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Ludo-Narrative in Video Games

Narrative hasn’t always been a core concern for video game developers. Even today, the majority of games don’t have dedicated writers. Ludology has always been the main focus, perhaps even rightly so. 717 more words


Console Exclusivity is All Sony: 5 Must-Have PS4 Games

Over the years, console exclusives have been what companies such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft dangled in front of gamers, enticing us to pick one of them over another. 1.034 more words


video games

Every Sunday, I make it a point to go to my brother’s house and spend the whole day there. No work, nothing stressful. It’s just me hanging out with my brother and my sister-in-law and their kids. 522 more words


CYOA: An Inversion of Interface and Narrative

The novel I chose was Journey Under the Sea. The story follows the reader as a deep sea explorer in search of the lost city of Atlantis. 585 more words

Theory & Criticism

How video games imagine the natural world

When I am not working to protect nature, being outside or reading books, I like to play video games. They offer a necessary escape from the constant knowledge and understanding of just how badly we have damaged – and continue to damage – the Earth’s environment. 539 more words


Representation and Dystopian Games

If there is one point Russworm drives home, it’s that not all representation is created equal. Calls for “more” and “better” representation in video games is surely warranted, but merely having a diverse representation of characters is not the same as doing so in a critical, aware and responsible way. 332 more words

The Lone Wolf and the Isolation of the Male (Part Two)

continued from part one

While it is important to portray competent father figures in video games, the unspoken narrative that these ‘lone wolf and cub’ games operate on is riddled with problematic implications and themes. 517 more words

Theory & Criticism