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How to Make Friends (When You Don't Live on Campus)

  By: Andrew D. Jankowski

Coming back to school at age 27 was weird beyond the on-paper age difference. Even though I no longer live in what some of us, to varying degrees of affection, call “the PSU fishbowl,” I still enjoy meeting people, making connections, and growing friendships. 386 more words


If students are apt to be bored

If students are apt to be bored by what they have to listen to in preparation for their medical studies, it is not the fault of the natural science but of those who expound it. 149 more words


Blended Learning

by Dr. Charice Hayes

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is traditional teaching combined with digital media or online learning. I like to also refer to this type of learning as “hybrid” learning. 110 more words


Riders Of Change #1 : Dr. Anil Prabhakar

“A social entrepreneur should be more interested in others than himself” said Anil Prabhakar


Dressed more as a student in shorts and t-shirt, Dr.

638 more words

A Word from the Dronacharya

Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala ,Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras- often referred to as Dronacharya for his contributions to the cause of entrepreneurship is considered the pioneer in nurturing Industry academia interaction in India towards R&D, Innovation and Product Development. 533 more words


Language Hurdles in STEM

I had a conversation today with somebody that reminded me of one of the problems there was in my college days.  It was a problem that frequently comes up in science and engineering courses, and that problem is that your professors don’t speak English well. 436 more words


Eminent Danish Scholar to Lecture on Theory at Dystopia College

DYSTOPIA–Renowned Danish philosopher Jesper R. Hansen-Storost will be coming to Dystopia College as part of the college’s Visiting Lecturer Series, Provost Eddina Field has announced. Field said it is “a singular honor to have a scholar of his caliber with us here at Dystopia.” 618 more words