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Incoming president promises to bring "more business azz" to UI

After an exhaustive search and interviewing process that no one really gave a shit about, the state Board of Regents unanimously voted today to hire J. 514 more words

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Heart encapsulation

Professors are not professors just because. Here’s one fine example.

I’m taking (yet again) a computer science elective this semester. CMSC 22 is all about Object Oriented Programming (OOP). 237 more words

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STAY THE COURSE: Reminders for When Assessment Gets Messy

Great post by “Oh, No, It’s an Assessment Blog” providing 5 tips to keep in mind when assessing student learning. They also provide a video from  518 more words

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10 o'clock list: Professors You'd Want to Donate Sperm/Eggs For Your Future Child

The recent additions of the Peirce babies have gotten us at The Thrill to start thinking about the future of humanity. Though it may seem daunting and far away, at some point, some of us will possibly procreate, and continue the world’s population. 311 more words


Sympathy For Today's Educators

I knew the first term.  I knew the last term.  THAT’S IT.

Via Laughing Squid


Old Courtly

A wonderful exchange on love, manhood, and womanhood, by Mark Helprin:

“I want to court you…to go slow, as you have never been courted. Every little thing. 360 more words