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There is no such thing as talent.

Here is the paradox.

Having both a lot of talent for something or not having it at all can be both equal obstacles in achieving anything, if you let it get to you. 531 more words


I don't get why people think less of themselves

I’ve encountered this so many times. When people gets complimented, they brush it off.

Ex: “You are so good (in _____)”  “You are smart.” “You are pretty/handsome.” “You are talented.” 242 more words


Naija Rising: "Timmss Obey"

Timilehin Obey Fabiyi, an indigen of Ogun State (Abeokuta) and also the 3rd Grandson of The Nigerian Legend, Ebenezer Obey is an upcoming artiste popularly recognized by his stage name “Timmss Obey” (Never forget the Double ‘M’ and Double ‘S’). 556 more words


I came across this completely by accident. And was simply stunned! From the power of the talents. From the inner strength of these kids, each of whom survived terrible experience. 771 more words


My Friend Ned: A Casting Agency for the Beautifully Unusual

The Cape Town-based casting agency transcends the fashion industry’s strict physical standards, making beauty ideals a notion of the past.

Co-founded by fashion stylist Karen Wieffering and casting director Candice Hatting in 2007, casting agency… 426 more words


She Is Raign!

I’ve already shared my opinion on the future of the X Factor but before I let it go completely there is one more thing I’d like to add. 224 more words


Omani Talents: Zakiya Al Waili (Kazuna Yoshida)

I’ve been getting a lot requests to post interviews after I posted about Omani Talents that I really support so I decided to interview one of my favorite artists… 938 more words