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Caged Bird - Part IV

The next week, Megan sat and watched Anna again. She kept her distance at first, not wanting to disturb Anna’s playing. After a while, unable to help herself any longer, she got up and approached the bench where Anna sat. 881 more words

Creative Writing

Gymnopedying again

Nowadays, our society is not worried about a lot of thingsthat a few years ago were important. The world is changing every day in a vertigious. 162 more words

New Age

The Neptune Sketches - Episode 3: Some Piano Ideas

And now, on this third installment of my Neptune Sketches series, I give you a few ideas played on the piano. A very intimate sound, using Nils Frahm’s superb… 41 more words


Morning in Paris (Video)

Free sheet music and more information about this piece HERE.



3 cara bermain piano yang menyenangkan

Banyak orang yang mengurungkan niatnya belajar piano karena berpandanga bahwa cara bermain piano yang selama ini mereka tahu sangat membosankan. Sebabnya karena semua hal yang berhubungan dengan piano pasti berkutat pada soal teori, seperti note musik. 235 more words

Yamaha Musik Indonesia

Life Update, I Guess

I’ve had one of those moments again, I just have to make stuff. It doesn’t even matter what it is, music, blogposts, or even do assignments. 722 more words