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Review: Oracle Night by Paul Auster

Year Published: 2003
Number of Pages: 224
Genre: Literary Fiction

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Oracle Night tells the story of Sidney Orr, a Brooklyn writer who discovers the power of writing through, well, writing. 698 more words


About Paul Auster

So now that we have completed the reading of Sunset Park and you have written your own little essays, I thought about giving you this present. 88 more words


In Which Some Extremely Bizarre Stuff Happens to Me

As someone who likes to think of themselves as a Surrealist, one of the things I try to pay close attention to is a chance occurrence. 877 more words


Dianoia by Michael Heller (Nightboat Books)

The Scottish philosopher Sir William Hamilton proposed the term dianoiology for that portion of logic which deals with dianoetic processes of the mind: the thinking through of ideas. 851 more words


Kanada, Sunshine Coast. Minnisbókin

Í hádeginu í dag var hringt í mig frá Íslandi. Ég var á göngu á leið að fá mér kaffi á kaffihúsi niður í litla þorpinu hérna rétt hjá. 791 more words

Paul Auster's Fanshawe

In the last book of his New York Trilogy, the story revolves around a mysterious character called Fanshawe. The way that Fanshawe is described is captivating, and there are a few things that he does which resonates with my own life in little ways.. 2.864 more words


If you’re not ready for everything, you’re not ready for anything. – Paul Auster

Paul Auster