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Back to the bagel restaurant before the typhoon.

Decided to stop by the bagel cafe in Osaka and the Mexican restaurant in sannomoya before the typhoon came. Luckily, the typhoon passed without hitting us too hard.   40 more words


Edwin Test #1

Edwin went to Mala Sichuan Today

It was very good

Edwin likes Sohee

Sohee gave him a jam



It has been exactly a month since I’ve left Paris and sometimes it’s hard to explain what I went through in the kitchen. There were some pretty bad experiences in the first restaurant I worked in, but I learned what it really was like to work at a professional Michelin star restaurant at the second place I worked at. 395 more words


The best breakfast in Istanbul

I know this is a strong statement, but the breakfast was delicious, the service was impeccable and everything was very affordable!

To find that little gem, head to… 225 more words


Deviled eggs - Causwells

Smoked salmon, paprika, and mustard. $6.25
Causwells, San Francisco CA

I ordered this for delivery and it looked pretty unappetizing upon arrival. They also didn’t taste the freshest. 16 more words