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Of course, there are many platforms from which one can argue for or against BRexit: economy, solidarity, self-determination, global citizenship, money, peace, environment, to name a few. 154 more words


Putting the Bullet Back in the Chamber -Could Parliament Exit from Brexit?

The Wightman judgment from the Court of Justice of the European Union holding that a Member State may unilaterally revoke its notified intention to withdraw from the EU prior to that withdrawal taking effect has largely fallen foul of a Brexit news cycle in which each new twist and turn supersedes the last. 1.492 more words

Deciding Brexit: Theresa sees the constitutional threat

RTE reported a warning from the UK’s PM, Theresa May. She put it that every MP raising the issue of another Brexit referendum “needs to consider very carefully the impact that it would have”. 272 more words

Brexit and Aviation 51

On Friday last, we sat on the ground in Duesseldorf.  Having boarded BA945 ahead of time, we sat waiting for the instruction to go.  We sat on the ground for an hour given the high winds that battered London Heathrow.  438 more words


Was the 2016 referendum really ‘the biggest democratic exercise in this country’s history’?

On 15th November 2018 in Parliament the Prime Minister said that in the 2016 referendum ‘the British people exercised their vote in numbers we have never seen before’. 620 more words


The vote on the EU Withdrawal Agreement - Open Letter to John Mann

This morning, I have sent this letter to John Mann as my MP.  I await a response.  I hope other also write to John Mann ( and let him know what you think. 515 more words

Brexit Gameshow

OK so this week I have had a bit of an opportunity to play on Twitter. I found the interactions quite telling and it further confirms a slightly depressing view that we nearly always respond and make decisions emotionally in a subconscious fashion. 989 more words