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Telefónica's net profit increases 28.9% and reaches 1,600 million euros in the first half of the year


  • The company upgrades guidance and reiterates the dividend announcement for 2017.
  • The second quarter of 2017 shows a general acceleration in growth in main financials and operational terms.
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Telefonica Reverses Pay-TV Dip in Spain

MADRID – Telefonica, Europe’s first telecom to move massively into scripted TV production, saw pay-TV subscribers increase at its Spanish operations in the run-up to the launch of its weighty slate of original TV series productions, which hit the market this September with “Velvet Collection.” 522 more words


Wayra UK launches accelerator to tackle the 'poverty premium'

Wayra, the Telefónica backed accelerator network, is launching a new startup program in the UK that aims to tackle the so-called ‘poverty premium’ — whereby people on low incomes pay more for some goods and services. 524 more words


Huawei and Telefonica to launch NB-IoT Open Lab for IOT Business Ecosystems

Huawei and Telefonica have announced the opening a NB-IoT Open Lab to work on the development of products and applications related to Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology. 191 more words


Telefonica’s Movistar + Unveils Enrique Urbizu’s ‘Giants’

MADRID —  Shot in 2:35 aspect ratio, an immediate widescreen declaration of intent that this is not a run-of-the-mill TV series for Spain, Enrique Urbizu’s new project, “Giants,” is one of seven premium original series in production at Telefonica’s pay TV unit Movistar + which formerly unveiled the drama late last week in Madrid. 491 more words


More victims expected in unprecedented cyberattack as users log on Monday

Published May 14, 2017

Fox News

NOW PLAYINGMassive global cyberattack may become larger

An unprecedented global “ransomware” attack has hit at least 100,000 organizations in 150 countries, Europe’s police agency said Sunday — and predicted that more damage may be seen Monday as people return to work and switch on their computers. 537 more words

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May Cyber Attacks, NSA exploit to blame

The big story

This month (May, 2017) Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), Telefónica, Spain’s biggest telecoms operator, and FedEx have suffered an internal “ransomware” malware attack. 200 more words