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Welcome, humans...

This is an opened window for reflexive thinking. It is a space for you to think about your own activities, those “normal” daily actions which, you’ll see, are not so normal… 45 more words


VP #63: Miss Tic

The mascot for Bismarck State College is a Mystic. I hear Miss Tic. I hope this doesn’t lead to any confusion at registration and possibly tic off some freshmen.

Visual Pun

Noughts and Crosses

Play Free Online Noughts and Crosses Game.
Get three in a row to score. Highest score wins. Click the area you want to place your cross or circle.

#5 - Stamps, bureaucracy and China

Hey there, reader !

Long time no see ! I hope you are doing well, and that you are ready to enjoy yet another translated text about marvelous and unique Chinese adventures. 442 more words


FKA twigs releases new EP "M3LLI55X"

FKA twigs has released her new EP online.

“M3LL155X” – featuring five new songs in the shape of “Figure 8,” “I’m Your Doll,” “In Time,” “Glass & Patron” and “Mothercreep” – is now available for download via iTunes in partnership with Young Turks Recordings. 71 more words


Can I Tell You About My Twitchy Face?

So after many years and several attempts I finally kinda sorta have a diagnosis for why my face tics and twitches so much. Of course you reading this won’t know how much it happens as I am currently hiding my ticcy twitchy face behind this wall of text. 974 more words