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The one-sidedness of Facebook: How Facebook is to blame for the widespread horror over Brexit

In the week after the UK voted to leave the EU, there were thousands, mostly young people, who protested outside Parliament at their outrage towards the decision. 683 more words

Why I hope Owen Smith is never put in charge of anything.

In this article today, Owen Smith forwards the notion that in order to avoid writing the Tories a blank cheque on Brexit, that as Labour Leader he would do everything in his power to block Theresa May triggering Article 50 unless a General Election was called or the deal on offer was put to the British voter via another referendum. 763 more words

Owen Smith

A Never to be finished and unedited post-brexit brainspill (written 28/6)

To describe oneself as being of the political left or right is something one often does very casually and I think often without a clear sense of exactly what it means.  1.105 more words


Brexit 2?

In his latest attempt to win the battle for the Labour leadership, Owen Smith has just lost the war. By committing to hold a second Brexit referendum before triggering Article 50, Smith is making a play for the support of still-simmering Remainers. 246 more words

Silver Lining: Nexit May Spell End to Anti-Russian Sanctions

The possible holding of a Brexit-like referendum in the Netherlands may contribute to scrapping anti-Russian sanctions, Tom van Grieken, chairman of the Flemish far-right party Vlaams Belang. 521 more words

BREXIT- What happened so far

To people who looked forward to reading my stuff, “I am back”. Academics and other such things make up my invalid alibi for not having written for such a long time. 835 more words


Vote at 16 Referendum Ireland

In 2013 the Irish government stated that they are to hold a referendum to decide whether or not the electorate want to lower the voting age from 18 to 16. 356 more words