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Note: This piece originally appeared in the Columbia Daily Spectator as part of The Red Pen, my biweekly column on the campus politics of teaching and learning. 739 more words


We Asked 13 Professors About The Dampest Student They’ve Ever Had.

13 Skidmore Professors all got the same question: who’s the dampest student you’ve ever had? 

  1. Mathew Fishberg, English — “I’m sorry? The dampest? I’m not sure I understand your question.”
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Student Teacher

“I am not a writer, a philosopher, a great figure of intellectual life: I am a teacher.”—Michel Foucault

A friend said recently, “Maybe you just like to think a lot. 239 more words


Professor Andrea Olson

Professor Andrea Olson has been with us at St. Kate’s for some time now, and she has not only lent her brilliant mind to the psychology department but has been doing some amazing work in the CATIE center. 560 more words


Some college advice from a graduating senior...

Ever wished there was a manual that tells you all of the best decisions to make throughout life? I sure do! Well, even though we may not have that, we definitely have experienced people that can lend advice to those willing to listen. 456 more words

There's A Sense In Which...

Yes, but there’s a sense in which… There’s a sand sandwich? No, there’s a sense in which he’s saying…

If you’ve ever attended seminary you may soon hear students couching all their thoughts with this phrase. 185 more words


Hack Your Faculty: Building Relationships with Professors

Networking can be one of the most daunting tasks for new library professionals, so much so that we’ve discussed it here at Hack Library School several times before. 650 more words