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Strange Bones Release Debut Single

Blackpool based Strange Bones have released their debut single ‘S.O.I.A’. 131 more words


Watch 40 Minutes Of Sword Coast Legends

Seeping out from the D&D fantasy maw from whence all RPGs come is Sword Coast Legends [official site], a new action role-playing slashy-slashy project which expands on D&D’s famed Forgotten Realms setting. 56 more words

Drunk Mums Go Out On Tour

Melbourne’s premier garage rock and roll delinquents Drunk Mums have announced that they’ll be heading out on tour in celebration of their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Gone Troppo’, out September 4 via Pissfart Records. 254 more words


Band of The Day - The Watchmakers

For fans of The Beatles and The Velvet Underground to The Verve and Primal Scream, The Watchmakers are the band plugging a Mancunian attitude into wielding psych. 192 more words

Band/Artist Of The Day

Censored Saturday Night Live.

Behind the Iron Curtain.
Forbidden passion and compassion in Communist Poland

Untill 1989, hostile and dehumanized brick wall separated the Old Continent. When on its one side ideas flourished, art blossomed and culture recovered after wartime drama, the Eastern part experienced a depressing and limiting curtain of Communist censure. 201 more words

Saturday Night Live.