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Fan Art: Selina and Harvey

One of the projects I am working on re-imagines the Batman mythos, with Bruce Wayne as the psychopathic one percenter who gets his kicks by dressing up in body armor and beating on street people in the slums of Gotham. 174 more words


The Most Tragic Scene in Any Batman Movie (That DC Must Remember)

Lately, with all this talk about DC films, be it Suicide Squad, or The Killing Joke, I got to thinking about the comic book movies of my youth. 434 more words


A little Poison won't hurt

Here is the first look on the grown-up, new version of Poison Ivy on Gotham: Season 3.

New cast photos have been released for Gotham: Season 3, including updated looks at characters like Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Penguin, Selina Kyle and Fish Mooney. 90 more words



You love embroidery right? I know I do. I’m a newbie though, I mean, really new. I’ve
only made a few things but I’ve fallen in love. 154 more words


Show Some Love For Your Favorite Ladies from @kleffnotes

Let’s get nerdy and chat about our favorite ladies in pop culture. I’m always on the lookout for kick butt female characters and thought that I would go to our amazing readers to find out who some of your favorites are. 495 more words

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Catwoman: The Game (the new 52)

Catwoman, Vol. 1: The Game by Judd Winick is the start of the Catwoman series, issues 1-7 during the much maligned New 52 run. Now that it is over and we are on the way to Rebirth, lets take a quick look back at some of the books that were actually pretty good during this brief time. 348 more words

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