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Trumpet: The National Anthem

Playing the National Anthem on the trumpet is scary, but doing it for a swim meet in front of 400 people, is even worse. That’s what I had to do today. 375 more words

Cracking Your Code

By Marissa Wu

Four weeks ago, I commenced a summer course in Python. People who know me well may have scratched their heads. (I think my dad may have). 623 more words

Burden of value through numbers.

Conversation with Anon:

‘So, you have a degree… do you feel the importance of it?’ ,I asked.

‘I do have a degree in IT, regardless, i am a home-maker. 559 more words

The Era of Agile Talent


More of us are working in organizations employing a mix of freelancers, contractors, consultants, and full-timers, explains Jonathan Younger, coauthor with Norm Smallwood… 25 more words


Arty Inspiration

We love arty things, and we always do our best to help other artists and designers. Last year we held a White Rabbit Trail in our home city of Ripon, where artists created white rabbits to put in the windows of shops and the public go around looking for letters associated with each rabbit and in the end will spell a word. 521 more words


Byron  bay

Bay how i see you. Do you see me in your reflection of the sea? Do you notice the way you have the ability to sparkle in the light with dancing dolphins and Wales? 84 more words