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eCommerce Start Up Tips

With the number of dollars being spent online shopping, it only makes sense to find a way to get a piece of the pie. Because of eCommerce, 410 more words


start up idea: Sharing summaries on a portal for online courses?

You all kwow that there are some good and some bad online courses for e.g. management or psychology and so on. There you need to study the videos, slides or texts. 57 more words


What To Write In Your Notebook

Your notebook, like stated in the previous post, is where you will write down everything to do with your business. Here is a list of what I think you should write down in your notebook. 170 more words


Why You May Never Start a Business

Starting your own business comes with multiple benefits; independence and flexibility, personal fulfillment that you may not find in being employed and unlimited power to create terms of work just to mention a few.

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New Tamworth Enterprise Centre to open in April

The new Tamworth Enterprise Centre is in course to open in April as work to transform the Philip Dix Centre in Corporation Street is almost complete. 744 more words

Tamworth Council News

Your best advice today is how to save 2,000 € & reduce your tax to 20% in ½ hr from a hotel room

The best money we have made in a long time is registering for the 20% NHR tax from a hotel room in Portugal

The whole world is praising Portugal for its fantastic weather, delicious seafood, beautiful country and super friendly people – the main reasons why we decided to settle in Lisbon… 530 more words

A Word From Thomas & Annette

The perfect gift for Valentine’s day: My favourite Marketing Campaign

So the other morning I was getting ready for work with the TV on in the background, and in the space of one advert break I heard the words “this is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day” at least five times…Why do so many brands think that it is even a tag line which will elicit interest? 535 more words