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First Carrier-Backed Cyanogen Phone Launches In Europe

The Cyanogen flavor of open Android is getting a little carrier love in Europe, with Spain’s Telefonica launching its first handset powered by the mobile OS today, the BQ Aquaris X5, on its Movistar carrier brand. 423 more words


China Unicom, Telefonica announce cloud collaboration

Telecom Asia — China Unicom and Telefónica have agreed to share their international data center capacity for multinational clients across Europe, The Americas and Asia, as a first step toward broader and larger scale cloud cooperation.  28 more words


Apple Begins Carrier Billing for App Store, iTunes in Germany With O2

Apple in conjunction with German telecom operator O2 has quietly started to roll out carrier billing for a range of services like iTunes and the App Store in the nation. 228 more words


Apple Rolls Out Carrier Billing For iTunes, Starting In Germany With O2

At long last, Apple is adding a way for people to pay for purchases on iTunes beyond credit or debit cards — a move that points to the company sharpening its focus on marketing the iPhone to a wider set of users. 823 more words


What to do when EVERYTHING is not going as planned...

On September 23rd, I shared the following with my work facebook friends…

“In the last 4 weeks, my wife and I have…


SDN/NFV Customers move at their own pace

For the moment software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualisation (NFV) technology appear to be occupying that most precarious position on the infamous hype curve – where fervent expectations have peaked and the slow downward descent into reality has kicked in. 300 more words


China Unicom and Telefónica in global data centre sharing agreement

Business Cloud News — Telefónica and China Unicom have agreed to share their international data centre capacity for multinational clients across Europe, The Americas and Asia.  31 more words