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"The War of Jokes and Riddles" Gives Batman Another Opportunity to Feel Guilty in Batman 25

by Spencer Irwin

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

It takes quite a bit of hubris to think you can singlehandedly end crime, even in just one city. 415 more words

Spencer Irwin

Gotham Season 3 - Finale Easter Eggs!

Hey Gothamites! While many of you are veterans to the Batman fandom, many of you have only just begun your journey into the Dark Knight’s history. 1.113 more words


TV Brew: Heroes in a Mad City - Gotham Season 3

Gotham’s third season has reached its climax and fans are still reeling. We started in a city gone mad and then watched as heroes rose. As we wait the long months until Season 4, now is the time to reflect. 1.345 more words

TV Talk


One of the acknowledged truths of the CW’s Arrow program has been that Oliver Queen is a stand-in for Bruce Wayne. In the comics, the Green Arrow was a colorful character, sarcastic and socially-conscious. 1.525 more words


The Women on Gotham's Hefty, Colossal, Too Big, Very Large Cast

This is Part Two of  a two-part series on Gotham’s cast issues.

Nygma, Butch, Alfred. Lee, Fish, Barbara. As mentioned in Part One, of the six characters killed, injured, or sent away in the waning episodes of Gotham season three, only the female characters are in any danger of being permanently written out of the series. 2.206 more words


How Batman Tries To Be Happy

Batman: I’m… I’m not… Claire, I do this, I do all of this, and I can’t… I don’t think I can stop. But you shouldn’t… before you make your decision, you should know. 41 more words