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What The Robins Looked Like When They Found Out Batman Was Going To Marry Catwoman

So you’ve heard Batman just got engaged to Catwoman huh?

Yep, you read that right folks. The big, bad, scary Bat is going to get married to Selina Kyle. 83 more words



What a wicked woman we have here… I thought for this week’s post we’d venture over to the dark side. Before I tell you her origin story, I think it should be mentioned for those who don’t know, the 2004 Halle Berry Catwoman film was completely inaccurate and I don’t ever want to speak of that monstrosity ever again. 707 more words


Rumor Alert: Could Eiza González Be DCEU's Catwoman?

An old rumor has resurfaced concerning the long awaited Gotham City Sirens. This time it is about Catwoman, the sultry and sexy cat-burglar from Batman’s rogues gallery. 317 more words


Gotham: Season 4: Episode 4.1 "A Dark Knight: Pax Peguina" -- a review

Goodbye, Tetch virus. Hello, Gotham Season 4.

There were plenty of things to like in the third season. I liked the whole Mad Hatter and Captain Barnes/Executioner stuff. 698 more words


DCAU REVIEW: BtAS: The Cat and the Claw

Review:  ★★

This episode marks the introduction of Catwoman, master thief and commonly Batman’s love interest. Despite this being a two-part episode, however, the actual relationship between Catwoman and Batman feels oddly rushed, especially for the typically more stoic Batman. 350 more words