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Jimmy, Super Kid (part twenty-three)

We stand and watch as he disappears down the street. Ricky looks like he might cry, “We need to call the police,” Ricky says so quietly I almost can’t hear him. 331 more words

Jimmy, Super Kid (part twenty two)

Ricky sits on the ground next to where his father’s car was parked with his back against a lamp pole. He pulls up his knees and holds his head in his hands looking down at he gray curb. 400 more words

"canto secondo tour 2016" now completely booked!

our plan is to play every night from september 28 to october 29 and make it a thirtytwo gig europe tour to bring folks music from our… 297 more words

Il Sogno Del Marinaio

133. Six Senses Of Color

TeenTop Fanartist’s event for TEENTOP 6TH ANNIVERSARY: Six Senses Of Color 

All arts were drawn in traditional style by watercolor.

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QR code and NFC

We’ve made few NFC tags which allow users go to our website easier.

However, some smartphones don’t have this function, so we also created QR code for them.


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