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Plática con German Doin

El pasado sábado 27 de julio, tuvimos la oportunidad de conversar en una mesa redonda con German Doin, creador del documental “Educación Prohibida” y fundador de organización REEVO. 579 more words

TIC Y Educación

As long as I can remember I have had some sort of a motor tic. Tics are considered “unvoluntary” because at times I can control the tic (like suppressing a cough) while at other times (most times)-I have zero control and the tic is “involuntary.” My pediatrician told me I would outgrow my tics after I went through puberty…still waiting on that one! 564 more words

Tic, tac, . . .

Tic, tac, . . .  tic, tac, . . . tic, tac, . . . tic, tac, . . . tic, tac, . . . tic, tac, . 153 more words

Family Pictures

So… we got a sneak peak at the family pictures we took two weeks ago. Here are two gems for you.

This is the entire family. 8 more words


The end is nigh.

Our time in China has nearly come to an end. We have spent the last month savoring the ‘last ofs': the last meetings with friends (at least for the foreseeable future) that we’ve met over the past 2 years – including multiple play-dates for the kids , the last bowl of local wontons, a last visit here and there. 858 more words

Danny Constable: The Original DC

We catch up with Danny Constable at ChiroEurope and ask him some hard questions about Chiropractic, SOT and Upper Cervical Technique. Danny teaches the SOT protocol and thus explains a bit more about the technique, including some tidbits on the fascinating history of its origins. 13 more words


Semina ya Viongozi wa Dini ya Kiislamu na Kikristu kupinga Ugaidi Barani Afrika.

Msikiti wa Ghadir Kigogo Polisi post, Jana 29/05/2015

Uongozi wa Hawza Imam Swadiq Chini ya Kiongozi wake Mawlana Sheikh Hemedi Jalala uliandaa Semina ya Kupinga Ugaidi Barani Afrika, Semina hiyo iliwakusanya viongozi mblimbali wa Dini akiwemo Pasta Erasto Likongo Mwenyekiti wa Pentecoste Pastors Fellowship, Askofu Mkuu mstaafu wa Kanisa la Anglikana Tanzania na Raisi wa Baraza la Makanisa barani Afrika. 697 more words

Habari Na Matukio