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How Batman Defeated Bane (Rebirth)

The buildup to this confrontation was slow and exciting, but I’m disappointed in the ending. Really? After all that, it took just a headbutt to defeat Bane? 24 more words


Bat and the Cat (rated R)

Catwoman has stolen yet another expensive treasure, in direct contradiction to a previous agreement she made with Batgirl. Batgirl comes to her apartment to confront her, but she never could have guessed the events that would follow.

5.173 more words

10 Things Dc Comics Wants You To Forget About Catwoman

Catwoman is one of the Batman series most popular characters. Initially a villain, the feline-themed thief has had a long history serving as a romantic foil to the Dark Knight, flirting with him even as he hands her over to the authorities. 2.255 more words


A Thief In The Night

I’ve always loved the fit of the designs of Salt & Pepper. Salt’s fitting of mesh clothing is flawless! So when she posted a sneak peek of her piece for the… 95 more words


Why Bane Is Scary In Rebirth

I may not agree with everything Tom King is doing with his Batman run, but I can’t deny how well he’s writing Bane. He’s giving the villain a healthy dose of creepiness and dread. 51 more words


Holly Robinson Takes Down Batman

A girl that Catwoman trained was able to slash Batman’s throat. Impressive for her, pathetic for him.

From – Batman Vol. 3 #15