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The cat's replacement. Story One: A mysterious name

Dear Bunny,

How’s paradise? I heard you were a feisty cat and a handsome tabby. My mama and my aunt became closer because of you. Protecting a territory is one tough job, no wonder you had all the bruises. 351 more words


My Favorite Stamper

Okay, so technically it’s my second favorite stamper. My favorite I got years ago and is no longer available. It’s cracked and beaten up from years of use, so I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement. 131 more words


Vacation: The True Story of a Tired Mom and Her Very Feral Child.

Oh no. This can’t be happening. I had thought the day was turning around, especially considering how badly it had started. For the third year in a row I took Squishy to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. 932 more words


Why do you not like my gift?

I found it myself

And brought from outdoors,

It’s not alive!

….At least not anymore

It’s soft and still warm… 49 more words


Stroopwafel Marlo

I’m not tempted by some luxuries – like, as far as I can tell, a luxury hotel room is still a stuffy bland box and a luxury car is still a roll-y box that goes beep. 818 more words