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Livro: A Trilogia de Nova York (Paul Auster)


Faz quase um mês que não apareço por aqui, mas tenho uma boa desculpa por esse abandono prolongado. Caso não saiba até agora, a pessoa que aqui escreve sofreu um ataque de loucura muito grave três anos atrás e começou o segundo curso universitário. 1.147 more words


Joe Brainard's I Remember

Last month, I read Georges Perec’s I Remember, an unsorted list of personal recollections, each prefaced with the title phrase. Perec’s book came to me before I found out that he’d borrowed the concept (as so many others have since) from the Tulsa-born, New York-based visual artist and writer Joe Brainard. 1.070 more words


Monochrome Mondays

I have been reading an autobiography of Paul Auster, a favorite writer of both my wife and I. Actually in clever Auster fashion he has written two ‘autobiographies’. 552 more words

Photography & Music

Paul Auster

The worlds you create
offer flexibility
in relation to reality
I want to live in those worlds
And meet you,
along with the characters
you have created… 9 more words


Roger Keen on Metacrime and Metahorror

My colleagues at Darkness Visible have conducted this with interview with me, concentrating on the metafictional aspects of Literary Stalker and also touching on the broader aspects of ‘self-knowing’ fictionality in film and literature, citing some of my favourite examples: 328 more words


4 3 2 1: Paul Auster and Postmodernism

This may be a slight deviation away from my usual reviews, but upon finishing Auster’s newest novel, 4 3 2 1, it has made me think of postmodernist techniques that are still prevailing today in fiction. 1.160 more words