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Dealing with a lazy colleague

I need to vent. I am an adjunct professor, one of two for my subject, and the other adjunct is a few years older but has been at the school much longer, I think at least 7 years. 312 more words


"Legit" ranting

Received this email 45 minutes into my university scheduled exam time

Hi professor i have been working on my portfolio all day i had another exam today as well and my portfolio is due is there any way i can take you exam tuesday ??

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So You Feel Like Your Class Was a Waste of Time

You did it. You’ve typed the final sentence of your grueling final essay. You’ve breathed a sigh of relief as your applauding classmates signal the end of your last presentation. 764 more words

Hack Your Program

College Professor Roasts Student By Teaching Him a Hilarious Viral Lesson

A college student whose tweeted email exchange with his professor went viral was in for a surprise when the professor turned his 15 minutes of Internet fame into a… 196 more words

From Zero to Hero: What Inspires Jose Martinez?

This is a supplement to the profile that I published on adjunct psychology professor Jose Martinez. To listen to the audio version of this post, … 940 more words

Umass Lowell

The First 10 ‘Tips’ for Mid-Lifers Returning to School (millennials too!)

The First 10 ‘Tips’ for Mid-Lifers Returning to School (millennials to)

With just a week to go until graduation I have encountered a reflective mindset. I have been pondering on many different topics and issues from my second tour of college in quest of my Bachelor’s Degree. 714 more words

In The Classroom

Is there anything that I, as instructor, DON'T have to spell out explicitly? (kind of a rant, kind of not)

Let's say that I am Professor Homer Griffin in the Department of Economics, and I have given my students an assignment to write a paper, typed and printed, to be turned into my faculty mailbox by such-and-such time and date. 214 more words