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Calling bullshit on best practice

When it comes to management theory, everyone thinks they know best. This use of “Best practice” is endemic in startups, but seemingly nowhere more than when it comes to hiring and employee engagement; with companies constantly looking for the best way to follow the ideas of others. 457 more words


Do You Have the Mindset to Be an Entrepreneur?

I have come to realize that the key differentiator between a successful startup and an unsuccessful one is mindset. Which isn’t to say all entrepreneurs must think exactly alike (we would end up with unoriginal and boring startups if they did!) but that certain key aspects of mindset are found in all those who go on to entrepreneurial success. 1.635 more words

Advice For Entrepreneurs


We’re in school, we’re getting educated

Our parents are there for us

We don’t suffer to eat

We are clothed, even in style

Some of us live in nice homes with cars… 412 more words


Science student but also interested in fossils? Keep desire to uncover the past? Paleontology can be a good profession.

Remember FRIENDS geeky character, Ross Geller? Our FRIENDS Show lovers would definitely know  what his profession was? Yes, he was a Paleontologist. So today, I thought let’s write something for our history and fossil lovers. 612 more words


"Football players with goals succeed because they know where they are going." Don't just let you passion die.

It seems so long, we haven’t talked about sports. sports is also a career after all, a non-academic career which we choose because our heart wants to play forever. 748 more words


An interesting career option for our computer geeks. Love playing games and hold interest in coding too? It's for you.

Not every time engineering would end you up in a boring 9 AM to 5 PM boring job but something as exciting as game designing too. 581 more words