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Public vs. Private Schools

Just like high schools, there exist public and private colleges in all states across the country. There are various ways where they can be very similar to each other but also differ in certain areas. 736 more words


Professors' Quotes

“How to get good grades” – Have you ever been in a situation that you have put a lot of effort in study and still got a bad grade? 292 more words


18 Ways to Have Different Class (or Group) Discussions

The following outlines various techniques I use when teaching to enhance or change discussion-based activities. I’ll update it as necessary. I’ve had a number of students say they enjoy my classes in part because they never know what we’ll be doing that day!  662 more words

Thoughts And Perspectives

How do you deal with your own mistakes? /mild rant

I had (obviously anonymous) feedback saying that I don’t know my topic (English) because instead of giving the class a wrong meaning when I didn’t know a word or wasn’t sure I checked it up. 92 more words


Dear Diary, Life Is Trying Me

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy – I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” – Art Williams 1.344 more words

College Life

Rants on Fire (Why I'm Petty Stressed)

See that word play up there? Boy, am I funny.  Anyway, I’ll apologize now for this long ass rant. I really got to get things off my chest before I die from a heart attack or something. 969 more words