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Trailer Park Boys: What in the F@$K?

“Trailer Park Boys” is one of the dumbest comedy shows you will ever see, but it has a tremendous amount of heart and creativity when it places Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles in the most greasy situations possible. 854 more words


Soul Train Life of New Edition

the Last Truly  Great R&B/Pop  Vocal Group is featured on Soul Train.

Ralph,Bobby,RIcky,Mike,ROnnie and Johnny.  yeah a trip down memory lane

where this special shows back in the day and  various interview footage. 53 more words


Sona Sunday - Dec. 18, 2016

Someone on Furry Amino proposed #SonaSunday as an alternative for those who can’t do #FursuitFriday. It’s basically a way for furries to show off their fursonas in whatever way they choose, be it a small gallery of art of their sona, a story, a Q&A, or whatever they like. 740 more words


Ricky Watters Authentic Signed Card 1991 Upper Deck Rookie #9 PSA/DNA Slabbed

Ricky Watters Authentic Signed Card 1991 Upper Deck Rookie #9 PSA/DNA Slabbed
This RICKY WATTERS AUTHENTIC SIGNED CARD 1991 UPPER DECK ROOKIE #9 PSA/DNA SLABBED has been certified authentic. 25 more words

May 2006 - Jenny doesn't like me anymore

I’m not exactly sure the date of this story, but it happened when I was a teacher at Numazu NOVA, so May seems like as good a place as any. 638 more words

Teaching English

Ricky Gervais and Begging the Question

I have had a couple of unfortunate run-ins with begging the question lately, the most recent being a suggested video from YouTube featuring Ricky Gervais. 935 more words