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Still undecided on EU Referendum?

I suspect like me you’re sick and tired of people using their status to try and persuade you to stay in or leave the EU….I don’t CARE which way some actor is going to vote….or that the referendum is tearing the Tory party apart (though I do take some delight in watching it happen)… 3.309 more words

What are the financial and economic numbers behind the issue of Brexit?

I have regularly been asked for a breakdown of the finance and economics around the concept of the UK leaving the European Union. Perhaps the easiest part is to say that it is the European Union as some have been saying Europe which of course will remain about 22 miles from Dover in Kent whatever happens! 1.539 more words

General Economics

Leave... probably

Despite my best instincts I’m thinking of voting leave for the upcoming EU referendum. Those who know me might be a bit surprised. After all I’m a left leaning British Indian and aligning myself with Farage and Gove seems a bit odious. 678 more words


Migrant - In or Out?

In the run up to the UK referendum on EU membership, much comment has been made on the role of the British media in reporting on it, accusations of bias, of scaremongering and concerns about the vested interest of the owners of British media outlets in the outcome of the referendum. 1.037 more words


Why I'm Voting To Remain In The EU And You Should Too!

Every now and then one of your friends does something bloody amazing that reminds you of why you picked out that person and decided that you wanted to keep them around – George Bevan did that a few days ago when he wrote the most glorious facebook status that has ever made it’s way to my timeline about all the reasons that I’ve not quite managed to put into words myself yet about why we should most definitely be voting to STAY in the EU. 2.097 more words



You have until 7th June to register to vote in the EU referendum. Now the countdown is really underway. Yes, its 26 May. Where did the first 5 months of the year go? 412 more words


Leave.EU on Hook for £500,000 Brexit Gig

Leave.EU’s Brexit music fest BPop Live has suffered a spate of pullouts from its star-studded line-up after the Mirror/Buzzfeed fun police called up the talent and told them it was a political event.  73 more words

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