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Massey Bridge-If We Had 3.5 Billion Dollars...

The Province published an opinion piece by Eric Doherty, Bob Chitrenky, Harold Steves and Peter McCartney that provides one more flip on the strange decision to decommission the Massey Tunnel and instead overbuild a ten lane bridge at a (so far) projected price of  3.5 billion dollars. 358 more words


Geen schijndemocratie maar oligarchie

Hans #Wiegel is tegen het #referendum, want bij het Oekraïne-referendum stemden volgens hem de mensen vooral tegen uit nijd tegen de politiek.
Daarom moet het referendum worden afgeschafd?!? 150 more words


July 2016. Brexit a Month on: Shock, Irritation, Pride and Optimism

I read a letter to the Daily Telegraph recently. “On June 23rd my to-do list read: buy Marks & Spencer curry for two; go to post office to post letters; cause British recession and existential crises in the EU by voting Leave; cut the grass. 2.893 more words

Scottiish voters unsupportive of second referendum

Most Scottish voters do not wish another referendum on independence from the United Kingdom and support for secession itself enfeebled, according to a Kantar survey. 87 more words


24 April 2017

Monday blues.
Weekend blues.
January blues.
Year long blues.
Decade long blues?

The weekend was tough. Other half is in pieces about the ‘direction of the world’. 275 more words


On rebranding separatism

As I write this, round one of the current French presidential election has just been completed and I heard a radio reporter comment on how all eleven candidates invoked the French national motto in their campaigns: 794 more words

Che cos'è un referendum consultivo?

Serve solo a conoscere il parere popolare riguardo a un determinato argomento.
Il risultato del referendum non pone vincoli a chi lo ha proposto o ai governanti del Paese in cui è stato indetto.