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Growing Tension

Tension was something Mosul didn’t lack. It wasn’t lacking in the entire country either. But there’s something about war that makes some overstate how crazy they had it. 322 more words

Transit: "Surrey should go first"

Yup, that’s what I said at a Surrey Board of Trade Forum last week.  Here’s the coverage from Novae Res Urbis:

SURREY ‘SHOULD GO FIRST’ 574 more words


Vooruit met dat referendum, al was het alleen om koudwatervrees te overwinnen #trouw #representatievedemocratie #denhaag

Toe maar, vooruit met dat referendum (Joop van Holsteyn, opinie/Trouw, 5 oktober)

De koudwatervrees voor het referendum zit diep, aldus Joop van Holsteyn, maar het is helemaal geen aantasting van de democratie zoals we die in Nederland kennen. 654 more words

Den Haag

The View from Catalonia: The Ins and Outs of the Independence Movement

By Carles Boix and J.C. Major

Over the past few years, the number of Catalans who wish for independence from Spain has skyrocketed. Until the early 2000s, a steady 10–15 percent supported independence; now, according to recent opinion polls, that percentage is closer to 50 (with 30 percent opposing and the rest either abstaining or offering no opinion). 1.258 more words


A Great Day

A few images from Dublin Castle on the day of the Marriage Referendum back in May.


If we stop giving £19bn to EU we can pay for 200 hospitals ~ and a whole lot more!

SOUTH-East England MEP Daniel Hannan says EU membership leaves United Kingdom shackled to a stagnant economic corpse.Link



To #Ukip Eurosceptics - A Message, A Question ...

We have always fought UKIP on their Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny, Islamophobia, etc, etc.

A trickier subject to fight on is the central Ukip aim of… 563 more words