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And then suddently, I had a piano

I’ve always wanted a piano. Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to learn to play the piano. However, as a young girl, I was too busy. 44 more words


The Music Man

Talent comes from the most unusual of places. As it turns out, one of the actors for the book trailer is also a great pianist. This is some of his work: 42 more words


Michele McLaughlin: Playlist - Extended

I updated my post for piano music by Michele McLaughlin from February 26, 2015. I have now extended the playlist to include songs from her recently released album Undercurrent, as well as many others from various albums. 66 more words


Piano with Willie, A TOS Review

Today I’ll be sharing my experience with PianoWithWillie on It will be a little different than my normal review. Usually, I share what we received, what is included in the program, how the vendor wants us to use it, how we used it, and then how we liked it. 1.816 more words


Bach Fugue no. 2 in C minor

My musical education has been serendipitous, governed by enthusiasms and little knowledge. I began with with Mozart pieces, and then rested with Eric Satie for a while. 118 more words


88 Keys

There are only eighty-eight of them, but when they are infused with the creativity of the human spirit, the possibilities are endless.

Anthony Satori

Over The Rainbow

Since last semester (Fall 2014) I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Richard Kahn​… He was my Music As A Business professor and we formed a friendship, and he started giving me some jazz piano lessons after class. 51 more words