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Just like me

In London last weekend I was on a central line tube back to my hotel and I noticed a man who was just like me. 109 more words




A mere few days after receiving John Ashdown-Hill’s latest book, THE MYTHOLOGY OF RICHARD III, I noticed that one of the national newspapers was, perhaps not surprisingly, continuing in the grand tradition and dispensing yet more mythology about the King, in the following article on food allergies. 688 more words

Ojo con tus datos, de RTVE

Se trata de un documental producido por RTVE y aborda temas de privacidad y el tratamiento de los datos personales en la red.

El documental ‘Ojo con tus datos’ aborda además cuestiones íntimamente relacionadas como el derecho al olvido o el rastro digital. 55 more words

4º Informática

The King of the Road

One thing that I don’t miss about living in China is riding the buses. If you’ve lived in China before, then you know what I’m talking about; if you haven’t, then I don’t think you can even imagine it, unless you’ve been to other countries with a whopping population problem, and no, Manhattan doesn’t count.  571 more words

Daily Life In China

Grassroots 2.0 (revisitant Obama)

Les campanyes de Barack Obama a la presidència dels EUA són un exemple recurrent entre opinadors i experts dels sectors de la comunicació política, les campanyes electorals i les ciències socials en general. 714 more words



I.E.: the brief reprieve that comes between large projects.

It’s an interesting time when you’ve just finished one big project, but you can’t quite start the next one. 440 more words


The Lord is my Shepherd (TICUNA: Brazil Edition Bible)

TICUNA: Brazil Edition Bible

Psalms (Salmos) 23

1 Rü nüma ya Cori ya Tupana rü chorü daruxü̃ nixĩ rü taxuxü̃ma choxü̃́ nataxu.

2 Rü mexü̃ i nachicagu choxü̃ narüngü̃xẽẽ rü mechiüxü̃ i natüwa choxü̃ naga. 140 more words