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Why Schools Are Warning Parents About Netflix's Series 13 Reasons Why

Schools across the country are issuing warnings to parents about Netflix’s latest original series, 13 Reasons Why, over concern that the breakout teen drama could glamorize teen suicide. 554 more words


Violin Sonata No. 2 has been finished!

I am pleased to report that work on my second violin sonata has been completed! Save the date…MAY 16th, the day it will debut online. Right now I am going through and making tweaks to the notation as well as cleaning up the score. 37 more words


Violin Sonata is done!

I am proud to report that the bulk of the work on my second Violin Sonata has been completed. Now I just have to go back through the score and make notation tweaks and cleanup. 22 more words


A little bit about me

Hello all,

I figured I should introduce myself before I start ranting about all things I think that are wrong with our world. Anywho, hello, my name is Kaitlin. 218 more words

About Me

An Album Review: Lieder/Canciones by sTem

There are four pieces played on Lieder/Canciones by the contemporary classical trio sTem. Each piece is distinct. Two are commissions (Das Stunden-Buch and Preludio de un Diamante) and two are not (Der Hirt auf dem Felsen and Escúchame). 508 more words


Who's that peeking out my window....???


May showers, are bringing BTS Students out to bloom next Saturday in Sandy Springs! Catch The BTS Achievers and Affiliates as they put on a show you’ll never forget. 13 more words


bach meets new orleans stylie!

Bach meets New Orleans. Little bit of a musical amuse-bouche! ;-)