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Eight Spring Starts

1.  Prune the trees before they leaf and blossom.

2.  Prune the rose bushes.  Remove all the dead stuff.

3.  Fertilize the grass.  If you have crabgrass, you might desire to find a fertilizer with a mixture of crabgrass prevention. 71 more words


At Easter Time the Lilies fair...

Well they say there is a time and a place for everything… what better time and place is there to display your  flowers than at your Easter gathering with family and friends. 437 more words

Our happy relationship

I never confessed my love but then, we were always in a happy relationship.

I walk down, the street where I spent most of my childhood. 1.420 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Ephemeral Fading Rose

A Brief Stay                                                                  2015©photography by Isadora


Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

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