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New Cover!

I posted this in the first newsletter (which you should totally sign up for) and on the Facebook page yesterday, but thought I’d share it here, too. 81 more words

Writing Process

Les TIC en Europe - Plus de 8 millions de spécialistes des TIC employés dans l’UE en 2016

Un personnel largement masculin et hautement qualifié

En 2016, 8,2 millions de personnes étaient employées dans l’Union européenne (UE) comme
technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC), ce qui représente 3,7% de l’emploi… 141 more words


Kahoot! o cómo aprender jugando (y otros ABP)

Este curso académico ha sido, entre otras muchas cosas, el del descubrimiento de multitud de metolodogías alternativas a la tradicional (presentación, exposición, actividades, evaluación…).
Sin llegar a haber sido una herramienta explotada tanto como me hubiera gustado por diferentes factores que no voy a detallar ahora, 1.783 more words


37. De Schraapsnurk

Ken je dat? Dat je ergens bent en je vriendin aan iemand voorstelt, en dan zegt: ‘Dit is Truus, mijn vriendin.’ Maar je bedoelt niet JE vriendin. 772 more words


St. Patrick's Day happy hour

by Andrew Kelly

This year was a special year as St. Patrick’s day, the national holiday of my home country, the Republic of Ireland, coincided with a Friday. 211 more words


Top UK University tells Immigrants: No Pooing in Bins, Showers

Strathclyde University sent an email to 650 “multi-cultural” students and staff after janitors complained about “people pooing in bins, showers and the likes” and apparently not knowing there were toilets designed for such personal business. 309 more words



When we talk about Industry 4.0, as a part of what I call the Infolithic, we may find out that companies are immersed in a new blue ocean: a completely unexplored ecosystem. 451 more words