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Employment is a good list for now

So I sent out my CV to a few companies around town well I desperately need to make some money I also need this for my start up but this does not mean I will stop with my start up dreams this will actually push me more towards my dream someone told me do whatever it takes to reach your dreams as long as its legal and ethical of course, so yeah it’s time for me to be employed once again and save up. 267 more words

Getting through your Daily Commute

Long, boring commutes. This is one of the ongoing problems for many of those who live in densely populated, urban areas such as Los Angeles. Many of us sit in the the car and accept that the ride is boring but those who are willing to maximize their time will take advantage of listening to podcasts during these long commutes. 641 more words


Start-Up Capital: Loans or Lines of Credit

You’re ready to start your business, but you need help with the start-up capital. Family and friends don’t have the extra money to lend, so where do you go? 595 more words


Innovate 2015 -Where to find sources of seed funding...

‘Where to find sources of seed funding to propel your business’ was the title of the questions and answers session held in the ‘Get Funding’ room of innovate 2015. 526 more words


AGM Due Date Calculation for Singapore Companies

With the enhanced enforcement regime being implemented by ACRA with effect from December 2015 and very high flat penalties being imposed for breach of deadlines, it has become very important for business owners to know and calculate the AGM due date and remain in compliance. 150 more words

Registrar Of Companies

The $300 Million Button — UIE Brain Sparks — Medium

[While Luke Wroblewski was writing his well-received book, Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks, he asked if I could think of an example…

Source: … 7 more words

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Registering your business in Brunei


Here’s a short post on how we registered our partnership business in Brunei. As of August 2015, you can save the environment and cost of fuel by doing the entire process online. 590 more words

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