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I did it! I got into Harvard and University of ________!

After a tortuous time studying for the dreadful GRE, reading up on professors’ research and stalking them, and spending money and time traveling to schools to put in “face time”, it’s all come to fruition. 894 more words

People Who Can't Accept That the USSR Was Not Communism or Equality Are Not Fit to Teach.

It’s horrendous that Western educators have been propagating such a blatant and horrendous lie that the USSR was actually redistributing wealth equally amongst all of its citizens. 70 more words


Things I Don't Know

I often talk about the importance of admitting what I don’t know.  Most of the time, that relates to the classroom environment.  I talk about how students can tell when we are faking knowledge, though it sometimes takes them some time to do so, and how that undercuts their faith in us.  621 more words

drown me firmly with your spoons
while he and she fuck inthenext room.

i don’t guess i can expect
anything different from you; i just thought that… 57 more words

Blog: Dear professors

With only about one month left in college, I’ve been thinking back on my last four years at Grand Valley State University. The time has gone by so fast, and I’ve had so many professors and other people around campus that have majorly impacted me. 422 more words


A Day in the Life of a Barnard Student

Greetings, friends-to-be! I hope this fine Friday is treating you well :)

I’m writing this post from the desk in my room in 616, one of Barnard’s just-slightly-off-campus dorms. 631 more words

Rant About My Human Sexuality Class

Where do I start? It has such potential to be an interesting class and yet it’s like…”Sexual Baby Steps” instead. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of sexuality like why or how we develop kinky habits, when does masturbation become a problem, cis-women and cis-men vs. 462 more words