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Don't Press Snooze on Summer

By Emma Eberhart

Last summer, I voluntarily chose to give up the ability to press snooze on my alarm, so I could instead spend my mornings in a classroom, and to be honest I would do it again. 213 more words



Over the years, Centenary University has had many supporters devoted to its success. Professor A. O. Hammond is no exception; he dedicated over forty years to Centenary as a teacher of Greek and Latin, stood by the school through its extreme highs and lows, and earned the respect of students and staff alike. 573 more words


Innovation, Adaptation, and Change

Our students maneuver the world in ways that are astonishing.  Rapid innovation that allows them to access, share, store, and manipulate information with increasing speed has been almost dizzying for digital immigrants who must be intentional about adapting to these changes to the learning environment.  502 more words


Dr. Deborah Fuchs

When deciding between all of our fantastic professors as to whom I would interview, Dr. Fuchs was the first to come to mind. She has earned both the respect and love of our class and I knew everyone would appreciate hearing her voice. 1.383 more words


Front Row Views: Volume 5

Back again with more snarky comments. Honestly I’m shocked y’all like reading this stuff. Which is basically all the stuff I want to say to your face, but can’t because it might hurt your feelings. 674 more words

Advice & Life

2nd Term: Blessed with Kind Professors

   I was so wrong to think that first term was hard. Second term was ten times harder. We had classes from Monday to Saturday…. It was crazy. 360 more words