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Sean Ahern - ThankFrank Start-up

Sean Ahern – ThankFrank “I believe everything is possible. I create. I learn. I grow. I do. I am an entrepreneur.”

Sean Ahern, founder of the growing start-up… 496 more words

E-Novation: My Business

Paul Kerley - Story of an Entrepreneur

Paul Kerley, founder of a global financial crime and compliance solution provider – Norkom Technologies, is an entrepreneur and investor. He was the last speaker of the… 270 more words

E-Novation: My Business

Entrepreneurship Start-Up Showcase

The Entrepreneurship Portfolio of the Economic Planning Board for Ontario invites the Jamat to see emerging entrepreneurs showcase their latest and greatest business ideas in front of an expert panel. 59 more words


Networks: the vital ingredient for successful startups

Last week I ran a workshop on alternative ways to fund your startup for the MORE programme at University of Central Lancashire. One of the things I always do at the end of this workshop is get participants to think about how to be more creative with their budgets, so that you only ask for cash that you… 638 more words


Common questions start-ups are asked during funding pitch [Question bank]

Start-up Question Bank:

  1. Are you working on this full-time?
  2. How complete is your team?
  3. Are you a product player, service or mixed?
  4. Are you B2B, B2C or a mix?
  5. 292 more words

Do you really make a difference ?

Startups in a world of massive markets can be confusing. The law of large numbers, platforms that can make your company blow up unexpectedly and the trendy nature of tech markets can be deceiving. 543 more words


MarketingBiteSize 101 - How to calculate CPA?

One of the most common topics that came up, especially for a start-up company drafting a financial model, is CPA (cost per acquisition), and… 368 more words

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