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What is faith?

Does having faith mean that you say, “I believe in Jesus Christ?”  Or does it mean that you live a life in a relationship with God your Father? 555 more words


The un-Christian right: part 2

In part 1 of this series, I showed that whatever your position on republican versus democratic policy, the unequivocal cheering support of the Christian right is inconsistent with scripture. 1.020 more words


Further thoughts on the movie "Jackie"

I thought Oliver Stone’s JFK would be the weirdest movie I ever saw about the Kennedy assassination, but Jackie has surpassed it.  I went to see it again, thinking I must have been mistaken in my first impression.   722 more words

My Opinion

Finding Nannies and Politics/Religion


Have you struggled finding the right sitter or nanny? Used or an equivalent site? We are lucky that we have one great part time nanny and a new part time nanny that I am still evaluating but I want to share my family’s experiences with the interview/hiring process. 61 more words


Rejecting Jesus

Jesus, who is God, understands rejection. Jesus was rejected while on earth to the point that people demanded that his life be ended. That is the ultimate rejection. 807 more words


Depart From Me, I Never Knew You

It is hard to believe that it has been almost nine years since I posted the video below on YouTube. Of course, some of the images in the video make it look like it is 20 years old. 27 more words


Word Salad; of 24 February 2017. DEADBEAT "MOMs and DEAD BEAT "DADs" UPSET ? 2018 - New Maine Governor's to imprisonment Jail women ?

A number of dead beat “MOMS” (*Higher total than Men) and DADS” (*Less total than women.) are concerned about Federal and State Aid being given to new immigrants; as, they attempt to repay their Financial Deadbeat Labels; off. 195 more words