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Apple quietly makes big move in the world's third largest economy

”Apple’s gradual rollout of carrier billing that started last year with Germany and Russia has reached Japan, where iPhone users can now buy mobile games and charge them to their phone bill, according to sources familiar with the matter,” Ari Levy reports for CNBC. 249 more words


Telefonica’s Movistar, Sanchez-Cabezudo Bros. Prepare ‘La zona'

Movistar Plus, the pay TV operator of telco Telefonica, is partnering with brothers Alberto and Jorge Sanchez-Cabezudo (“The Night of the Sunflowers,” “Crematorium”) on “La zona,” a cop thriller TV series project set in a society, attempting to come to terms with a nuclear catastrophe. 458 more words


CounterCraft bags $1.1M to fire up a security decoy play

Spain-based security startup CounterCraft, founded last September, has closed a €1 million ($1.1M) seed round to accelerate development of a b2b security decoy technology designed to engage hackers and keep them harmlessly occupied while also providing tools to analyze what’s going on. 520 more words


Telefónica Business Solutions automatizará su infraestructura IP global

La compañía de telefonía optimizará su proceso de automatización de red utilizando Cisco Network Services Orchestrator para simplificar sus operaciones, acelerar la distribución de servicios y optimizar la fiabilidad… 289 more words

Smart Cities

Google-Backed FASTER, undersea fiber-optic cable network between U.S. and Japan went LIVE last week.

After several months of testing, the 5,600-mile, $330 million-dollar cable that connects the western US state of Oregon, with eastern Japan ( prefectures of Chiba and Mie) went live last week. 452 more words


StudioCanal Closes Major Content Deal With Spain's Telefonica

In a sign of the growing convergence to be expected between Vivendi’s film and TV giant StudioCanal and Spanish telco Telefonica, the two companies have agreed on a major content deal for… 430 more words


How Mexico went from telecom laggard to mobile trailblazer

Twenty years ago only one out of 10 people in Mexico had a telephone of any kind. Today, more than 100 million people (out of a population of roughly 125 million) have cell phones and, more amazingly,  793 more words