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The Last of Us - Opening Deconstructed | OK Beastmode Ep. 9

What happens when we enter The Last of Us and instead of the post-apocalyptic survival action game we expect, we’re introduced to an accelerated walking simulator taking place in a world that is familiar to us? 54 more words

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Review in Brief: The Girl with all the Gifts (2016)

It’s THE LAST OF US meets 28 DAYS LATER, and features the politest, most adorable zombie ever committed to film. Considering the scale of the production, its unavoidable Britishness, the joins occasionally show, but mostly THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS is effective, tense and eerie. 124 more words


the last of us retrospective: quarantine zone

 make your shots count

The first official chapter of the game has a lot of heavy lifting to do. If the prologue was about setting up our major themes and characters—this is a game about loss—the first chapter has to set up the rest of the world on a very nuts-and-bolts level. 782 more words

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Nerding out

I’ve always been a gamer. Ever since I was a kid I’ve played video games. My first console was a Sega Megadrive and since then I’ve been a PlayStation girl all the way, from PS1 through to my PS3 which I’ve had for an age and originally bought because I wanted to play Metal Gear Solid 4 when it was first released. 297 more words


The Price of Good Stories in Gaming

In any discussion of subjective terms (e.g. good), it is helpful to first define what those terms mean for the purposes of the discussion because subjective terms are easily interpreted differently by different people. 565 more words


the last of us retrospective: prologue

the last of us is a game about (you fill in the blank here)

Most stories tell you what they are about—thematically about—fairly early on. Thanks to its efficient but careful characterization,  720 more words

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