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Chester Marathon - 8th October 2017

Well this was the one we’d all been aiming towards and knew it would be a test. Some would be chasing PB’s and others making their debut’s over the 26 miles 385 yards.  2.012 more words

The Agony Of A Musical Wait: Ricky Adams

SAM NIC RIH. Am I the only music snob in the world, because I’ve been waiting on music from these artists for way too long. (FOLLOW ME) Rihanna, Jan 2016, Nicki Dec 2014, Sam June 2014, Ughh the agony of wondering where is my album. 269 more words






Is there anyone out there that still buys albums like go to the store, go to the electronic section and purchase an album anymore?  277 more words


Adams by Ricky RiRi Est.1996: Ricky Adams

Hello, I am Ricky Adams an Aspiring Journalist, Blogger, Fashion Designer, Music Critic all in one. I am a character if you would say (LOL) I’m somewhat of a Narcissist, but that’s only because I love and believe in myself and who I am. 96 more words


One week down!

School holidays are always either very exciting or very boring, depending on what we end up doing. I always try to plan every day, but in the recent holidays I’ve packed too much in and ended up either stressing too much or get nothing done because it is all too much. 470 more words

Ricky: at Home at Last

Ricky has had a while to get used to things, and he’s taken well to a few guys. Not so much with women, though I’ve no idea based on evidence why other than his remaining skittishness around Mom. 419 more words


Ricky: Getting Used to Eccles and Me

We had just gotten Ricky from an adoption center at a local PetSmart, a while after our loss of Rocky, our old Fluffy-Man, still with the hideous name of Villhelm. 392 more words