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Mount Moiwa

The simple pleasures of a hike up Mount Moiwa on an autumn day in Hokkaido, escaping the busy streets of Sapporo to reconnect with nature. 36 more words

Lesson 5: More Melodies

Surprise! Your guess was wrong. The last keys of the keyboard are not H and I, they are A and B. Now it’s not hard to see the pattern of keys on the keyboard. 133 more words


Listen at Christmas: The Piano Guys

As this is a post in the “Listen” series, that’s the key instruction, but don’t just push play and start looking around at something else or you’ll miss some of what makes this piece interesting. 40 more words


"Dancing On My Own" by Robyn (Mary Saldevar cover)

I loved this song when Robyn first released it and I loved it when Calum Scott made it his own, so I decided to make my own acoustic version of it!
Mary xx


I got polio when I was very young, but this illness didn't stop the wish to study music! Emma Patricia Rivera Chirinos

Emma Patricia Rivera Chirinos is a Professional Pianist, from Lima-Peru and now based in Amstelveen. Although Patricia was diagnosed with Polio at a very young age, that did not deter her from pursuing her interest in music! 938 more words


Ode to Joy

Musical memory…is there such a thing?

I’ve heard of muscle memory. How a person can hop on a bicycle despite any recent pedaling and still take a spin as if they rode yesterday. 366 more words

Hallelujah, Austin!

Noah took some time today to pay tribute to the late and forever great, Leonard Cohen.

Like he said, tonight we’re in Austin, TX at C-Boy’s Heart and Soul and kicking things off at 10:30 PM. See you there!

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