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Finding the RIGHT Speed...The Story of a New Company (Part 4)

Time is Relative…

As you may be aware, we are in the process of starting a software company. It is early days but things are starting to take shape; this said, deciding on the actual specification of the product hasn’t been a straight forward one. 1.117 more words


Day First: blog settled down

Here is where I record my daily work.

In the next few weeks, I will complete my final project step by step and record the process in this blog. 148 more words


What to outsource in your business

The excitement of starting your own business venture is exhilarating. You have your perfect product or service and you have clients pounding at your door. Things are exactly how you envisioned. 932 more words

A vision board for your business

My vision board is my guiding light; the thing that spurs me on to keep on pushing till I achieve everything I want to achieve. My vision board is what I know I deserve. 318 more words

InsurTech Spotlight: RightIndem

It’s time for another insurtech startup to get into our spotlight! This week we’re bringing you  RightIndem. If you attended our Connect the Dots event… 954 more words


The Challenge of first Generation Entrepreneurial Success

We have been fed with success stories of Ugandans especially through the media every other day. Unfortunately, no one bothers to curate this information hence we can’t notice the very worrying trend. 705 more words


My journey through entrepreneurism-1: Successful failures and failed successes

I am frequently asked to share my experiences as a serial entrepreneur.  It has been one amazing roller coaster ride.  A decade and a half of start-ups and close-ups, of mergers and divestment, of sale and purchase, there is quite a bit for sure.  1.181 more words