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Regal Cinemas Prize

Hiyas fabulous people, so it’s Friday and I’m still trying to do these Discussion Fridays. So once again this isn’t exactly fashion related but I thought I’d still share for today. 210 more words


My Emblem of Empowerment ...

On my early morning walks by the river … I have passed by this magnificent Thistle a hundred times … at each glance I am inspired by her striking stance … she reminds me of an EMPOWERED WOMAN … standing tall, regal, and strong … her delicate purple flower is her crowning glory … attracting life-sustaining bees … encouraging them to carry out their vital work … her robust stem is boldly covered in sharp pointy thorns … her shield … protecting her and her community from adversity … although she grows skyward … she is firmly grounded with her persevering grip of the land that nourishes her roots … she is considered as a weed … wild and unwanted … in spite of efforts of alienating her body and soul … she continues to flourish … yes my noble Thistle … you are my emblem of empowerment.

~ Judit e. Szabo


Knapweed the Greater

I have a bolthole on the beach
and you’ll often find me there
Gazing at the open sea
oft with a pensive stare

There are flowers on the shingle… 41 more words


Mercy Aigbe Is Regal On The Cover Of EM Magazine

The stylish actress is the cover star of Exquisite Magazine


Blue Jasmine

Have you ever used a bathroom for the disabled? I have a shit load of times and never felt bad about it. The handicapped stalls have their advantages. 1.002 more words

Vehicle Headlight: Buick Regal

Last week, there were rumors swirling around about Buick bringing a wagon version of their midsize sedan, the Regal, stateside in the near future.  As much as I love wagons, I wonder how solid of a business case this is because the Regal isn’t exactly a hot commodity now in sedan form.   255 more words