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Fight and have faith

Written by: Jasmin Landa

I have no words, but I am still typing. I have failed, but I still have my strength to lift me back up. 194 more words


Univerity's bests and worsts

After the exam for the professional register, I don’t think I’ll be going to University for quite a long time. I am the kind that goes much better with practice than theory,plus I don’t think I can stand 2 more years of work+study..unless I get a scholarship somewhere abroad..then I wouldn’t mind a master..but anyway!! 473 more words


A Taste of College with a Dash of Mystery and Romance

College is a four-year transition time between being a kid to an adult, and it is a breeding ground for hilarious stories and very memorable times. 726 more words


Talking/Reading About Teaching

For most professors, summer is a time to catch up on whatever we don’t have time to do during the semester.  For those at more research-driven institutions (and those of us at teaching institutions who like to do it), that often means research or writing or something to move projects along or finish them up.  940 more words

Two Heads are Better Than One!

Two heads are better than one or is it just the appeal of having a matching set that has one of our professors working the perfect twins all into the night in detention? 143 more words