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Scotland, separatism and Brexit

Having had personal experience of the referendums held in Québec we feel it is time for us to comment on the question of Scotland separating from the United Kingdom. 671 more words


After Handel Win, Jubilant Trump Tells Dems To Join GOP

After the much publicized Georgia election and the Handel win, President Donald Trump told the Democrats to join the Republicans on health care, tax cuts and security matters. 391 more words

Donald Trump

Brexit Interview 1: 17. June 2017

A snippet from an interview I did a few days ago as part of my “We’re Out!” project with friends who are leaving the UK after a long time here. 26 more words

We're Out

When will they ever learn?

I am getting a bit worried about where the Indy campaign is going.  Perhaps it’s just post-holiday blues.  I know I should be grateful for getting away at all, but it’s been no fun coming back to the election aftermath, to Brexit and, worst of all, to Grenfell, possibly the worst man-made land disaster in the UK in my lifetime since Aberfan. 1.471 more words

On hateful language in politics, and some ideas about reforming a system. 

Prior to taking Politics for my A-levels, I was warned that it would make me a cynic; whilst I’d describe myself as being sceptical, I’m not really apathetic. 534 more words


Nnamdi Kanu: Except There is Referendum, There Won’t Be Election in Anambra

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has warned that elections will be boycotted in the South East states starting with the Anambra State gubernatorial elections scheduled for November 18 if the Federal Government fails to hold referendum for the realisation of the state of Biafra. 479 more words


Iliescu considera stupida condamnarea lui Dragnea. 'A militat pentru mobilizarea electoratului!'

Fostul presedinte Ion Iliescu a fost extrem de deranjat de decizia instantei de a-l condamna pe Liviu Drganea la un an de inchisoare cu suspendare, in dosarul Referendumului. 21 more words