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Talent is Great, but Mental Toughness is Better

In the never-ending quest to unlock the true formula for success, many will weigh the strengths of talent vs. grit, in much the same way behaviorists ceaselessly go back and forth on the “nature vs. 507 more words

Should mainstream courses be only encouraged.? Then who would sing, or dance or act for movies.???

Still this topic is debatable that whether alternative courses or hobbies can be relied upon for a bright future or not.?
I guess now is the high time for parents to understand that there are hell lot of other things to do in this world, not just academics. 459 more words


Talent spotlight

This week, our talent spotlight goes out to – drum role!!!!!

Richard Southall

Richard’s passion for wildlife and the environment, especially wilderness regions, has lead him to make exploratory journeys to study the natural habitat of his subjects. 114 more words

Blogging can be your free-time thing. Make use of the online platform.

Here by Freelancing I don’t exactly mean getting involved into money making business or something but as your summer vacations are coming, I’m just coming up more and more suggestions for you guys… 460 more words


"Doing something under pressure will never make you happy. Work for what you are passionate..." Listen more from this emerging Social Entrepreneur.

Women empowerment, doing something out of box, not following the herd are fancy terms we hear day in and day out in today’s world. We see many talking about it, several others expressing their desires to take the big jump but how many have actually had the courage to actually take the heap. 1.405 more words


The Pride and Prejudice in Today's World - Talent vs Hard Work

When I was small, I thought that you have to be smart to score high marks in exams. Growing up, whenever I did something well, I get praised for being talented. 643 more words

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