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Gotham Finale: 1 Step Forward for Females, 1 Step Back

When I first wrote about Gotham going into production, my hopes weren’t very high for the series. I actually had no real interest in even giving the pilot a shot – I mean, it’s on FOX which doesn’t have a great track record for shows that appeal to the geek audience, and haven’t we had… 833 more words


Gotham Issues - Pilot - the dumb post that started it all (now with photos)

(originally posted 9/23/2014)

🌑 Selina Kyle stole a nearly empty carton of milk OR drank an entire gallon of milk while free running over the streets of Gotham. 258 more words

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Review: Gotham – Season 1, Episode 22 “All Happy Families Are Alike”

It’s over. After weeks and weeks and weeks of nonsensical plot lines and characters doing shit for literally no reason, the first season of Gotham has come to an end. 1.563 more words

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Gotham Sirens

One of my most popular pieces redone, many years later…



"Caught up in a dream,in a technicolour beat."

Dear Batman.

It seems to be, that against my better judgement,I have fallen into a pit again. The greys and the blacks are slowly turning into a kaleidoscope of colour once more and I have only you to blame for it.I wanted to clutch the past for a while longer and extend my lonely pity party for one that I had gotten used to.But you aren’t letting me do that. 325 more words