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Computing Forever takes on the EU(starting with Richard Dawkins)2/2

2:50 “It is not difficult to do some basic research[]”(Computing Forever)
Sometimes it works to look at the sources someone uses for his arguments. 1.281 more words


I hope this isn’t it (the summer that is)

My breathing just got worse and worse after leaving hospital at the beginning of May – all the way through the referendum and through the anger and stress of the other side. 1.473 more words

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Notes on the Crisis of Imperialism: Brexit [i]

This is the 1st 1/2 of a speech on the recent referendum on Britain’s membership to the European Union (EU). It deals with the the run up to the referendum, alongside the fundamental characteristics of British Imperialism & European Imperialism. 2.422 more words


Thai campaigning rules: Two 8-year-olds charged


BANGKOK • Two eight-year-old girls in Thailand have been charged for violating campaigning rules ahead of a contentious referendum next month. They had torn voter lists off a wall because they liked the pink paper the lists were printed on, the police said. 223 more words

Current Affairs


What remains
For us here
When all seems quite undone?
Who to blame
When we fear
The worst is still to come?
Where to place… 21 more words


Electoral reform: Asking the right questions

Canada’s current, low-key debate about whether to change the federal voting system (and if so, how) is way less dramatic than the political power plays in the UK, Australia’s coping with a near-tie in their new Parliament, and the insane US election. 714 more words


Blue Blog #29: The Age of the Internet Blind Spot

Generally speaking, the various news outlets and web pages that I follow have a similar, right leaning disposition. Not all of them do, there are also some centrist ones, I like the BBC for its factual reporting and high standards for example. 600 more words