundry!

It is not often that I am afforded the opportunity to heap praise and boat about a recent purchase. But just as I and others get the urge for something, anything chocolate. 1.983 more words


Bucket List: Learn about permaculture (sort of, not really...)

On my bucket list for this year was to learn about permaculture. Specifically, I intended to Wwoof in Australia somewhere, during this June/July, on a farm that employs permaculture principles. 927 more words