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Fallacies, Episode II: The Use and Abuse of Evidence

In episode I, you learned about logical fallacies that represent mistakes in moving from our premises to our conclusions, due to bad logical form. But even if we’re careful to support our conclusions with reasoning and evidence, we can often run into problems with the evidence itself. 1.519 more words


Missing Adjunct Found

DYSTOPIA–A Dystopia College adjunct who had been missing for a little more than a week has been found, according to Capt. Cranky Lawless, spokesman for the campus police. 297 more words

Fallacies, Episode I: Bad Form

Many mistakes in logic occur due to problems with our premises – the information or assumptions we use as our starting point when we begin to reason. 2.330 more words


Summing up Some of Ryerson's Fashion Professors in One Sentence

If you’ve had these teachers, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.

Joseph Medaglia

*Giggles out of pure excitement* and *changes facial expression to happy kid in a candy store when he likes your concept* 57 more words


Thoughts on Education?

Specifically the public school system. I’d like to get your thoughts on homeschooling, teachers, the way learning is set up, college, all of it.

My little sister’s really been stressing over her physics class and I’ve got to say, it’s really bothering me. 334 more words


Do Schools Kill Creativity - Ted

I heard a great story recently — I love telling it — of a little girl who was in a drawing lesson. She was six, and she was at the back, drawing, and the teacher said this girl hardly ever paid attention, and in this drawing lesson, she did. 120 more words


What you'd like to say to The Professor

Dear Professor, Dear Chair of the department,

How I wish this is the letter I would send.

If I should go to class tomorrow and you should again reduce the human population of the room to pulp between your fingers, I shall go mad. 628 more words