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UMR flag poll - August 2015

UMR did a poll of the final forty flag designs. This suggests that the Flag Panel are folowing public opinion with their final four choices. 95 more words


My Petition To Live Well & My Petition For Adjustment

MIT claims that a living wage in New Jersey would result in an hourly wage of $12.51. I’ve started a brand new petition that aims to make New Jersey lawmakers reevaluate its minimum wage policy, and truly tie it to the cost of living. 131 more words


Poland's referendum and election: The big issues no one's talking about

By Daniel Tilles and Stanley Bill

Over the next two months, Poland will have one (and possibly two) national referendums and is likely to see a change of government. 2.029 more words

Choosing the referendum question

The Government has agreed to the recommendation of the Electoral Commission that the question in the referendum on membership of the EU should be between ‘to remain a member’ or ‘leave’ the EU.  392 more words

Renegotiation and rebellion

As silly season draws to a close and the resitting of Parliament looms, lobby hacks returning to their desks from their summer breaks seek to set the political agenda for the coming months. 509 more words


Is Scottish independence inevitable?

Being out of the country for scarcely more than a couple of days I missed the publication of the Ipsos-Mori poll for STV which concluded that 53% (of respondents and with a margin of error of 3%) would vote ‘Yes’ if there were another independence referendum. 767 more words

Did Alex Salmond lie?

Let’s be honest, no-one involved with the referendum campaign of 2013/14 could be under any illusion that we had presented a cohesive, positive and valid case for a yes vote and the delivery of independence.  955 more words