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IBM Midwest Key Enterprise, Startup and Academic Leaders November 2015 Update: IBM Watson Trend Hub, CNN Money Report Target Site Overwhelmed With Traffic On Cyber Monday, IBM Bluemix Evolution of the Cloud in Retail and More

The holiday season is upon us! Whether you are in the UK, the US or elsewhere in the world, the cash register bells all mean one thing: retailers are working aggressively on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to convince shoppers that they are the best place to shop. 1.519 more words

What We Don't Know About Our Students' Lives

I was reading the latest issue of The Sun this Thanksgiving week (a magazine you should check out, should you have the time), and I came across part of an essay that relates to teaching in a way that interests me a good deal.  702 more words

Academia hasn't "radicalized" me, it's woken me up.

Society regularly miss-labels academics “radicals in the ivory tower,” especially those who work in the Liberal Arts, as they tend to be very aware of everyday culture and life. 518 more words

Thoughts And Perspectives

200 South Korean Professors Charged in Massive Plagiarism Scam

South Korea is set to indict 200 professors from several of the country’s universities for alleged copyright violations after they republished books by other authors under their own names, the… 104 more words

A Student Loan Crisis, Underpaid Adjuncts, And Dysfunctional Dialogues: What Is The Future Of Higher Education?

Earlier this year, the USA today published an article that stated that the student loan crisis is America’s next big crisis. It’s a notion that has been circulating for some time now. 3.112 more words

Why I Don't Like Essay-type Exams

When you enroll in a university and sign up for a class, you expect the professor to do his job, that is, to lecture and give you exams from which your grades can be based on. 545 more words


Office Hour: Professors Are (Friendly) People Too

Welcome to Office Hour! I’m Aileen Seo, a first-year from San Diego, California and every week I’ll be sitting down with professors to talk about some of the cool things they are doing here at Brown! 256 more words

Office Hour