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Setia Dalam Perkara Kecil

USaha start-up seringkali di asosiasikan sebagai pekerjaan / usaha dengan teknologi tinggi, Start up umumnya menggunakan perangkat komputer dan kemajuan teknologi sebagai basis bisnisnya. Hal ini kemduaian seringkali membuat saya ketika membuat sebuat inovasi atau fitur untuk bei5000 , menjadi tergoda untuk berpikir terlalu keras, fitur apa ya yang cocok untuk bei5000. 514 more words

Daily Business

The Entrepreneur Revolution

A friend of mine set up her own business a couple of years ago, and I mentioned to her that I was thinking of going out on my own, and she just sent me a picture of a book, and said ‘Read this if you need a push! 187 more words

Be Your Own Boss

Let's get this thing started!

Hi, I’m Devon. This is a picture of me on  a beach in Panama in June 2016, the day I decided to set up my own company. 247 more words

Be Your Own Boss

Join, Make or Go?

The blockchain is still entirely in its infancy. I read today that a company called Ripple partnered with SAP to conduct the first international payment transaction over the blockchain. 747 more words


Setinggi Plafon

Minggu lalu gue mendapat kesempatan untuk jd moderator di acara Astra Start Up Challenge.Bertempat di Galeri Indonesia WOW, acara ini dipenuhi oleh banyak calon pengusaha muda. 326 more words


My experience of renting house and how we went forward and ideated SimplyMoveIn

All my life, I have lived in different places. Be it my childhood, or as a teen and an adult, I lived across different cities. Among major metro cities, I lived in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. 899 more words