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5 Things Your Professor Wants You To Know (Written By One)

As we head back to campus this fall, what better time to share some insight from the professor’s side of the story? I’m an adjunct lecturer at a Midwestern university and have been teaching at the collegiate level for the past five years. 1.123 more words

How to Respect Professors You Don't Like

Sometimes in college, you take classes you don’t like, most of the time with professors you don’t care for. Professors are hit and miss. Sometimes they’re amazing and you don’t mind sitting through an hour-long lecture by them. 323 more words


Appeasing Professors and Neglecting Beauty Sleep: Thoughts on My Writing Process

Tedious. Frustrating. Unorganized. Difficult. Exciting. Natural. Reflective. Rewarding.

These are all words that I would use to describe the writing process. Yes, writing and I have a love-hate relationship at times. 607 more words

Get to know your university professors, it'll pay off...

Take from someone who only recently graduated, you want to know your professors. I don’t mean that you need to be besties with every last one or something, but it is in your best interests to get to know them somewhat. 602 more words


Banned Books Week

By Michael Osborn

This year from Sept. 27 to Oct. 3, it is time to remember what was once hidden from us; it is Banned Books Week. 895 more words


Stuart Hameroff: What is the Meaning of Life?

The meaning of life is to feel good by resonating with the universe.

In the view I take on the nature of consciousness with Sir Roger Penrose, feelings are related to quantum processes in the fundamental structure of spacetime geometry, including pleasurable processes which drove evolution. 53 more words


Rate My Professors ranks Ole Miss profs, campus No. 1

Students love their professors at the University of Mississippi.

Ole Miss took the top spot in a list of the schools with the overall best professors and campus compiled by, a site that publishes ratings sent in by students about their professors and school life. 98 more words