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ToS: Becoming a Beautiful Rose

Hey Everyone, this is Maurice A. Nigma and I would like to say that I’ve kept my promise and put up my unusual ToS pairing.  It’s Lloyd and Presea.   3.707 more words

Lloyd Irving

The Waveform Transmitter Heavy Rotators: Vol 11

Techno is the order of the day as The Waveform Transmitter’s Rob Draper drops in with the latest edition in his playlist series. 196 more words

Electric Rescue

Puding Lapis Regal

Puding Lapis Regal

Makanan penutup yang sehat dan bergizi ini, sangat cocok untuk anak-anak dan orang dewasa. Terbuat dari regal, susu, gula, agar-agar, telur, dan coklat. 28 more words


Sweet Peach 🍑 Tutorial 

Hello my lovelies! As promised here is a tutorial on the look I created with Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Palette. This has been added to my darling daughter’s ever growing makeup collection (I’m a bad influence) and since I don’t have it I thought I’d give it a go. 164 more words


New Buick Looks...Good?

Buick has released details on the upcoming 2018 Buick Regal Tour X, one of two Regal models that will replace the current lame-o sedan (except in GS form.) 114 more words

"Regal"- iconic heart of oldies.

 “Regal”- iconic heart of oldies.
How time goes on, even every old thing is getting change Everyday by an old memories remains unsaid, but souvenir of an old time of life, 392 more words


End of an era

The curtains will come down on Regal tonight. It’s hard to explain why I’m getting nostalgic about a decrepit, old theater. But I am.

Perhaps it has to do with my fondness for everything related to Delhi of the olden days, before I was born, when Connaught Place used to be the throbbing, lively heart of New Delhi. 395 more words