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Skeletons In My Closet

I had nightmares as a child. Some of them still torment me.

When I started to wake up, at around ten years old,  and see the ‘skeletons in my closet’, hanging there? 239 more words

Dear Diary

Bookends: How Beavers shaped the Geography and History of North America

Bookends: How Beavers shaped the Geography and History of North America

By Dan Davidson

July 13, 2016

– 761 words –


Once They Were Hats: 739 more words


Food for thought #1

So how do we bring religion out to the world?

“A photo that speaks a thousand words. As we straighten our lines, let us also straighten our lives. 49 more words


Are the end times a scary topic for church leaders?

Author & minister Diane Hoffmann says she has noticed something about a lot of churches. A large number of church leaders avoid discussing the end times… 238 more words


Flash Fiction #123

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson


It finally happened! Earth had been visited.  The worst upset were the religious, who now had proof that Mankind was not alone, and possibly not God’s favorite. 84 more words


Heavy Snow

 A couple of weeks ago the country heard alarming news: ‘The snow is on its way!’ Apocalyptic visions, whipped up by the mainstream media triggered a great panic, despite the fact that snow in January should by no means be considered an anomaly. 357 more words

Diocese Of Gloucester

Inauguration Day - Not My President?

There will be protests today, as Donald Trump is sworn in as President of the United States. I understand that. It was a polarizing campaign and people still haven’t accepted the results emotionally. 630 more words