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Mense wat my Pa geken het, reken ek lyk soos hy nie, beide my broers lyk defnitief na hom.  Donkerkrul hare het vroeg in hulle twintigs beginne grys word. 208 more words


Blogger Recognition Award

“We each have a story to tell, a journey to trek and a life to live”

My sincere thanks to IvesTrendyTopic for her nomination of A Guy Called Bloke for this award of recognition. 604 more words


Lens kumar

This guy caught my attention so much these days. With the work he is doing and the updates he is posting on Instagram, my eyes just popping out like a cartoon :) His name is Shiv, that’s what I knew about him in person but the way he is posting and the acts/life he is living makes me really envy. 595 more words


Imam Malik’s Letter to Al-Umari the Renuncient

Imam Malik was once urged by Abd Allah Al-Umari – who was given to much worldly detachment (zuhd) – that he ought to devote far more time to spiritual seclusion and to other personal acts of piety. 273 more words