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Referendums and democracy, Greece and West Chester

Democracy – politics – oligarchy – … We wouldn’t have those words without the Greeks of over 2000 years ago. The Greeks have been at this governing business for a long time, though the rest of Europe now wants to tell them what to do. 903 more words

West Chester

The ‘IN’ Crowd

As the camps begin to cabal, the European Referendum is beginning to heat up. The much loved Alan Johnson has declared his position as head of Labour’s ‘IN’ campaign, whilst Farage has declared himself the bastion of the ‘OUT’ campaign. 588 more words

How many times can you break a promise? The SNP in action

‘No politician has the right to stand in the way’ of another independence referendum – Nicola Sturgeon, Hong Kong 31 July 2015

That bloody second referendum won’t go away. 899 more words

Referendum: il futuro incerto dell'euro e dell'Unione Europea

Nemmeno un mese fa, il governo greco di Alexis Tsipras annunciava in pompa magna l’indizione di un referendum sulle misure di austerità proposte dall’Unione Europea. Eppure, sembra che sia passata una proverbiale eternità. 919 more words

Unione Europea


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David Cameron promised it during his campaign: in case of victory, he would start negotiating with the EU better conditions to stay in the Union. 1.045 more words


EU debate: In, out, or shake it all about?

Adam DC puts forward a radical abstentionist point of view in the debate about what position socialists should take about the upcoming referendum on Britain’s membership to the EU… 1.992 more words


Tsipras proposes holding a referendum for its party members

SYRIZA Central Committee’s conference at Cine Ceramikos started with an opening speech by Aleksis Tsipras, where he asked the Committee to decide on holding a conference later in September in order for its members to decide whether they agree or not with the actions of the government. 253 more words

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