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My mixed feelings on the Last of Us 2

The Last of Us is one of my favorite games of all time, but I’m not at all on board with a sequel. When a game, or any story for that matter, with such a powerful character driven narrative ends in the manner that The Last of Us ended, we who have come along for the ride are left to fill in the blanks. 197 more words

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Reflecting on The Last Of Us has us so pumped for the sequel

Within the first few months of starting Bloggershock the founders created a list of their all-time favorite video games. That list spanned over decades and many console generations. 684 more words

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GET HYPE! The Last Of Us II Edition.

By: Johnny Big Fudge Marcondes

The Last Of Us was not only one of my favorite games to be released for the PS3, it was one of my favorite games to ever come out. 1.797 more words

Now, Let Us Rapture

So many games mentioned, so few spoilers


Ok, as a palate cleanser after Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, we should snag Day of the Tentacle for free this month. 1.661 more words

The Last Of Us    (gamereview) for the PS3 

The last of us is an amazing game. It’s one of those zombie apocalypse games but I have zero complaints with this franchise hope there more games to come in the future… 8 more words

The Last Of Us

The Last of Us vs. Life is Strange: The Selfishness Problem

I had some serious problems with Life is Strange.

Don’t get me wrong: it was one of my favorite games ever, at first. Life is Strange, if you haven’t heard of it (and you probably have) is a casual gamer’s wet dream. 2.889 more words

Analysis of the Hero’s Journey in 'The Last of Us'

A non-traditional format analysis of the hero’s journey in ‘The Last of Us’ video game. 6.029 more words