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UGNN 24 Hour Livestream for Cancer Awareness incoming

Hello everyone and welcome to this post about our upcoming plans for later on today.

So as many of you (our fantastic readers) may have been aware; I have not been posting much in terms of reviews or updates on news recently and for that I just want to take this time to apologize. 440 more words

Resident Evil

Ellie: The Last of Us

The Last of Us is an award winning game created by Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment. In this game’s world chaos brews as a mutant form of the cordyceps fungus changes everyday people into raving cannibalistic monsters known as infected. 1.072 more words


The Last of Us


In 2004, a student of Carnegie Mellon University named Neil Druckmann participated in a group project. At the time, he was pursuing a Master’s degree in Entertainment Technology, and one of his professors happened to be friends with George Romero, the man who directed… 9.185 more words

Game Reviews

30 Days Of: Gaming, Day 12

Day 12: A game everyone should play

I’m usually really bad with game recommendations, as I get so carried away with the games that I love, I forget what the other person’s interests are or what genre of games they like playing. 120 more words

Gaming... WTFFF

What the fucking, fuck, fuck is my new phrase and I feel the fucks right down in my angry soul!!!

PS4, X Box One, Wii, PSP… I’m not picky I hate them all. 306 more words


Critical Examination: Realism vs Style

Quite recently I have been playing Persona 5, and man am I in love with this game.  This game has taken the title of best game for me quite handily.  1.393 more words


Ky's Korner #22: The Last Of Us Part 2- Can't Wait!!!

Howdy Gamers!!

I am so excited right now!! I have been researching the up and coming.. The Last Of Us, Part 2… I cannot wait for this game to be released!! 1.017 more words