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Fleurs du monde

Combien l’enchantement des couleurs qui jaillissent selon l’heure au long des pétales des fleurs…
Du plus froid aux chaleurx tropicales, toujours le même jeu subtil de l’incandescence de la lumière pour en détacher seulement les vibrations qui nous touchent au plus profond du corps, chaque teinte, chaque couleur pour toujours des émotions qui submergent…. Les Fleurs …


new again / neuf a nouveau

With my Mum visiting I had to find something she hasn’t done yet. Last time was dry needle felting and now it is mosaic. She is a beautiful China peintre and I had few broken item from her that I didn’t want to throw away. 108 more words

Le Jardin des Plantes

We had a great time at the Jardin des Plantes, which is located across from the train station. There is a small area with goats waiting to be fed and they will eat anything you present to them, including your clothes, gloves, bags etc!

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Macro Photography : Blue ocean -Bleu de l'océan by mbelhedi

Pollen hotencia
Nature and flora France
Summer flower .
poetry and color in the heart of a flower
Macrophoto .
horizontal framing

Pollen d’ hotencia… 25 more words

La rosée

It has not stopped raining in Paris in days, weeks, only for certain intervals, leaving a subtle dew on plants that remind me Autumn is just around the corner. 40 more words


Rosery within Jardin des Plantes

Elegant and beautiful roses found within the Rosery gardens of Jardin des Plantes.

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