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Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoppe, Geologist

Courses taught: Resources and Sustainability, Geo-Hazards

What motivates you to teach in the EES major at UCF?

Geology is fascinating, and I was always curious to learn about interdependencies of my discipline and to discuss it across academic fields with colleagues and students – especially as geology has become a hugely important research area: fossil energy and climate change, economic growth and raw material supply, material flows from and back into the environment, clean water supply, and consequences of big natural phenomena turning into catastrophes, among others. 360 more words



. . . Each mentor’s mortality came to visit

and refused to leave. Old music teachers,

philosophy profs, a poet-friend,

died of cancer, dementia, flu, 35 more words


Govt Bullies our Children

It always amazes me how narrow sighted, or minded, folks are when it comes to “issues” surrounding government. Folks get in an uproar and regurgitate sound bites with vehement conviction without giving the issues a single thought. 831 more words

Social Commentary

Gender Central

As a researcher in gender equality, every week for me is Gender Central, simultaneously frustrating and thought-provoking.  Questions of gender are always complex and answers are not always easy to find. 376 more words

Higher Education

Trying to Get 12 Units

I mentioned this briefly in my last post, but this entire situation has my stomach tied itself in knots, simply because it’s so complicated and frustrating. 868 more words


May 19, 2016 | Dream Journal | Stranded At A College

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that the dream took place in a fictional LC-like city, in the early parts of the dream a president or someone like that was probably visiting the city and maybe there was a parade and/or event involving this visit, and there was something that happened that I can not remember that involved a man with dark brown or black skin; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream. 642 more words


Letters to a D- professor

My life is a trail of setbacks.

Overtime I feel like I’m advancing somewhere I’m thrown off course and setback more than a couple of feet. 1.097 more words

2016 Journey