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The 3 “Shu-Be’s” for Better Talent Management

By Greg Holden, Business Writer & Social Media Manager, IRI

As an American with a non-American spouse, I hold that unique position of being called out when I am not speaking proper English. 1.479 more words


Pretty Pimpin' - Kurt Vile

Some songs sound like what a daze feels like. They lull you into a quiet complacency that feels safe, sad, and inspiring.

That’s what “Pretty Pimpin'” by Kurt Vile gives me. 267 more words


A Treasure Stumbled Upon

The treasure of greatest value is stumbled upon, not thrust into your arms.

I feel that people are much like a complex treasure chest, holding wealth in character and talent. 325 more words

Inspire to be BETTER

Every artist, I believe, is at a different level with their art.  We are not equal in talent or ability, but we can work hard at raising the bar for ourself… 94 more words


Build talent, ecosystem in tandem


Dr Chan (centre) speaking on NUS’ efforts in creating a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem on and around the campus

“Six to seven years ago, we did not have any start-up scene in Singapore, but today it is totally transformed,” said Dr Lily Chan, CEO of NUS Enterprise, as she kicked off the final panel discussion titled “Fostering entrepreneurial inventors and innovators: what works?” at the Times Higher Education (THE) Asia Universities Summit on 16 March. 612 more words

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