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Through the Pyrenean forest

A tranquil hideaway in amongst the wilderness of the French Pyrenees. How refreshing it is to spend ten days wandering through the woodland, with nothing but the gurgle of the river flowing over the rocks and the shadows of the trees to keep you company.


Pyreneen Sunset

Tuesday Photo Showcase #16

This sunset was in the town of Err, close to the French/ Spanish border in the Pyrenees over last summer. It was followed by a vicious thunderstorm and we could see massive bolts of lightning in those fair off mountains. 8 more words


A Second Taste of Mello

So Im writing this long overdue post whilst back in Scotland, but Im pretty sure nobody was on tenterhooks for the next installment, so my challenge is just to remember what went on! 568 more words

Return to Camurac

Return to Camurac
One last photo taken in the ‘maladjusted’ village of Camurac, on the Plateau the Sault, Aude/Ariège region, high up in the French Pyrenees. 6 more words

Halloween at Home Depot

Took Yarrow on another training outing.  Of course we made a stop at Petsmart for a weigh in.  She did great but unfortunately she has slowed down on her growth, only 52.8 this time.  143 more words

Croustade / Tourte des pyrénées

Here is a recipe for a deliciously moist and flavourful cake that you will want to eat with all your coffee breaks from now on. It is based on a cake that is very popular in the Pyrenees although the traditional one is cooked in a wood burning oven. 213 more words