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The Pitfalls And Perks Of Playing A Concert Hall Piano | Music | The Guardian

Piano lore can be summarised thus: there are good and bad pianos. This is the basic fact in a pianist’s life. Both kinds are to be found in all sizes, from all manufacturers, at any price point.

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Introductions & Inspirations


I think it’s time for me to start writing a proper blog. Tumblr’s not exactly a proper blogging site- it’s usually the place where I fan-girl over Muse and reblog a lot of Doctor Who GIFs. 943 more words


RCM Exam Date change...Relief.

I’ve been taking piano lessons once a week at lunch time since September. I used to take lessons as a child and quit when I went to University. 329 more words

Fingers, Prose poesy, Assonance ~ A Concert Critique

In answer to Writing 201 prompt Fingers
Form: Prose poesy
Device: Assonance

After thinking about it I went with French; it’s hard to create assonances in a tongue that’s not your native language.

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Back When I Wrote Music

When I was a teenager I composed piano instrumentals. Every now and then I dreamed of making it as a musician, but really I only played for fun (I still do, but not nearly as often as I used to). 112 more words