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Let's read... 4 3 2 1

I finished reading Paul Auster’s 4 3 2 1 a couple of days ago and I thoroughly miss reading about the various Fergusons.  It was unusual for an Auster book in that it was not unusual. 487 more words


by bill bate

Below, and unrelated to the above, (depending on how you think, and to think these unrelated would in my view perhaps signal a failure of imagination, and a pity, and do with that view that what you will) two translations of the opening of a four part series of elegiac fragments by  66 more words

Paul Auster: The Interview

Let me tell you a little secret: as a freelance writer, I tend towards selecting topics that are personally gratifying. As such, I try to reserve my freelancing for speaking to other people whose work I respect or idolise in some way. 24 more words


Goethe of the Gaps

A problem I often run into when reading literary fiction in my free time is that after finishing a book I often go, “I wish I had been taught this in class.” Contrary to what you might be thinking, this is not a masochistic impulse. 731 more words



Hacer arte es un ejercicio complejo. Más allá de la incomprensión actual hacia aquellos que se empeñan en elegir el camino creativo para vivir, crear historias, personajes, imágenes, frases o versos no es sencillo. 717 more words


10 Books About Fictional Films and Filmmakers

Got a new column up at LitReactor about one of my favorite subgenres: Books About Fictional Films and Filmmakers. If you like faux film mythology that’s stranger than truth, give it a checkout. 36 more words

Mahfouz, Chabon and new books

I’m shooting to have the review up by mid-week for Autumn Quail and am working on a series recap to come shortly afterward that compares the three novellas. 407 more words