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The countless tight squeezes you have been in during the course of your life, the desperate moments when you have felt an urgent, overpowering need to empty your bladder and no toilet is at hand, the times when you have found yourself stuck in traffic, for example, or sitting on a subway stalled between stations, and the pure agony of forcing yourself to hold it in.

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Sophie Calle & Co.

The sensation that has lingered from an artist’s talk Sophie Calle gave at the School of Visual Arts in New York years ago is the thrilling suspicion that she was quite effortlessly bluffing her way through much of it. 2.475 more words

New Huge Paul Auster Novel Coming in 4 3 2 1...

Whatever your opinion of Paul Auster, he’s an interesting guy. His translations, his autobiographical writings (like the endearingly funny Hand to Mouth: A Chronicle of Early Failure… 382 more words


Perfect Timing

I would turn my life into a work of art, sacrificing myself to such exquisite paradoxes that every breath I took would teach me how to savor my own doom…I would do nothing to thwart the inevitable, but neither would I rush to meet it.

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Live Journal

145. Books Bought & Read, May 2016…

Dear Book-Lovers,

I have been away for well over a year, working on other projects such as publishing my first book, moving to a new country and getting married. 896 more words


The Path to Paradise

Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina has created this fabulous series of posters that imagine the houses of celebrated authors. Archiwriter covers many of the world’s greatest… 31 more words


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Every so often, and quite rarely, you come across such a perfect book, you almost don’t want to read it because then you’ll finish it… but on the other hand, you know that you’ll be able to read and reread it. 530 more words