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Model Profile - Sway - PHOTOS and INTERVIEW

Some models just have “it”. It’s not always easy to define “it”, but an ability to model in a way that they become a different person from the person you were talking to only a few mins before a shoot, or the week before when arranging things. 307 more words


What's going on between CM Punk and WWE?

The night after the 2014 Royal Rumble, Phil Brooks (better known as CM Punk) walked out on the WWE. His name was taboo in the WWE and wasn’t mentioned until a Paul Heyman promo in March 2014 pointing to the fans as the reason for why he left. 246 more words

AJ Lee

On Dedication And Talent

Yesterday an old friend texted me with some existential questions. Not an old friend like she’s old, but a person that I use to know (cue music). 497 more words


Habits of the Anti-Gun Folks

Today I watched a video (the link is below) that was not at all what I thought it would be. The title- Watch this 14 Year Old Give an Anti-Gun Speech  really threw me for a loop and I thought, “What does a 14-year-old know about Anti-Gun?” followed up quickly with, “Oh no I wonder if he killed a family member..” 250 more words

How big data is transforming small business recruitment

In this article, Lillie discusses the ways in which verified big data can revolutionise your recruitment methods.

Over the past few years we’ve been hearing the term… 720 more words


Rose Orgone Pyramid

The beauty of these products is that it can be utilized anywhere and everywhere easily and makes a value addition with an impressive combination. Since it can be added and mixed to almost all kinds of variations, your innovation and imagination can work wonders above your creativity. 464 more words

Brass Metal Products


De afgelopen twee jaar heb ik mij verdiept in diverse instrumenten voor typering of beschrijving van iemand zijn persoonlijkheid. De instrumenten die ik bestudeerd heb: DISC, Big Five, MBTI en in mindere mate het Enneagram. 946 more words