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Strong female characters from Comics to TV Part 2

I had so much fun picking my first ten that I felt another ten was the next logical choice.

Selina Kyle

This young girl is as far removed from the older confident cat women that we all know and in some cases love, she may run from her problems and feelings but lets face it she is a kid and a pretty strong one. 1.259 more words


Sideshow Selina Kyle Catwoman statue in Premium Format

Sideshow has garnered a whopping amount of acclaim with its Premium Format line of statues, showcasing much-loved characters from the comic-book world in incredible, detailed 1/4-scale. 123 more words

Happy Heist Day: The Cutest but Least Convenient Bat/Cat fight ever.

There are days when it’s ten kinds of awesome having a fully-characterized, three-dimensional, complex and nuanced Batman characters in your head. Then there are days like this, when I’m sipping morning coffee— 237 more words


Review: Gotham – Season 1, Episode 17 “Red Hood”

Let me start off by apologizing for the tardiness of this review. I had a lot of shit going down last week and was unable to get to this until today. 1.680 more words

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Catwoman confirmed as bisexual | Confirmada Gatúbela como bisexual

[EN]: In the many reincarnations of Catwoman since issue #1 of Batman some 75 years ago, we’ve seen her as the Dark Knight’s most attractive and seductive enemy. 451 more words


Selina Kyle Is Reveled To Be Bisexual In The Latest Issue Of 'Catwoman'

Here’s one for the “interesting, but not particularly surprising” file. Former Catwoman and current Gotham City mob boss Selina Kyle has been confirmed to be bisexual… 295 more words


Catwoman aka Selina Kyle comes out as bisexual

Hollywood Reporter: After 75 years, Selina Kyle is finally coming out of the closet.

In the latest issue of the DC Comics’ Catwoman comic book series — No. 29 more words