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Sacred Hearts

‘Those things ‘ll kill ya.’

I suck back at the bitter smoke. ‘You know what’ll kill me faster? Feelings.’

He tuts, shakes his head as we watch the sky go salmon pink. 479 more words


Another case was lodged against Syed Raza Abbas, Mrs. Syeda Yasmin Raza, Syeda Anjuman Ara and Syed Asad Mustafa and now they are restricted to interfere in my Mutwalli-ship.

Another case was lodged against Syed Raza Abbas Bokhari, Mrs Syeda Yasmin Raza, Syeda Anjuman Ara and Syed Asad Mustafa, in the Lahore Court to stop using the names as Mutwalli,  Mutwalliya / Mutazim or Muntazima in future as well as restricted to interfere performing my duties as  Mutwalliship of this Imambara and for the adjacent waqaf plot as welll as the donated room of Mrs Yasmin Raza of this Imambara. 163 more words

Lahore Imambargah

Hillary Sure Loves Beaming the Pearly Whites when She's Proven Wrong. But that's OK, this is News for the Blind. Share and Like this Video!

Hillary burned on: NAFTA, TPP, business savvy, the African American youth, the photo of Obama in African robes, and the birther movement.  But Clinton adherents will ignore the evidence.  Cue the automated laugh track!


Pakistani lawmakers adopt landmark Hindu marriage bill

Pakistan’s Parliament finally passed the much-delayed bill to enable the Hindu citizens of the Country to register their marriages.It was a bill which was supposed to be passed decades before,however, unfortunately, the legislative body took consideration of this bill just now. 405 more words


Authority, Religion, Guru and the Timeless

Acharya Prashant: Authority is definitely dangerous when the person becomes the authority.

Authority is not only dangerous, it is blasphemous because first of all, you are trying to do something that you are not entitled to do. 1.164 more words


Rural England

England is a compact country of cities, towns, villages, and rural areas that often come up right against each other – little “middle ground” between them. 390 more words


Reality Dreams - My Sixties Surreal book - Chapter 15 - becoming very surreal and controversial. Shock!!

Jumping ahead a bit. This is where it starts becoming surreal and controversial. No holds barred. I was twenty when I wrote this. My mind was raging. 1.174 more words