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Heiligenstadt Testament: Hope and Despair | Beethoven's Point of No Return

This is a restricted essay I made in one of my Music History classes.

One of the most prominent, affluential yet intriguing, innovative and ingenious composer of all time — Ludwig van Beethoven really established a great pillar in the world and most importantly on the evolution and transformation of the Western Classical Music. 744 more words


Grand piano

White and black keys,

Smooth and curved around the edges,

Sharp and blunt when required.

A grand piano.

He plays me well, you see.

So soft and delicately. 72 more words

Free Style Poetry

First real week of training: 32 miles

Hi everyone!! Today was the first day of spring break, and I am so glad that I have a week or so to relax (with interspersed homework, running, and SKYDIVING, of course!) 542 more words


You may kneel...

This morning as I was sitting at the piano in church – one of those new-dangled digital jobs – my husband knelt down under the piano to plug one of the leads in more securely. 58 more words