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What will I do if I am not allowed time for Friday prayers at work?

Although I do not write on such issues, but an instance of one of my friends quitting a job for not allowing him to offer Friday prayers made me think about this. 339 more words


Incidentally You Have a Brain Tumor and Your Van Won't Start

I’m not whining, for the record, I’m recording. Those violins are entirely coincidental.

Ever have an experience that was so thoroughly insane that you wondered whether God-in-heaven had just… 934 more words

Personal Journey

The Kingdom of God Parables

I went back and forth on these parables, to cover them individually or as a whole. They are all similar in that they begin with the words, “The Kingdom of God is like…” and then offer a comparison to something familiar to the people. 1.007 more words


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Matthew 19:3-9 Jesus Discusses Divorce

Matthew 19:3-9

In this passage Jesus is asked if divorce is lawful. He explains that if a man divorces his wife for reasons other than… 1.381 more words


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Polite Company.”agree or disagree, it’s not wise to talk religion or politics with people you don’t really know.

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Random Communions on a Sunday

No, not the Catholic kind; but yes, THE catholic kind — meaning “world-wide, universal” and having jack to do with whoever sits on “Peter’s chair”.  And not bread and wine, but “the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.” 435 more words

Paganism & Rationalism

On the Homeric Gods

In our survey of antiquity, we have encountered gods, great and small, who command the affairs of human beings. For example, in the Egyptian pantheon, we have uncovered gods of both life and death, including Osiris Winnefer and Amun Re, or the judge of the netherworld and god of the sun. 1.185 more words