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The Last of Us Let's Play [Part 13]

Still in the subway cart. These carts are flooded with water an Ellie says she cant swim. Joel tries to find something that Ellie could possibly float on. 542 more words


The Last of Us Let's Play [ Part 12]

Fuck the government. Well I mean they’re tryin’ to kill normal people in a  fungus infested society anyway. They’re pretty much dicks. Ellie and Joel are still trying to get away from the soldiers after they’ve killed Tess. 708 more words


Good Games Podcast: Episode 57 - Ilya Dvilyanski

This week, Frank and Alex welcome a special guest, (and writer for the comic book, Tin) Ilya Dvilyanski! They talk about gaming in the Soviet Union, how broken games make it to market, fan theories about what really happened in Final Fantasy VIII, what makes for a good stream on Twitch, and lots more! 84 more words


The Last Of Us 2 confirmed

During a panel at Metrocon, voice actor Nolan North confirmed that Naughty Dog is working on the next installment of The Last Of Us with this statement… 142 more words


Good Gaming Parents

Bad parents are a dime a dozen in video games, many of the characters globe-trot and neglect their families, in fact many of them don’t even reference them! 361 more words

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Nathan Drake Voice Actor Has Confirmed The Last of Us Sequel is in The Works

Nathan Drake’s voice actor, Nolan North, has confirmed a sequel to the critically acclaimed PS3 / PS4  exclusive, The Last of Us. News spread throughout Metrocon 2015 after he was asked about his future work with Naughty Dog.  177 more words


Coffee Time news 01/07/15

Snowden gets a teaser trailer, BBC3 continues its move to be an online only channel and Nolan North knows the Last of Us 2 is happening. 270 more words

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