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The Trouble With Being A Perfectionist

I don’t believe that grades are all that important.

I believe that the North American education system is incredibly flawed in the way that they measure intelligence, and some people just don’t test well. 564 more words


MFA Train: Old Course Work

Sorry for not writing more often as of late. I had every intention of posting on Friday, but my younger brother was turning 21 and I had to rush to my hometown to celebrate. 362 more words


College to Dismiss Professors Who Aren't Pretty

DYSTOPIA–In an effort to simultaneously increase “student knowledge actualization” and cut faculty-salary expenditures, Dystopia College plans to fire all faculty members who do not have at least one sex-toy icon on the popular DissMyProfs Website, Provost Eddina Field announced today. 461 more words

Why I Teach

I’ve been thinking about curriculum a good deal lately, partly because our department has been doing a program review, but also just because I read about and hear about what other colleges and universities are doing.  703 more words

Irate English Professor Encouraged to Take Vacation

DYSTOPIA–A Dystopia English professor has been “encouraged to take a short vacation” after an incident in which he reportedly “suffered a bit of a breakdown” during his STEM and Business Modernist Poetry class on Friday.” 315 more words

Dailies 9/24/16: a cigarette-smoking professor-priest, the death of a friend, & taking the day in small doses

Donelle Dreese has a good poem to wake up to at Verse Daily. “Sophrosyne,” according to, means “moderation; discretion; prudence.”


You break bread into small pieces. 102 more words