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Alla prima still life with Roses and Wine

Tom bought these white roses for me last Saturday. As if ellipses weren’t challenging enough! Painting roses adds to the difficulty, I’m beginning to understand that simpler is better. 13 more words

Painting MY roses red!

I’ve found myself with great fascination and connection to Alice in Wonderland’s song “Painting the Roses Red” since I started painting my three rose painting series in 2015. 911 more words


What is love...

I don’t know if I love you. I really don’t know what love is. All I know is… I will water your garden before I water mine. 63 more words

Pennies from heaven..........

My mother has always had this idea that God is sending her pennies and money from heaven. I have to say, everywhere she goes she always finds a penny. 266 more words

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