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Trying to gradually go more “digital”?

Here’s a whole page of downloadable QuickStart guides (click on image) to help us try out new ideas.  Check out: 41 more words


Blogging: What Color Theory Can Do For Your Site

Who cares about color?

When I first started up my classroom wiki about six years ago, I spent about three hours looking at as many educational web pages, blogs, wikis etc. 397 more words


Thee Review: FaRaiDay by Swish

Article by Lord Czar
Artist: Swish ft, Krytic and Willz
Genre: Hip-hop|Vip-Hop|Alternative Hip-hop
Released: 1 March 2015

You know those catchy songs that you can only get out of your head with another catchy song?…well this one is one of them. 232 more words


Where are all the sick people? with Bradley Rauch

Liz and Loz interview Bradley Rauch. Bradley is their Chiropractic Coach and conversations like these are common occurrences. We ask a very important question, if Chiropractic is so powerful, why are we not adjusting more sick people? 47 more words


Edpuzzle: My First Attempt

After reading about Madame F’s experience making her first EDpuzzle, I decided to “give it a go” as well.  Since the instructions on the Edpuzzle website itself weren’t enough for me, I went in search of a DIY video which you can see here. 59 more words


Blinkety Blink

My blinking has been pretty out of control for the past few days and I’m not entirely sure why.

For almost three years I’ve had this facial tic (at least I think that’s what it is) where I blink really hard, scrunching my eyes up slightly. 365 more words


Primer Festival de Cine basado en tecnología móvil abre convocatorias

Este año, el cine colombiano abre sus convocatorias para el festival smartfilms realizado con las nuevas tecnologías.

A la convocatoria se pueden inscribir menores de 18 años, aficionados y profesionales con un corto innovador de 5 minutos hasta el 30 de mayo. 46 more words

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