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New Spiritual Journey

I never used to understand that Bible verse about ‘work out your own salvation with fear and trembling’, Phil 2:12.  But in the past few years I have been realizing it is a very real search/journey.   2.136 more words


Palm Sunday 2015 - Hosanna!

May the Lord bless your Palm Sunday and Holy Week.

Hosanna, loud hosanna,
The little children sang;
Through pillared court and temple
The lovely anthem rang.

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The Value of What I Do

Reflecting on the value of what I do. That here may be a chosen life, withal the deep melody of song. Yet have I realized that a poet’s purpose gets lost in the dusky sunset of time, only, perhaps, to be harvested again in the onset of the fall. 153 more words


The Gift of Life

A type of subtle day-blue spiritual hue to every one of these poems; an attempt at a sort of sweet psalmic holiness that is like asking the reader to believe in the ways of living and of life… 177 more words


Religion Meets Politics; Body Meets Soul: Capitalism is the Past; Buddhism is the Future...

Huh? What? Is this guy illiterate? Why is he comparing apples and oranges while alluding to bananas under the influence of ananas (pineapples), knowing all the while that the only fruit that can cure his disease are cherries and sometimes cranberries? 596 more words


At Play Before the Creator

A diminutive caterpillar after much creeping across the dusty ground, has in time accomplished its own mileage, and will from thence spin itself into its own cocoon, from which and also with time, it shall emerge as a brilliant butterfly. 273 more words


Palm Sunday

Holy week begins today. I guess now is the time for me to rethink my path and attempt to get God in my life after soooooo many years. 19 more words

My Crazy/Beautiful Life