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What To Do Your In Your First Month of College + Free Printable Checklist

Leaving home, even if you’ve been waiting for it your entire life, is incredibly challenging. You have to adjust to an entirely different environment surrounded by entirely new people. 1.293 more words


Since when did students become the teachers?

I saw this article awhile ago on the NZ Conservative Coalition blog and was amazed. As much as I dislike liberal professors forcing their ideology down the throats of students, isn’t part of their job to evaluate students on what they learned? 16 more words

Things I Heard in Medical School: Volume 17

Before I start off my final term of basic sciences, I wanted to share some of the funny thing I heard during the Hyperbaric Medicine Selective I did! 325 more words

Advice & Life


The summer is winding down and many young adults will be going away to college very, very soon. I don’t think there are too many college grads who don’t wish, somewhere along the line, they had made more of the certain aspects of their time in college. 4.362 more words


Change is Hard

I’ve never liked change.  I don’t think anyone ever does.  Sure, I’m excited for my future, but that’s different.  I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder about doing things the way everyone else does them.  281 more words

Daily Prompt

Let me be the new Sleeping Beauty!

Hello fellow Mundanes!

Hope your life sucks as much as mine does.

Just kidding. Today I am in a very happy mood. In the morning I was really bummed out because even though I woke up early, I had my outfit ready in mind and by God’s grace my heel didn’t break when walking to class (first day back), I have a terrible cough and sore throat. 696 more words


Speaking Up in Class When Your Grade Depends on It

Speaking up in class can be extremely difficult, especially if it’s a part of your participation grade. If you go to a small liberal arts college… 512 more words