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Note Those Times When Your Eyes Light Up

I can always tell when someone is passionate about an idea, a project…whatever they’re talking about.

Their eyes light up. Their posture changes ever so slightly as if to straighten themselves out to deliver their truth. 260 more words

2. Know Yourself

The Talent & The Muse

Those who know me know RARELY am I left speechless, even when it comes to the talent of others.  I can always find the words to express what I’m feeling BUT there is one who’s talent leaves me at a loss for words. 408 more words

Google has a very clever recruiting trick

Google is known for its challenging interview process. What’s not as well know is that it covertly recruits top coders based on their Internet searches. 269 more words


things change. people change.

“Things aren’t the way they were before
You wouldn’t even recognize me anymore
Not that you knew me back then
But it all comes back to me…
64 more words


Moderator Moment

Greetings Congregation,

No sailing vessel can move directly upwind, even if that is the desired direction. Tacking allows the vessel to move forward by moving upwind and across the wind. 974 more words

Church Life Events Calendar

Amateur Art

Smokes Poutinerie lets you make art while you wait. I love the Pacman with a top hat. So cute.

Image by: Kim-Lee Patterson
Where: Smoke’s Poutinerie, near the Metro on College Street


Brave Baby-Plastic Skateboard and *Repeat Repeat at Vinyl

Some days are better than others.

I totally get it. Some people are happy (like Pooh) with every day that arrives. I just know some are honestly better than others. 1.097 more words