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Job Readiness Workshop - Manchester, June 2015

Let’s take a journey back in time…

In November last year I set off on a 3 month adventure with VSO ICS, along with 11 other UK volunteers to help secure the lives of some of the poorest people living in Stung Treng, a rural province in Cambodia. 765 more words

Monet and Picasso: There's Room for You, Too

There are people who love art and can explain to you in-depth what you should know about some of the greatest artists. They can break down for you the differences in style and how the artists used different brush strokes to create the final image. 507 more words

Uncover Your Genius

What do you love to do?

That’s a question most people can answer without too much trouble.

“I love working with my hands,” my son said. 164 more words


Trade Secrets: My Matric Dance Speech

Good evening to the Principal, Deputy Principal, teachers, ladies and gentlemen.

“Todays prefect announcements goes as follows… It has been noted that matric girls are wearing make up, Jessica, for a head girl you’re setting a very fashionable example; you will be the first in detention. 781 more words


How to Manage Your Energy

Time flies. Time drags. And all the while, the clock keeps it’s monotonous pace. Although time management is important in order to achieve goals and meet deadlines, the best way to get the most out of your time is to get the most out of your energy. 290 more words

Time Savings

The Structure of the Tabernacle (Exodus 26)

On June 28, 2015, the Adult Sunday School Class reviewed Exodus 26, which describes the structure of the tabernacle.

The chapter begins by the LORD telling Moses how the tabernacle curtains were to be designed. 225 more words


Mid Season Blues

We are now half way through the season. It has come to the point in the season where a break is necessary. The parents need it, the staff need it and most importantly the players need it. 956 more words