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What starting a Student Organization taught me about Business

During my time at UT I had the opportunity to start two student organizations and watch one fail. Those experiences taught me a lot about how to work with people and what it takes to make it in a large “marketplace.” I think that everyone with any interest in starting or being a high level executive in any business should either start, if the opportunity arises, or take a leadership position in a student organization. 1.870 more words


Starting Up

Some people say starting up is easy. The hardest part is to consistently doing it. For me it is the other way around. Starting up something new scares me to death. 469 more words

Daily Life

How I never really started to blog.

I know you would suspect on the subject. A contrasting thought as I scribble right through this white space. To tell you quite frankly, I never really liked to blog and I know I never will. 229 more words


Many Foods, One Power

According to a 2013 report by UNEP and the World Resources Institute (WRI), about one-third of all food produced worldwide, worth around US$1 trillion, gets lost or wasted in food production and consumption systems. 314 more words


Amazon creates startup service to find the next GoPro

Amazon is offering a new service that will make life easier for start-up founders. Amazon Launchpad, announced on Tuesday, creates an “Amazon Launchpad store” that will showcase start-up products and provide the makers with marketing and distribution support. 163 more words


Favorite Podcasts

These are not in any particular order… I listen to them all frequently. And I can’t wait for season 2 of Serial to come out!! 252 more words