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Is Joe the Biggest Faggot in the World?

In this piece, I put forward the idea that Joe is the biggest faggot in the world. He is really really gay, is he not?


A Short History of a Rock Star Favorite, the Aston Martin DB6

The year 1966 proved a standout vintage not just for Bordeaux but for automobiles and popular music. The British Invasion stormed the ramparts of adolescent imaginations, as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones vied for the top spot on the music charts. 279 more words


Black Sabbath to Release 'The Ten Year War' Box Set

On Sept 29, Black Sabbath’s new set, The Ten Year War will hit shelves containing their first 8 studio albums plus rarities. Here are the details for the set: “Box set cover art has been created by globally renowned street artist 194 more words


Gimme That Ice Cream Cake, Bitch!

We kick off this week’s podcast with more 90’s hip-hop talk (RIP Prodigy), which veers into a discussion about the instances when hip-hop intersected with rock/metal. 55 more words


Kizuru - Keep On Running (covering BroniKoni) | J-Rock

I’M STILL TRYING TO GET OVER HOW ADORABLE THIS IS. Back in 2014, a Russian Brony band called BroniKoni released a song called Keep On Running… 52 more words

Solo Post

(June 25, 2017): Brewer and Shipley - Eco-Catastrophe Blues

From the 1974 album, ST11261.  Hate to say it because I like this duo very much.  But, this is one of those LPs that you can appreciate why it is not better known — even with guests like Al Kooper, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, and Bill Perkins, and despite the fact the Manassas covered “Bound to Fall” two years before it was released by Brewer and Shipley. 7 more words


Imagine Dragons: Evolve

Listen to rock music by Imagine Dragons on their new (3rd) album Evolve.

New Album

Evolve (2017) – 11 songs, 39 min


Here are several videos from the new album. 53 more words