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TMGs vs Balcombe 18th September 2016 by Ricky Southon

Yes the match report…Balcombe  come fraggle rock! From the sublime to the Rickydickulous!!!

Anyway… Had a good start did those mighty Greys’s with the opening gambit of batting! 342 more words


Jimmy, Super Kid (part forty-six)

By the time my father makes it out the front door of our house we are both sitting in the front seat of the fifty-four Chevy waiting. 461 more words

Jimmy, Super Kid (part forty-five)

The sun isn’t up yet. The mountains to the East have an orange glow where the sun will soon be and there is too much light to see the stars. 172 more words

What is Lizzy Greene’s Snapchat?

With our Celebmix Snapchat Bible, you can easily find all of your favorite celebrities’ Snapchats! Read to find out Lizzy Greene’s username!

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Sarah Palin, the Victim of a Funny Typo!

The Lame-Stream Media has committed another Blood Libel on Sarah Palin.  This time it is the International Business Times that has victimized this helpless female celebrity.   160 more words

drunk on liberation

What’s shakin’, bongo players.

As I semi-anxiously await word on Atheist Tiki Hour and its Atheist Republic release, I have been entertaining myself on the internet. 403 more words

It's Tiki Time

Jimmy, Super Kid (part forty)

We fly above our town and pick out places from the air. The flat top roofs of the stores along Main Street are covered with strips of gray roofing, air conditioners and vents. 263 more words