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Smoke from a seashell


With so much to engage me – both real and fictional – I find myself in a place I once wrote. The socially anxious writer doesn’t get out much, so has little to write about other than what’s in the mind. 4.227 more words


Waiting for Spring...

…feels a bit like Waiting for Godot this year!

Tomorrow it’s the Vernal Equinox, the mid-point on the calendar between the Winter and Summer Solstices, when the number of hours of day and night are equal. 410 more words


Advice wanted on Paul Auster's "4321" please!

Around the middle of September, the six-book shortlist for the Man Booker Prize, the foremost literary award in the UK, and one of the top prizes globally, is published. 312 more words


Dystopia Without Young Adult Angst or Zombie Battles

Observations on Auster’s Dystopia

A dystopian novel that is not YAL and is zombie free? Yep, if you go way back to 1987 you’ll find Paul Auster’s… 433 more words


Heretics of Language by Barry Schwabsky (Black Square Editions)

This is a compelling collection of essays focussing upon a wide range of artists and led by the pied piper of the Arts, Barry Schwabsky. We can engage with Jack Spicer and John Ashbery, Samuel Beckett and Italo Calvino, Peter Manson and Denise Riley…Paul Celan and more…and more. 601 more words


The New York Trilogy is a softboiled mystery

Long before I became the “aloof and inauthentic” asshole that I am today, I was into detective novels. I devoured every one of Agatha Christie’s “cozies,” featuring the mustachioed dandy Hercule Poirot and the sweetly benign Miss Marple, whose mild appearances, all prim and proper, belied their razor-sharp intellect. 665 more words


Nel paese delle ultime cose

Se non seguissi una certa booktuber probabilmente non avrei mai scoperto questo libro. Raramente infatti mi butto su narrativa contemporanea che non siano fantasy o classici moderni, anche se si potrebbe dire che Paul Auster sta già entrando nei classici americani del XXI secolo. 679 more words