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An outcast? you and me both, Mr Lammy

David Lammy wrote constructively and movingly in ‘The New European’ about the total failure of the Labour Party to take on board the concerns of the 48% about how the national interest is best served after David Cameron’s ludicrous referendum which has torn the country in two. 731 more words


Ground hog day Scottish-style – CommonSpace’s ‘independence’ convention

Did you notice this?  Between 600+ and 800  ‘activists’ (the claimed number varies) gathered yesterday at Glasgow’s up-market Radisson Blu hotel to discuss preparing for a second separation referendum. 722 more words

Heuristics in political voting.

Heuristics in political voting.

On the way to vote in the general election John and Sarah were discussing which candidate and political party they were going to vote for. 1.311 more words

Vreemde gerechtelijke stappen van Thierry Baudet @volkskrant #staatsrecht @peter_plasman @PeterPlasman

Was ‘getreuzel’ na referendum onwettig? (Bart Dirks, Ten eerste/de Volkskrant, 14 januari)

Het kabinet had veel eerder met een besluit moeten komen na het Oekraïne-referendum, vindt Thierry Baudet van het Forum voor Democratie. 1.159 more words


Lavoro: "Eppure il vento soffia ancora"

La Consulta ha bocciato uno dei tre referendum proposti dalla CGIL inerenti tre temi fondamentali in materia di diritto del lavoro: il referendum per il ripristino dell’art.18 della Legge 300/70 (Statuto dei lavoratori) nelle aziende dai 5 dipendenti in su (migliorativo rispetto alla vecchia soglia dei 15) dopo un acceso dibattito nella stessa Corte non è stato ammesso per “troppi elementi propositivi in contrasto con le disposizioni costituzionali sul referendum di carattere abrogativo”, mentre gli altri due referendum, uno sulla dibattuta materia dei voucher e l’altro, ritenuto meno importante ma invece e forse il più importante di tutti, quello del vincolo e della responsabilità solidale negli appalti e nei subappalti di lavoro. 363 more words

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Day 12 - A long rainy walk

I was trying to keep this blog politics-free, but today I’ll make an exception. I’m an EU citizen living in the UK, and since the Referendum 6-and-a-half months ago, I have been in a perpetual state of anxiety and frustration. 83 more words

The Order Doesn't Have To Come From Viktor

It is a stupid question to ask whether an order came from the top in an autocracy. The point is – it doesn’t have to. 787 more words