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My family and I are very religious.  We believe in the religion of Buddhism.  Buddhism is the teaching of how to end suffering of all beings through enlightenment and to stop the endless cycle of birth and death.   102 more words


The Trinity of Scarecrows

I know I haven’t posted in a few weeks; part of that is due to college, but it’s also partially due to talking with friends about Catholicism face-to-face. 1.113 more words


JPost on the frontline: Iraqi army retakes Christian towns as Mosul battle rages

GWER, Iraq – As Kurdish forces moved to push Islamic State from the town of Bashiqa to the northeast, the Iraqi army is slowly tightening its grip on Mosul’s southern and eastern flank. 1.228 more words

Daily News

The Invisible Hand: A Doxology

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Leader: All deities have prices,

And demand sacrifices

so in Market We Trust

All: It will reveal Joy to us, 33 more words


Getting to Know My Muslim Neighbors

While driving today, I passed a banner outside a Muslim mosque promoting an “Open House” later in the day. As a graduate student in counseling with courses in Diversity and Religious Perspectives as part of my program, I decided to visit to learn more about Islam directly from the source, especially amid the current national environment of fear, misinformation, rhetoric and propaganda about the religion based on the 1,400-year-old Qur’an. 751 more words

The Bookworm Beat 10/23/16 - the culture war edition and open thread - Bookworm Room

Please understand that what happened to Street Cakes wasn’t about lesbians getting their wedding cake. If those lesbians wanted a cake in Oregon, they could have enriched God-alone-knows how many different bakeries.

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La Rambla

La Rambla

The angel’s name is Montevideo. She cares little about money turning tricks on the shore-rocks below the Rambla just out of sight of the hungry street lights, or in the shoddy alley with the breeze of nostalgia and manic euphoria, just mad enough. 537 more words