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Top Anticipated PlayStation 4 Games of 2018

Well it’s about time.  Tomorrow I am planning on picking up a PlayStation 4.  Five years after it released it finally has a gaming library that I can no longer ignore.  247 more words


The Last of Us: First Impressions

( Editor’s note: I have finally gotten around to picking up a Playstation 4. It took me a while to come upon a decision but I finally did it, it took me almost to the midway point of this generation to pick one up. 1.207 more words


The Last of London – Week Three

5 – 11 March

This week we started modelling our prop assets and presented our project!

Lead Art


For the past two weeks, Briz has been working on the first part of our hero asset which is the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain’s body. 573 more words

The Last Of Us

MCM Comic Con - Birmingham NEC - 17th & 18th March 2018

So this years MCM Comic Con at the Birmingham NEC is just around the corner and we will be getting a taste of the action on Sunday with our cosplays all set and ready do go. 155 more words


Beauty in Destruction

I saw Annihilation this week, which, y’know, shouldn’t really be surprising. I like Alex Garland as a writer (Never Let Me Go is heartbreakingly beautiful, Dredd is a solid action movie) and enjoyed his directorial debut in Ex Machina. 713 more words

On Character Analysis and Cognitive Narratology: Why You Cried at the End of "The Last of Us" Research Poster

Dear Reader,

the first paper for this quarter is going to be on the video game The Last of Us. The paper provides an introduction to cognitive narratology and character analyses of the two main characters. 51 more words