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Uluru, Ayers Rock

El Uluru, también llamado Ayers Rock, es una formación rocosa compuesta por arenisca que se encuentra en el centro de Australia.

Uluṟu es un lugar sagrado para los aborígenes australianos y desde 1987 es Patrimonio de la Humanidad. 9 more words


Growing Threats, Growing Attack Surface

It has been an interesting year of breaches, vulnerabilities, and scares. With the more recent ROCA vulnerability in Infineon’s TPM, a widely used module in the Smart Card industry, to the less-exploitable-but-still-serious… 622 more words


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Weekly Cyber Risk Roundup: DDoS Attacks Hit Sweden, Researchers Warn of ROCA

The Swedish Transportation Administration and other related agencies were among the week’s top trending cybercrime targets due to a series of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that led to services being disrupted earlier this month. 1.016 more words

Weekly Cyber Risk Roundup

more on Infineon TPM issue (ROCA)

A major flaw in a popular encryption library undermines security of millions of crypto keys

— PT Security (@PTsecurity_UK) October 20, 2017

ROCA: Vulnerable RSA generation (CVE-2017-15361)

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Hardware Flaw Undermines RSA Encryption Keys

This week in cybersecurity seems to only have one direction – down. After researchers found a massive flaw in the WPA2 WiFi protocol that made every WiFi connection susceptible to eavesdropping, another group of researchers discovered a new vulnerability undermining RSA encryption. 329 more words