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Pure Gallas!

Daniel Docherty / Gulliver’s, Manchester / Tuesday 6th December

Hailing from Bellshill, a small town on the outskirts of Glasgow, Daniel Docherty is a name many of us will not yet be au fait with. 426 more words

Is Cruz Beckham The Next Justin Bieber?

With a former pop star as a mom and one of the best soccer players ever as your dad, you are bound to be talented. 24 more words


Announcing the Launch of Pro-Activation: How Marketing Communication Gets Done

There’s a new brand in town, and it’s all about brand activation. ExperiPro is pleased to announce the launch of Pro-Activation LLC, a sister company specializing in marketing execution, delivered by a team of highly experienced niche consultants. 405 more words

“Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.” – Nathan Ralph Augustine


Talent Attracts Talent !

Wow…no shit Sherlock !

Why then do we still have situations where some businesses are looking to attract the best, most dynamic, forward looking talent when … 284 more words

Miss Texas Day Three

Talent marked the 3rd and final phase of the Miss Texas Preliminary Competitions for me. At Miss Texas, I performed a Tap Dance, which was tribute to historical figures, one such as Jelly Roll Morton. 10 more words

Miss McKinney 2016