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Batman 398 - will Circe help cure Two-Face?

Moench and Mandrake conclude the Two-Face/Circe story in Batman 398 (Aug. 86).

While Catwoman and Batman discuss their relationship and partnership, and the effect it is having on Robin, Jason Todd falls in love – or at least into a serious crush – and begins to finally understand why Bruce and Selina are acting the way they are. 247 more words

Batman 382 - Catwoman grabs the grenade

Batman 382 (April 1985) continues the Catwoman story begun in the previous issue of Detective, with a tale by Steve Mitchell, Hoberg and Rudy Nebres. 161 more words

Remembering My Favorite Comic Book Series

By T. Mack

It’s National Comic Book Day! Unlike Free Comic Book Day (the first Saturday in May), National Comic Book Day doesn’t mean you get anything free. 754 more words

T. Mack

Batman 355 - Catwoman's jealous rage

Perhaps the weirdest Batman/Catwoman romance story, Batman 355 (Jan. 83) is by Conway, Newton and Alcala.

Following on her phone call to Vicki Vale in the previous issue, Catwoman, now with a big panther as a pet, has fallen into a psychotically jealous rage about Bruce Wayne dating the photographer. 215 more words

Batman 350 - vampires attack, and Catwoman wakes with blood on her hands

The vampire storyline come to the fore in Batman 350 (Aug. 82), by Conway, Levitz, Colan and DeZuniga.

The choice of artists is a good one for this plot, which is very loosely based on the Monk storyline from Batman’s earliest tales in Detective Comics.  168 more words