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Selina battles Batgirl and Killer Croc in exclusive CATWOMAN #49 preview!

The latest issue of DC’s ongoing CATWOMAN series goes on sale next Wednesday, and we’re thrilled to be able to give you a world exclusive… 187 more words

DC Comics

Running Diary of Madness: Batman Returns

Running thoughts as I watch this movie again:

  • Paul Reubens played the Penguin’s dad.  No further comment.
  • Christopher Walken looks so out of place in this movie.  
  • 983 more words

Catwoman vs. Black Cat - Marvel vs. DC #2

Welcome! My name is Olaf Lesniak and this is Marvel vs DC! The series that will come out weekly on Saturdays and will pit two famous characters against each other. 898 more words

DC Comics

Bat and the Metropolis

As a child, I was less of an admirer of Batman than a number of other superheroes. But there was still something that I have always loved about the story. 625 more words


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