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Brexit's Impact on British Fashion

Paris Fashion Week officially starts tomorrow; the last fashion week of the season, but before that here is an article I wrote about London Fashion Week, which ended last week. 582 more words


Ko o čemu, Đukanović o „tekovinama“ nezavisnosti

Predsjednik DPS Milo Đukanović,  u nedostatku rezultata na ekonomskom ali i ostalim planovima, ponovo je uoči izbora aktivirao priču o ugroženosti „tekovina“ referendum o nezavisnosti. 190 more words


The Alan Moore Jerusalem interview tapes, #1: Brexit, democracy and Stewart Lee

I recently spent six hours with Alan Moore. I wrote this feature about it. But the total interview transcript ran to 30,000 words. So, on my blog, in daily instalments, I’m going to be posting the edited highlights – as far as possible, all in Moore’s own words. 808 more words

Blog update

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that, this note apart, the HelpGov blog hasn’t been updated since July 2015. The reasons are set out, obscurely, on the About page. 197 more words


Diario referendiario – 23.9

Ad una conferenza in questa bella sala ad anfiteatro coi banchi tutti in legno nero…., a parlare un professore universitario esperto di mondo arabo, l… 351 more words

The Republic Srpska Referendum and the Bleak Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina

20 years after the end of the war in 1995, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is still marred by lack of political progress and stuck in the situation of stabile unresolvedness. 1.337 more words


Brexit 3 months on: What's changed?

Today marks three months since Britain’s contentious, pointless and altogether divisive Brexit referendum. The latest news on the subject seems to imply an acceleration of ongoing UK/EU talks, which would make a change from 3 months of stalemate since June. 604 more words