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This is things you will need for your first set up.

1. Fish tank.
2, Grow bed.
3. Fish.
4. Plants.
5. Water.
6. Grow media.
7. Power source.
8. Water pump.
9. Air pump.
10. Plumbing parts. 10 more words

The First Hundred Employees: The Key Lessons learnt.

About the author:

Sitakanta Ray, co-founder of MySmartPrice, a venture backed online price comparison product.

The greatest of companies, causes and even nations have been built not just by its founders, leaders or kings, but rather by its first few soldiers, employees and generals. 629 more words


Mind over Matter UK - The birth

When I was 23, about a year after my brother died, I sat down with my then boss, an irritating little man called Bryn, and talked about what I wanted to do in the future. 769 more words

EtsyResolution: Renate & the Ant House

First of course some shameless self promotion, but also a way to show what to expect from the series. Although I will be a lot nicer to others then to myself, because that is unfortunately for me the nature of the beast. 247 more words

Mama Creates 2

Running a Small Press in 2015 by Guillaume Morissette

Located in Montreal, Canada, Metatron is a small, independent press that publishes contemporary literature and works by new and rising authors. Almost all of its authors are under thirty years old, and their works reflect concerns such as love and relationships in the age of social media, existential angst, reconciling the spiritual with the digital and MySpace-era nostalgia, among others. 964 more words