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Concerning Professors

This post is largely concerned with Professors, and from this post a reader may discover much of their character. Now Professor is rather a general term for the person that teaches your college class. 881 more words


Dr. Natasha Sharma, Ramanujan Fellow, Department of Physics, PU, Chandigarh

We are aware of the fact that all nuclei are made up of protons (Z) and neutrons (N). 549 more words


College v. Law School: Office Hours

Professors’ office hours confuse me. I think I used them wrong during my undergraduate. Either that or Bryan College had an exemplary open door policy. Office hours here at the law school baffle me somewhat.  399 more words


How to Properly Email Professors

How to Properly Email Professors: Emailing professors can be nerve wracking as a new student, and always scary with terrible professors, but you’re going to have to do it eventually, so here are some basic tips on how to do it properly! 1.048 more words

Emailing Professors

7 Things I've Learned in College 

I started college the same year I graduated high school. I wasn’t wasting any time. I started college working toward my nursing degree and ended up changing my major to social sciences. 610 more words

Other Interesting Things.

Lol-lianos: He's In It For the Words.

Suda, lambda 670

Lollianos: From Ephesus. A sophist. A student of Isaios the Assyrian. He was born during the time of the emperor Hadrian. He wrote many things. 210 more words