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The silent roses

The pavement blooms in
Paris, Moscow, Dhaka
and in Copenhagen,
a fragrance not of spring
but the sick perfume of sorrow
a worm inside my chest, 143 more words


HOLY Meatballs! And...Onion Rings.

I hope you have your reading glasses on because this post is going to be a long one! Tonight for dinner I made homemade onion rings, and meatballs. 999 more words

All is Fair

Roses symbolize the blood

Violets are the color of bruises

Even though all is fair in love and war

Someone always loses…


Red Velvet Rose Cake

Not going to lie, this is the BEST cake I’ve ever made. I may never top this bad boy so here’s a rare baking blog post from me… 221 more words


What do flowers have to do with horses?

What do flowers have to do with horses? The only connection I can think of is the Run for the Roses. Apart from that: nada, zip, zilch. 70 more words