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Today, 24th May 2016, one car sales session was organised in Northeast Guernsey City (Liberty City), at the little parking lot of NOEAGU Hotel.

Eight vehicles were sold: two Jugular (one beige and one silver with cherry-brown interior), one pink Counthash, one violet Bug, one blue-tourqoise Challenger, one blue Mundano, one yellow Portsmouth Taxi and one grey Regal. 490 more words


iPic Conspiracy Claim Against AMC & Regal Will Go To Trial In Clearances Case

Upscale theater chain iPic’s conspiracy claims that AMC Entertainment and Regal Entertainment have been working together to kill new competition in certain markets is being allowed to proceed to trial after a ruling by Judge Wesley Ward in the 234th District Court in Harris County, Texas on Friday. 472 more words

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This was taken from the South African embassy freedom celebration in Copenhagen


Angel nobody know where me and Pooty came from I will tell you about it!!!

You know dearest daughter nobody knows where Pooty and me came from; like I was saying best guess was some underground intercosmic baby trade, pooty parents are aokey with me just shopping in the market for a baby have the adoption papers much like Mike Stass ( 196 more words

2nd 22nd Century