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Daily doodle: before I go

Just doodled a bit more on yesterday’s pencils.

DOn Nguyen

Daily doodle: #Catwoman loose sketch

I’ve been posting sketches first and finishing them recently. Hope you guys like it and it’s helping someone. On the left we have my idea starting out. 38 more words

DOn Nguyen

Anne Hathaway Wants To Reprise DC's Catwoman

During an interview at the Toronto Film Festival, Anne Hathaway said she would love to play DC‘S Catwoman again. We first saw Hathaway’s Catwoman back in 2012 for… 253 more words

Films & TV

Mini Review: Telltale's Batman Episode 1

I want to say, EVEN BEFORE I start to write the intro, that this is NOT a complete review of the entire game! I want to save that tasty little treat for when I have been able to play all five episodes of the game in order to give a truly all encompassing review. 440 more words


My Original Catwoman Cosplay

the original, with no cowl

Just made my first cowl


Okay so my absolute favorite comic book character is the sexy Selina Kyle, known as Catwoman. 78 more words


Fan Art: Selina and Harvey

One of the projects I am working on re-imagines the Batman mythos, with Bruce Wayne as the psychopathic one percenter who gets his kicks by dressing up in body armor and beating on street people in the slums of Gotham. 174 more words


The Most Tragic Scene in Any Batman Movie (That DC Must Remember)

Lately, with all this talk about DC films, be it Suicide Squad, or The Killing Joke, I got to thinking about the comic book movies of my youth. 434 more words