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Today, my  fellow Filipino-Chinese countrymen and the  Korean community living in the Philippines have been painting the town red in observance of the New Year according to the lunar calendar. 573 more words

Genaro R. Gojo Cruz

WIR: The New York Stories by Paul Auster

What the fuck did I just read? No really Paul Auster what in the post modern fuck did I just read. I have half a mind to head over to Brookyln Heights to ask him but I’d get distracted by all the houses real people can’t afford to live in. 330 more words

Book Review

Turn to Books

More than the books themselves, I always remember the time I spent with them. This is not an insult to the stories the authors have drafted, edited, edited again and then published for me to enjoy. 1.062 more words


The Intel: Richard Davis

Readers can’t get enough of those FBI guys who travel the length and breadth of the States. Going off the grid, getting embroiled in mayhem and conspiracies, going mano-a-mano with diabolical forces. 1.337 more words


on poetry

“To feel estranged from language is to lose your own body.”
Paul Auster
(b. February 3, 1947)
. . . . .
quote: “Notes from A Composition Book” in Collected Poems (The Overlook Press, 2004)


Opt pentru 2015

Din moment ce anul trecut nu am scris mai nimic (nu mă judecați!), mă gândeam că ar fi frumos să fac o retrospectivă pentru 2015. La final am tras linia la opt titluri din totalul de 50 citite. 815 more words

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