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Hello world.

It’s no secret that my day job is in IT and have been for over 15 years now. I joined this wondrous and treacherous world about a minute and half before that infamous… 823 more words

Random Musings

Love earrings? Shop at Adaayeinh, Delhi! 

Author : Aastha Jain & Saniya Zehra

The fetish towards ethnic accessories is standard with Delhi girls. Has always been.

Three students from Delhi University, fashioned their fancy into a business venture and called it Adaayeinh. 135 more words

Good Living

This e-commerce start-up has found a way to keep customers from returning products

While working as Apple’s first creative director in the 1980s, Tom Suiter embarked on an unusual errand. For a marketing campaign, he travelled to Kurt Vonnegut’s Manhattan apartment toting an Apple Lisa computer and taught the famous novelist how to use the strange, beige box. 227 more words

22 Steps to a Successful Business Launch | Red Website

Starting any venture at all demands some measure of thoroughness in preparation, because nine out of ten, the level of your preparation will determine the level of the success you’d enjoy at taking your idea from just an ordinary idea to an amazing reality. 133 more words


#LOVEzig: homeLE #kisstagram contest

photo: pixabay

by maeshelle and Stew Tunnicliff

Everyone looks better when they are kissing, right? And for sure they FEEL better. So, what could be better than looking for kissable things? 382 more words


The secret mantra of creating innovations

Once upon a time, there lived a tech enthusiast named Sandy. He was extremely intelligent with an IQ of 150. He had a solution to each and every thing which involved using brain. 386 more words

Business Improvement

Yes, we are CraftDriven and we are proud!

There is always something delicious about writing the first words of your story. You never quite know where they will take you. – Beatrix Potter… 296 more words

Business Improvement