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Review of Paul Auster's The Invention of Solitude

A review of a nonfiction classic, by Sejal H. Patel

Guilty. This is a difficult word for a criminal defense attorney to hear. It hurts when a clerk stares into the pit of the courtroom and makes guilt true by its very declaration. 928 more words

Nonfiction Books

Reading round up - testicles and unanswerable questions

Two things I have read last week have rattled around my head a little.

Firstly, a line in the last few pages of Paul Auster’s ‘City of Glass’ of the ‘The New York Trilogy’, 399 more words


De caídas y otros demonios

“yo sentía las lastimaduras que Florencia iba a sufrir a lo largo de los años y hubiera querido que Dios existiera y no fuera sordo, para poder rogarle que me diera todo el dolor que le tenía preparado” ( E.G.) 128 more words

Notes scribbled in a library book

Seriously, who would do that? This is a library book. It exists for lots of people to read. Even if the notes you scribbled are kind of hilarious, it doesn’t excuse it. 175 more words


Murdered by Marina Abramović, Assaulted by Paul Auster in Loveliest Magazine

I’m standing on the corner of Jackson and St. Charles, waiting for a streetcar that’s running obnoxiously behind schedule. To pass the time, I allow my mind to float away. 404 more words


Mailbox Monday 13/7/15

It’s been a mixed week for me. I attended a food and wine festival (good) and got the worst haircut in the world (bad). It’s no wonder that I had to do a little shopping to make myself feel better! 348 more words

Mailbox Monday