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The Last of Us: Remastered - Revisited

If you are faint of heart and don’t like people talking down The Last of Us then you may not want to read beyond this point. 1.234 more words

My Video Game Collection!

Hi everyone! How do you feel about taking a peek at my video game collection? Great! 1.778 more words


Our top 5 greatest video games of all time!

In a disgraceful display of vanity, internet imbeciles Matt and Alex wax lyrical on their top 5 greatest video games of all time. As if anyone cares! 17 more words


How gamers will survive the zombie apocalypse

Back in May, I wrote a post which touched on a study completed by students at the University of Leicester. These clever kids worked out it would take only 100 days for… 873 more words


I hated "The Last of Us"

I didn’t like The Last of Us. In fact, I hated it. Having completed Mass Effect, Telltale’s The Walking Dead and Heavy Rain, I felt I was well prepared to take on the emotional rollercoaster that was Naughty Dog’s latest feature, 1.496 more words


Chad Sapieha: Can Uncharted survive without Nathan Drake or Naughty Dog?

With somewhere around 40 million units sold, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Uncharted series has become PlayStation’s top selling exclusive series. It is pretty much the definition of a flagship first-party software brand in the world of console gaming. 739 more words

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The Last of Us Pt. 10

What happened? I forgot, that’s what happened. As you can see below, I wrote this post on 6th June. And then forgot to publish it. 147 more words

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