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UKIP's Desire for EU Exit Makes It Impossible For Cameron To Include Them in Coalition

With less than two months until the 2015 General Election, and the likely result being a hung parliament, Britain’s main parties seem to have been debating very little else apart from who may or may not form a coalition government after May 7th . 869 more words


Bougainville President Press Release: Jubilee Australia demonstrates ‘shameful ignorance and arrogance

“Your assumptions, and an apparent bias, were reflected in your choice of research partners with well-known records of vehement anti-BCL views. The PNG researchers chosen to do the interviews are also people well-known in Bougainville as holding similar views. 684 more words


May 22nd.

If you don’t already know, I believe you should; that the Marriage Equality referendum is being held on May 22nd in Ireland.

As a student, I know that young people are quick to blame the older generation for the reason that there is a referendum on the matter of marriage equality in the first place. 207 more words


Some statistical food for thought for unionists

The UK Economic and Social Research Council wisely commissioned a range of research around academic issues raised by the independence referendum and six months on some of the results are beginning to appear. 1.227 more words

Momis Speech : Bougainville's preparation for a referendum on our future political status

“There is considerable international community interest in the preparations necessary for the referendum. In particular, the United Nations was requested last year to undertake a scoping visit to assess what its roles might be in supporting both the 2015 elections, and the referendum. 2.388 more words

Government Of Bougainville

Spring Hunting Out: bit not good

I’m not an animal-lover.  I don’t really like self-declared animal-lovers either.  They tend to be either self-important, self-righteous, overly self-conscious (literal or metaphoric) blondes who think the ‘animal loving’ label improves their otherwise vacuous self-image…or perverts with a weird tale about a goat in their past. 668 more words

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