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Journey Through Lent - Claiming My Reconciliation

As I write this, we are on the cusp of the fourth week of lent. My original aspiration of doing a daily blog has gone amiss. 693 more words

The imperfect righteous

What if Christianity was a ticket to heaven?
And every baptized soul were angels on earth,
Then religion would be sanctified,
But,church walls are not painted with salvation… 120 more words


Meat shops, Kebabs and a massacre

Some thoughts on March 23. // A paean to Indian Secularism.

On 23 March, 2003, 24 people were lined up and shot, somewhere in India. The victims included 11 men, 11 women and 2 children, including a 2 year old child. 1.046 more words


A Book for All Seasons

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis is, after the Bible, perhaps the best-known work of Christian spirituality, and one that I continually return to, not only in the penitential season of Lent but all year long. 345 more words


Shut Up & Think: Prayer as Peace and Prayer as a Gimmick

Three days ago, the centre of my wonderful home city, London, became the scene of a terrorist attack in which four innocent people were murdered and many more were injured. 2.011 more words

Birth & Death & The Bit In Between

Preparing for Death and what lies Beyond

Superstition and religion have historically been utilized to explain misery and suffering and the seemingly random acts of a cruel fate which often results in untimely death for so many human beings, but experience and adversity have always proved to be powerful teachers. 926 more words

Spiritual Transformation