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Sometimes I wonder how a person with this much skill and creativity could be broke. LMAO.

I guess I never had the guts to show my work and be open to all the critiques. -RealityOfAPreachersDaughter

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“Talent does not necessarily mean ability. You have to apply hard work, discipline, perserverance and persistence to it to turn it into ability.” Romilia Quotes



Over these years lots of entrepreneurs in India have been struggling to make it to the touch line. Not so much because of the market forces, but more because of a combination of the following reasons: 284 more words

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Young Writer: Cryo-preservation

Nothing could be compared to the emotions I felt when I walked my granddaughter’s great-granddaughter down the aisle. It turned out just as beautiful as it was planned to be. 451 more words


"On the Couch" with Darren O'Hara

The following interview was with the vastly talented Athlone baritone, Darren O’Hara. In the interview we delve into the world of operatic singing and musical theatre. 67 more words

Kingfisher Talent and Virdis Group Announce Global Executive Search Collaboration

BOSTON and OXFORD, England, Aug. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/  Kingfisher Talent, the Boston-based consortium for biotech executive search and leadership development, and Virdis Group, global executive search specialists in the Life-Science and Healthcare sectors, have created an exclusive alliance that enables clients to leverage the expertise and reach of both firms. 26 more words

Innovative startup: Implugg

Hello friends, I am back and today I thought of writing something interesting. I decided to make you all aware about a Start-up. I will also try to promote other Start-up’s which are new and have been recently launched. 583 more words