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Miss Vancouver 2015

Some glitz & glamour

I had the amazing opportunity to host The Miss Vancouver Pageant 2015 at the Sutton Place hotel on November 22nd.  I am so grateful to Vancouver Television for giving me this experience, as I am hoping to purse a career in the media industry. 14 more words


I Have Dreams

Dreams are simply figments of our imagination. The literal definition of a dream is something fictional. But, then you have what I call literal dreams, something that is tangible and attainable. 187 more words

9-Box Your Talent for Ultimate Succession Planning (A recipe for success!)

It seems like yesterday we welcomed in the New Year, and now we are only four weeks away from 2016! As time moves on, it’s easy for us to put off important matters and, as we all know, unexpected changes can occur quickly within an organization. 223 more words


Marketing without Money

So much of what we do in personal and business drives some sort of bottom line tied to money. Knowing our bottom line is essential to our world, in fact, we wouldn’t be where we are in business today without it. 265 more words


Random Memory: Tracing my Talent

When I was in second grade I traced a picture of a Triceratops from a coloring book, carefully edging the pencil on the wax paper to capture the dinosaur perfectly. 375 more words


The Most Terrifying Job Interview Question of All

We’ve all been there, on one side of the desk or the other, possibly both. You’re making the turn on the final few minutes of a later stage… 1.308 more words



“Comics are a gateway drug to literacy.”

Adham Zeid

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