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Re~imagining Creative Life Writing

Trying something different…

because if I continue to do what I’ve always done,

I’ll continue to get what l’ve always—and have already—gotten.

Thus, today, I am pursuing an endeavor I initially picked up—and then put down—17 months ago:    creating a blog for Creative Life Writing in order to open up an avenue of simpler and more direct communication with the world at large. 159 more words

The Locked Room (The New York Trilogy part III)

The third installment of this book is The Locked Room. I do not think this third “part” is on par with the previous two works. I can appreciate the twists of the storylines, the exploration of various themes, and the deconstruction of characters in the previous two pieces in this book, but this last was tedious.  786 more words


What Now?

Trying to keep this thing going so here’s a very old writing exercise where I tried to write a story using only dialogue. This was inspired by a play by Paul Auster called ‘Laurel And Hardy Go To Heaven’.  283 more words


Ghosts (The New York Trilogy part II)

Ghosts is the second part of The New York Trilogy.  It was published in 1986.  It runs to a mere seventy pages in length, so I feel we would be better off calling it a novella. 1.114 more words

4 Stars