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Betsy DeVos waste no time in dismantling education and turning students against teachers.  She truly believes professors and deans of university are telling students to go against Donald Trump? 705 more words


Criminal Justice professor publishes second book

Alexander Cooper, Staff Writer

Jacksonville State University criminal justice professor Harald R. Duncan has recently published his second book chronicling his career in the field as a social worker and parole officer. 732 more words


Hidden Messages: Using Infographics

“Make information beautiful” is my favorite infographic design tool’s slogan. Piktochart’s phrase really conveys the core purpose of the infographic.

In addition to summarizing information beautifully, the infographic is a place to insert subtle but important messages about the writing process. 125 more words

My Writing And Reflection

Things I Heard in Medical School: Volume 10

It’s the 10th edition of Things I Heard in Medical School! Thank you to everyone who reads and shares these — it means a lot to me and encourages me to keep making these posts. 632 more words

Advice & Life

America In The Last Few Decades Has Been Losing It's Culture: We The People Must Stop The Bleeding And Bring Our Culture Back

There are more and more Americans realizing that America is losing it’s culture. We are a Judeo, Christian nation of much morals and values, but do we see it any longer? 577 more words

Types of Professors

  1. Very strict that you cannot breathe on his/her class.
  2. Fast in teaching
  3. Reading books in front of the class for the whole period
  4. Kind (they said)
  5. 397 more words

The myths of academic life

This great post by Martin Weller takes issue with the recent click bait published by the Guardian Higher Education’s anonymous academics series. He argues that they perpetuate an outdated stereotype of academic labour which has no relationship to the reality: 128 more words