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EU: Less of two Evils?

I used to be more anti-Europe than I am now. Don’t get me wrong, I am still anti-Europe, okay that sounds like a complete conflicting statement but it’s not meant to be. 815 more words


Looking Forward to Brexit? Welcome to Minsk…

In early September 2003 the Estonian Kanal 2 TV channel aired a program to explain a few details about the upcoming referendum on that country’s membership of the EU. 1.111 more words

Monarch of the Gen

In another long list of ill-informed ‘facts’ about Millennials, today’s edition of The Weekend Australian leads the front page with an article declaring that Gen Y would rather bow to the queen than a republic, or something like that (I would link to the article but it’s beyond their paywall because, you know, their rock-hard research is so valuable). 512 more words


EU Referendum - June 2016?

UKIP leadership think Cameron may call a snap referendum in June!!

I imagine it may be because the President of the EU said today that whatever Cameron thinks he has in concessions, they can easily be reversed. 9 more words

The UK

MASSOB tell Buhari make dem count Biafrans for Igboland o! - naija pikin

The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), yesterday, asked the Federal Government to quickly conduct a referendum in the south-east geopolitical zone as a precursor to secession or face the total shutdown of socio-economic activities in the region and beyond . 114 more words


PiS skrytykowało inicjatywę klubu Kukiz ’15 w sprawie referendum!

Ruch Kukiz ’15 wyszedł z inicjatywą zebrania podpisów pod wnioskiem o referendum w sprawie przyjmowania uchodźców. Sama zbiórka podpisów okazała się strzałem w “10” i do inicjatywy tej przyłączają się dziesiątki tysięcy ludzi. 242 more words

Cameron's European reforms are challenged from all sides

David Cameron took his reform proposals, published by European Council President Donald Tusk on Tuesday, to the House of Commons yesterday, in an attempt to win MPs to his cause. 1.539 more words