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UK economy growth hit one-year high in final quarter of last year

The Office for National Statistics has published figures showing Britain’s economy grew at the fastest rate in a year in the final three months of 2016. 139 more words


Referendumski karavan u Beogradu

Milačić: Da smo htjeli da budemo sa jačima, mogli smo i 1941.

Predvodnik Referendumskog karavana Marko Milačić sinoć je govorio na Pravnom fakultetu u Beogradu na tribini NATO u Crnoj Gori – Sigurnost ili prijetnja po Srbiju? 444 more words

Crna Gora

The Most Important Development In Hungarian Politics Since 2010

Momentum’s surprise triumph defeating the delusional plans of the 2024 Olympics being organized by Budapest is the single most significant political development in Hungary since Fidesz and Orbán came back to power in 2010. 1.510 more words


Me and the Labour Party

Today I resigned my offices in the Labour Party after months of procrastinating about leaving a party that I have been a member of for 30 years. 297 more words


North Carolina May be Taking a Step Towards Independence

Photo attribution: By User:Zscout370 – File:Flag of North Carolina.svg, Public Domain,

Here’s my latest article published in the Texian Partisan!

North Carolina has a history of chaffing under its federal yoke. 709 more words

Ryan Thorson

Brexit: Go Hard, or Give IN

There’s nothing ambiguous about the Leave vote: the only way for the UK to be independent of government by Brussels is to leave the Single Market and Customs Union. 1.217 more words