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Prof. Irving Gottesman

Nicolae Tanase: Prof. Gottesman, what is the meaning of life?

Irving Gottesman: I am 85 and have not yet figured it out. Maybe when I hit 100 you can ask again. 59 more words


Dr. Temple Grandin: A Simple Meaning of Life

Nicolae Tanase: What is the meaning of life, Dr. Grandin?

Temple Grandin: When I was young, I thought the meaning of life was complex. It is really very simple. 87 more words


Dr. Nirmalya Kumar On The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life? Don’t reinvent the wheel. Already been said before, better than I could: to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield – Robert Scott…

58 more words

The 5 most stressful phrases you hear in class

Don’t you hate that feeling? You know, the one where you realize how badly your weaknesses have been (or are about to be) exposed in… 543 more words


The 10 top B-school professors under 40

(Poets&Quants) — Business school professors come in all stripes and colors. But the very best of the lot share a few common qualities: They are all supremely well educated, highly talented researchers, exceptional teachers, and, perhaps most important of all, they inspire students and their students inspire them. 569 more words


Dr. Norman Shealy: The Meaning of Life and Oxytocin

Nicolae Tanase: Dr. Shealy, what is the meaning of life?

Norman Shealy: In many ways, this is a simple question with a more simple answer—the meaning/purpose of life is to learn to do good, to help self and others. 233 more words


Michael Posner On The Meaning of Life

Nicolae Tanase: Prof. Posner, what is the meaning of life?

Michael Posner: I do not believe that life in general has a meaning. I believe that the meaning of each individual life is provided by the… 72 more words