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Days 0123 & 0124: Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body & Deerhunter - Twilight At Carbon Lake

Hey! Sorry for no blog yesterday – things have been manic. After work, I went straight to London to watch Swans which blew my mind…Six songs in 2 1/2 hours! 370 more words


Cracked: Roguelike [encrypted] Launching Next Weekend

If you want everything explained to you in a game, [official site] is probably not for you. Roguelikes have traditionally been a genre rife with curiosity and uncertainty, but that’s faded somewhat in modern roguelikes and roguelikelikes. 54 more words

Wot I Think: Loop

Previously released on, puzzle game Loop arrives on Steam today. I’ve been creating order from chaos, to tell you wot I think. 13 more words

Coastal Tones by Orphan Boy

The epicentre of pretty much all of music in England is London. Many artists/bands emigrate there in search of fame and fortune, but there are some who stick to their principles and continue to build a strong, home fanbase. 688 more words


My A-Z of Rock Music M

Right then M jeeze this really really is a hard one there are so many great bands out there beginning with M how do i narrow it down to just three well here goes. 68 more words


194. The Hold Steady, Separation Sunday (2005)

Who do we credit for creating The Hold Steady? Do we point, as many reviewers have, towards Bruce Springsteen, who juiced exciting, organ-spackled rock instrumentals with a series of small-town rock operas? 601 more words

Top 200 Of The 2000s