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People hate change

Thinking about a certain topic- taste in music, led me to think about how much people hate change. There are some types of people that just take in every kind of music, new and old alike, but they are pretty scarce. 552 more words

August 17th

…once a powerful explosive expression of earth’s creation, now a mountain lovers affair…

I Promise - Radiohead

Who knew there was a vault of 90’s Radiohead songs sounding like 90’s Radiohead songs which would be released 20 years later? 3 new studio tracks that could win back all those fans who couldn’t make the leap when OK Computer was left behind and the experimentation of Kid A stole ‘their band’ away from them? 432 more words

Rival Fire - War

Last year Rival Fire released their EP Riot, and they successfully hooked me in with just four tracks. I spent about a month listening to it (almost) exclusively. 529 more words

CD Reviews

Gatsby Would Have Loved this Jazz-Inspired Wallpaper: A Q&A with Michael Berman

Interior designer Michael Berman recently debuted his first wallpaper collection in collaboration with Fromental. The eight original patterns come in multiple colorways and are available through Fromental showrooms nationwide. 245 more words