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Jimmy, Super Kid (part thirty-two)

But Ricky did not call.

The sun is almost down, it should still be light enough to see for another hour but a cool breeze is blowing from the west. 257 more words

Jimmy, Super Kid (part thirty-one)

“Your dad does a lot of work here at home?” it’s pretty obvious he lives down here in the basement.

“He carries a load of papers and insects every evening and carries a pile out every morning. 500 more words

Jimmy, Super Kid (part thirty)

I sit in the chair and look around, not moving anything – just trying to understand what Ricky’s father was doing the last time he sat in this chair. 229 more words

I have a new name...

Don’t you just hate it when people get your name wrong and it gets to a point where you can’t correct them? Well, that’s happened and now I will have to accept my new name forever.  338 more words


JJOO Río 16 - Nigeria vs España

España gana su primera final, pero ¿dónde está mentalmente?

España ganó a base de agonía su primera final para llegar a cuartos. Sin embargo la mente colectiva e individual de este equipo está en terapia. 343 more words


David Warms Up: Day 22


RICKY, a bored 10-year-old, strolls down the aisles of the old library. The place is as empty of people as it is crowded with books. 347 more words


Jimmy, Super Kid (part twenty-six)

“Hey you Guys!” my father’s face appears upside down between two of the pier’s posts. “You under there?” he asks as his eyes adjust to the darkness under the pier. 368 more words