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Ebolagoldfish - Punk Rock

From: Sydney, Australia
Genre: Punk Rock

Australia is an odd place; breeding advanced social experimentation in the upper echelons whilst at the same time maintaining a slow and steady drip of evolution to the masses. 793 more words


Mammoth Mammoth - Mammoth Bloody Mammoth

 Sometimes all a band needs to really grab someone’s attention is a small EP of a few tracks that are absolutely mammoth in stature. Short, catchy tracks can go a long way as they can get you going in a heart beat and carry you for the rest of the awesome track. 543 more words


#493 - Wilco, "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot"

It really didn’t take long for me to fall out of a rhythm there, did it? I mean, one lousy month into this thing and already I am behind. 1.265 more words



This week on the podcast Matt from SELF DESTRUCO RECORDS sent  a copy of San Francisco’s own FLEXX BRONCO VOLUME 3. So what do we do best…..of course… 47 more words

Fuck 'n Right

Music: Danko Jones - Code Of The Road (Rock)

Jones doesn’t go over the top with his music, and he doesn’t innovate much, but he sure knows how to get the best out of what he does produce. 47 more words

Music Videos

Asher's Jukebox Part 152

Disclaimer: This piece includes many satanic lyrics.

From The Pinnacle To The Pit by Ghost from the album “Meliora” 2015 (info about album from I first heard about this band about 3 months ago, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard before! 104 more words