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The Labyrinth

About 2500 years ago a group of tall, fair-haired people crossed the mountains from what is now Russia to Europe.  These people were known, collectively, as the Celts.   385 more words


Relationships with Poetry

My relationship with poetry is a troublesome one. In most incarnations, I utterly hate poetry. I find it pretentious and usually only studied and recited by those who believe they’re better than other writers/readers. 176 more words


A Message from the Dean: We're Accredited! (What's Next?)

The final vote took less than 10 minutes. But the lead-up took nearly three years.

On Friday, May 1, on a relatively balmy morning in downtown Phoenix — the temperature had dropped from 100 degrees the prior day to 99 — the members of the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications assembled to vote on the applications for national accreditation by more than two dozen journalism programs. 496 more words

Stony Brook School Of Journalism

Dr. Rocco Buttiglione

Name: Dr. Rocco Buttiglione

Country: Italy

Subject: Democracy, Religion and Secularism

He studied law in the Universities of Turin and Rome, focusing on history of political doctrines, under the tutorage of prominent Professor Augusto Del Noce. 121 more words


Marcy McGinnis talks Al Jazeera, role with Stony Brook School of Journalism

Marcy McGinnis can tell you what happens when newsmakers become the news.

It’s been a whirlwind month for the former Stony Brook School of Journalism Associate Dean. 492 more words


Student Loans

Student loan debt has been getting a good deal of attention lately, which is good.  For too long, colleges (and the public beyond) ignored how much debt students were having to take on to complete a college degree.  1.087 more words


“There are a million rules for being a girl. There are a million things you have to do to get through each day. High school has things that can trip you up, ruin you, people say one thing and mean another, and you have to know all the rules, you have to know what you can and can’t do.” … 588 more words