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TAST 2015

After many failed attempts over the years, I have once again put my hand up to participate in a 2015 re-run of Sharon B’s very popular… 164 more words


TAST #1 - Fly Stitch

And now for something completely different.

“Okay Amy , what is this, and how did we get here?” I’m not really sure. Facebook told me to join a group (undoubtedly because I’m in a few other stitching groups), which led me to a blog, which led me back to the Facebook group, which led to another page in the same blog, which led to our poorly photographed leafy friends up there. 169 more words


Repugnant ~ Haiku

Our conversation deepens

And I sample a taste of you

Only to be repelled


kako obvladati taščo...

Zakaj je bil Adam v raju?

Ker ni imel tašče.

No, pa šalo na stran preden no vzame vrag. Na svetu obstajata, sodeč po ljudskem izročilu, zgolj dve vrsti tašč. 703 more words

Viva Revolution

Pre-brew preview

I decided that I wanted to try a few beers before buying my next kit as I try to expand my beer palate. This was made easier by… 584 more words


"Tales of Taiwan: US, Taiwan and China Relations" at Tufts University

OFT has been in communication with the Taiwanese Association of Students at Tufts University (TAST) for quite some time now. When we reached out to TAST back in 2014, they expressed great interest in learning more about the history and politics of Taiwan. 252 more words


TAST 2014.29.123.Woven chain bar-2

I could work woven chain bars on some of the paisleys. Polyester threads are used to work these woven chain bars. The chains get twisted quite often, which is slightly irritating. 11 more words

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