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TAST 2016

I am finally getting around to posting the first four stitches of TAST 2016.

Stitch number 1 for 2016 (but 24 on the total list) is interlaced cable chain. 151 more words

Hand Embroidery

Royal joy

He who eats with royal joy, to him the food tastes much better even though it may be without flavor or without salt. In the very same manner, to eat meat without salt or without flavor is possible, but to live with a bitter woman or with a woman without royal joy is not…




Animals like apes, pigs, sheep, horses, cats, and dogs have diabetes . This is something unexpected. It shows that mammals have a tendency to become diabetic ; but why? 87 more words

Bossymamma's Needle Has Been Flying!

When I joined the 2015 Take A Stitch Tuesday (TAST) challenge, it had already been running for four weeks. The first stitch sampler I worked was the… 663 more words


I'm Developing A TAST For Hand Stitching.

Once again I have been having a play with the current stitch of the week in the TAST Challenge. This week it has been Detached Chain Stitch, otherwise known as Lazy Daisy. 519 more words


TAST Week 6 - Chevron Stitch

Well chevron stitch, whilst similar, proved a much less troublesome stitch than herringbone! :)

I love the shapes achievable with chevron stitch, I especially like the half chevron worked sideways both in rows and mirrored. 303 more words


Slowing Things Down

Recently I have found enjoyment in hand stitching. Throughout most of my adult life, handstitching has been more of a chore than a pleasure. You know the sort of thing: sewing buttons onto school shirts, sewing ladders in tights (remember doing that because tights were so expensive?!?), darning socks because it cost too much to replace them when your son wore holes in them so quickly, although I did enjoy doing cross stitch when I lived in Somerset. 424 more words

Hand Sewing