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A Quick Guide to Choosing Classes

Hello Hackers! My name is Chloe and I’m a new writer at Hack Library School. I have two bachelor’s degrees in English and Theater with a focus in creative writing. 1.063 more words

Education & Curriculum

Gear up for grad school apps!

Since those of us who are undergraduates at the Universities at Shady Grove are within at least a couple years of graduating, a lot of us have the question of what on earth we should do after graduation on our minds. 558 more words

Research Topics I May Set On Fire

Man, I hate this time in the term. The. Worst.

My department requires all ENC1101 — basically freshman comp/term 1 — students to write an informative research paper. 357 more words


Janus in Singapore

Singapore Management University, or SMU, is a relatively new institution. Established in 1999, SMU is unique among Singaporean and even Asian schools because its teaching style is based on the teaching at many American colleges, and modeled in particular on the teaching style of Wharton’s undergraduate program. 971 more words


Bakhtin's Theory

Getting down to the grind of the school year, this week has been difficult for me.

I did not think schooling in Ireland would be so different from the classrooms in America, but I thought wrong. 290 more words

How to Find Music at Portland State

by Andrew D. Jankowski

When I realized I was (finally!!!!) old and irrelevant to youth culture, I thought I didn’t know how to find new music anymore. 460 more words



 by Steph Holton

In October, I fell down a flight of stairs in Lincoln Hall. It was not the way I’d planned on leaving film class that day, but then again, my attention was mostly on my phone at the time. 217 more words