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Why Christina Is Very Different Than The Other Wilmington School Districts: Special Education

I heard a lot of comments in the past 24 hours about Christina School District’s bloated administrative costs and their higher cost per pupil.  While that may be true, did anyone bother to check why that is true?  422 more words

Special Education

Question Time: 28/5/15

Question Time was in Aberdeen and the first question was about the SNP’s role at Westminster. John Nicolson argued that as the third largest party, the SNP should sit where the third party traditionally sit and that Labour were making an unnecessary fuss over it; Nicolson said that he believes most people are more interested in what is being said as opposed to where people are sitting. 472 more words


Quote from the Premier: on continuing to build transit

From the Vancouver Sun:

Clark, who voted Yes, said while it was important to ask people what they thought about the funding source, she added that: “We will find a way to make sure we continue to build transit in the province.”

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EU referendum votes solely for those of the Commonwealth a sign of the right's yearning for the days of Empire

Britain is no longer great, and the kingdom barely united

THE sun will never set on the British Empire, or at least that’s what imperial Britain thought of her vast expanse of dominions, now a distant, faded memory of power lost. 703 more words

Calum Woodger

Louth County Council’s Authorised Field Officers to visit homes to compile updated last of voters

Louth County Council’s Authorised Field Officers will shortly be commencing calling at each residence in the county to ascertain the number of occupants in each house over the age of 18 who are entitled to vote. 117 more words

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Business said YES! to marriage equality - but will the circle be widened?

Ireland has voted overwhelmingly to extend civil marriage to same-sex couples. In doing so, it became the first country in the world to pave the way for the introduction of marriage equality by way of a public referendum. 1.018 more words

PRESS RELEASE: Ten Years Later Youth Takes Back the European Debate #10yearslater

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PERSBERICHT: Tien jaar na dato eisen jongeren alsnog hun plek op in het debat over Europa #10yearslater… 1.192 more words

Press Release