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This Snowy Owl perched on a building adjacent to my work site. It intently watched as three of us slowly edged closer for a better look. 22 more words


March 19 Update

10″ Kimberly Queen Fern

6.5″ Begonia

6.5″ Kalanchoe

6.5″ Begonia

10″ HB Geranium

10″ HB Geranium

10″ HB Geranium

8″ Pink Hydrangea

8″ Blue Hydrangea… 24 more words

Weekly Update

Indo Western Lehenga ft. Asopalav

Welcome back Fashionistas!! How have you been?? February month was really long and busy for us (so ironic the shortest month had been so long!! haha) therefore we could only put up one post. 414 more words


Buick Regal TourX shows off the secret cool of station wagons


The station wagon is the vinyl record of the car industry. Rare, purist, and extremely cool when you find one, which means they are primed for a comeback. 994 more words


unfucking thyself 101.71




Homai to Aroha



Whenever I see a tree this size and shape and age, I always wonder what kinds of things it’s seen in it’s lifetime. 149 more words


Let’s Go Hiking!

The weather was perfect on Friday so Moby decided to go on a nice hike before the rain comes.

Cineworld COO Matt Eyre Poised To Lead U.S. Ops Post Acquisition Of Regal Cinemas

EXCLUSIVE: This is all very early, but industry sources are telling us that Cineworld COO Matt Eyre is moving across the pond to oversee U.S. operations following the theater chain’s $3.6B takeover of Regal Entertainment Group. 303 more words

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