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Jimmy, Super Kid (part seventeen)

I pull on my tee shirt, my shorts with extra pockets, white socks with a red stripe near the top, and my older pair of tennis shoes; I’m ready for anything. 1.349 more words

How to view the withdrawn HAMPSTEADRESEARCH.COM SITE

1] To view the now withdrawn site, click on this link :

2] then, when this page shows:

“Oops! This link appears to be broken. 54 more words

A Note From the Author

Thank you.

Thank you for being the rock-star readers that you are and following the story this far. Zombies and horror stories have proven to be the genre that I love the most. 1.039 more words


Bomber Ricky apk mod v1.0

Traditional bomber game, you will move through the levels and place various bombs to blow up your opponents. Be careful and don’t get blown up by enemy bombs yourself! 28 more words


Daily Summary Day 15

For today, we’ve got more information about personal journey from Rene Dekker and Herman, and also the second part of design document from Rene Heijnen. We’ve also started to test how to connect the sensor with the application. 83 more words


20/05/2016 Feedback from Rene

We’ve got some feedback about personal journey for last two weeks from Rene as below:

  1. The personal journey will grade on induvial, and the assessment form has been changed.
  2. 55 more words

19/05/2016 Feedback from Martijn

Some feedback about the team work has been given by Martijn as below:

  1. Make definition of done, fun, and team rules for the team, to create a nicer atmosphere to the team.
  2. 40 more words