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Comic book challenge - update 7, by mogu mogu chan

Am I late for the challenge? No? Good!

So, this was my first of the day:

‘The Last of Us – American Dreams’.

Having watched all the other geeks playing it (I’m not that good when it comes to gaming and I creepily enjoy watching them) I have developed an insane attachment to Ellie. 180 more words


Beyond Two souls review... Ellie Page starring In... The Last Of 2 Souls. Ass and Titties edition

Beyond Two Souls review

Hi to all you gamers out there… Today I will be reviewing Quantic Dreams latest “interactive movie” game… Beyond Two Souls. This 2013 release is a PS3 Exclusive with rumors thought to involve a PS4 remake in the works. 1.947 more words


The Task(Rabbit) at Hand

The pain that comes from the extraction of ideas is not a simple hill to overcome. When one truly begins to pick away and mine out relevant, worthwhile thought while going about it in a perfunctory manner is the sign of a good writer. 835 more words


100 Word Reviews: The Last of Us

If you like crying and coming down with a severe case of feelingitis, you’ve bought the right game. The Last of Us is set on making you depressed. 80 more words

Video Games

The Uncanny Valley of Immersion in Video Games



Immersion is one of the key reasons why people play games.  Escaping into one of the many varied worlds that video games offer has always been at the core of the medium.  578 more words


Jurassic Games We'd Love to See Happen

Originally Published for MCM Buzz on the 20th of May 2015

Jurassic Park might well be one of the most loved film franchises of all time, but when it comes to games it seems like 65 million years since we’ve seen something special. 843 more words


Terrifying Tuesdays: Let's Play The Last of Us

Ever get that feeling something is watching you? Maybe hiding just out of site. Well each Tuesday we look to add to your growing fear. 96 more words