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First place: Sarah Geach


She looked away, laughing. Her eyes were green in their excitement: green for joy, not jealousy – they shone with an ethereal light that was green because it was so strange. 1.094 more words

Social is my middle name

Socialism as an economic system and a political movement, to introduce Socialism within society, has one big problem; it never has been practiced in its true form as one system that runs society. 1.746 more words

Second place: Chido Ranganayi

I Am Not You

I am so sick,

So sick and tired

Of hearing

That I’m not good enough.

That I will never prosper because what you find easy, I find tough. 540 more words

Third place: Aalia Hussein

St. Mary’s General Hospital was a large, rustic-red brick building that had been standing for nearly over a century. It was the largest hospital in Harare, boasting the best doctors and the best equipment. 1.108 more words

Misery Muse

She always suspected that her misery was her muse. During the lows the words would take over her being, standing outside herself watching something real finally happening in her life. 104 more words


Godiva Calling looking for local talent to compete for a place at this year's festival

The call has begun for Coventry and Warwickshire’s finest talent to take to the stage and impress the judges at this year’s Godiva Calling competition… 481 more words



You have enormous talents
Buried deeply in you;
Waiting to be developed;
And yearning to be exploited
To take you
To where your creator wants you to be; 22 more words