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Batman Takes Down Superman With A Whistle

Wouldn’t be the first time Superman was mind controlled by Poison Ivy.

See how Batman made it appear he wanted to tell Catwoman a secret, therefore making Superman listen extra closely and then letting out that whistle. 41 more words


[OTP Challenge] A Reminder

Note: I’m also going back to my ongoing writing challenges, so today no catching up on BatCat week (well, there is some catching up but I don’t think it will be published today), but I worked a bit with these prompts (that’s still BatCat because I need to stay on track): 378 more words


Movie Review: Batman: Gotham By Gaslight

If you have not read my review of the 1989 Batman film allow me to give a quick recap of why Batman is so huge in my house. 479 more words


Poison Ivy Mind Controls 7 Billion People

One of the things I don’t like in Tom King’s writing style is things just happen with no explanation, we’re just expected to roll with it. 92 more words


The Origins Of Master Bruce

As new villains go, Master Bruce is coming off as pretty weak so far. No powers, just a rich little kid with a butler who does anything he wants. 11 more words


Catwoman Receives Wonder Woman's Blessing (Rebirth)

I’d love to read an issue where Catwoman and Wonder Woman just spend the day hanging out together. Catwoman got to do it with Lois Lane, so why not?

From – Batman Vol. 3 #40