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Review: Mesa Filipino Moderne

Ever since Mannang of Mann Hann closed it’s business, I have been looking for a new restaurant that could equal or even surpass the Filipino taste that I have been missing in Mannang. 592 more words


Houston- A Foodie's Dream Destination

Some travel destinations are great for active people who want to walk everywhere. Those types of people don’t mind walking an hour to get to some quaint little restaurant that is off the beaten path. 747 more words


Mary Thomas Kitchen at Robinsons Metro East

The Mary Thomas Kitchen. A small unassuming store at the top floor of Robinsons Metro East. With an old farmhouse vibe and a bright atmosphere, we were pleasantly surprised by the delicious food that was served up. 414 more words


Little Woman, Big Flavor at Charim

I had heard about Charim from a friend of mine when I first started the blog; she was so passionate about her experience there and could not say enough good about it, so of course I added it to my long list of restaurants to explore. 804 more words



I love food. While I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritiously on a regular, every so often a craving hits and since “whatever you fight, you strengthen, and whatever you resist persists”. 290 more words


Face made at diner on hour 14 of East coast drive

Dad is getting tired and finds this rather funny- lips were tricky at first. Food appeals to Peter more. Many breaks required…fading fast. Heading south to Florida on 95- Denny’s very easy.


Food We Love: Pho Bac - Vietnamese

I wouldn’t know what authentic Vietnamese food taste like because I haven’t been. But my friend Enzo, who frequents Vietnam in his travels, tells me that they cost less than P100 a meal and tastes fresh and clean and DELICIOUS. 253 more words