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I Can Be A Writer

Christian business man Donald Moore recalls how he came to the realization he could be a writer, how he developed the craft of storytelling, and how his business and faith united leading to his first book… 7 more words

Teena Myers

The Mont Bouquet and pretty villages around

The Mont Bouquet: It culminates at 2064 feet at the Guidon du Bouquet. It’s summit is crowned by a chapel sheltering a virgin Mary statue. You can also see the firemen watch tower heavily used during droughts. 541 more words


SOFT Spotlight: Palm Greens Café

Location: Palm Springs, CA

Type: Restaurant

We are excited today to feature one of the highlights of our recent trip to Palm Springs. Palm Greens Café 271 more words

Fair Trade

Dinner Date

Melody and I had a lovely dinner at The Grit this weekend, my absolute favorite restaurant in town. Aside from the amazing vegetarian food which keeps me coming back over and over, The Grit has a really cozy atmosphere. 8 more words