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Minimalism Values for Businesses

“I destroy my enemy when I make them my friends” – Abraham Lincoln

Almost all businesses could view Minimalism as a foe and vice versa. Business would argue that minimalism is a damaging virus if it is taking hold onto people. 1.684 more words


Start up

Preliminary sketch on a new concept.


Putting Yourself Out There

So everyone knows that you can’t just start a business and then poof hundreds of customers flock to you. You have to go out and get them. 370 more words

Number one word needed for success as an entrepreneur.

If I could put success in a jar and sum up everything you need to know into one word, that word would be patience. So many people who want to try to be an entrepreneur, look for any get rich scheme they can find. 274 more words


The life of a Chicago celebrity reporter

Showbiz Shelly recently held interviews with Nick Cannon and the stars of the newest Transformers movie here in Chi-town. Shelly has been watching the path many celebrities take after launching their own careers: entrepreneurship. 37 more words


Getting ready to roll...

After a couple of delays, I finally have a start-up date fixed. I will launch the business on the 18th July.

I am busy with funding proposals and plans, as well as working on setting up a working web site. 15 more words

Latest News

Hi, I'm a designer...kind of

When people ask what I do, I never really have an answer. I don’t just do one thing. I do a myriad of things. However people expect an answer to that question, you can’t just say ‘this and that’ or ‘you know, stuff..’ so my simple answer to this question is ‘I design and make homewares and furniture’. 625 more words