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Wrestling: Initial Tripartite Quotas Announced

The initial tripartite quotas have been announced for wrestling. Tripartite quotas are awarded to nations which have qualified an average of less than eight athletes over the past two Olympics. 113 more words

National Flags: Are they related, or not?

The national flag of Japan, Nisshōki or Hinomaru, is designated as the national flag in the Law Regarding the National Flag and National Anthem, which was promulgated and became effective on August 13, 1999. 496 more words


Survivor Oz Top 10 - Top 10 Individual Immunity Necklaces

Throughout the years of Survivor, we have seen 32 different individual immunity necklace designs. The coveted immunity necklace is up for grabs at post merge challenges as a token of safety for the winning castaway. 1.322 more words


Winner's First Confessional - Part 1

The confessional is an effective viewing technique for the audience to get insight into the mind of the player. It also establishes the general sense of the player and the character. 2.451 more words


Of Paperwork & Jumping Through Hoops

As I mentioned in my volcanic post the other day, I’ve accepted a full time job teaching English for six months at a reputable and excellent language school here in Heredia. 761 more words

Heredia, Costa Rica

Survivor Oz Top 10 - Top 10 Unexpected First Boots

Survivor can be a brutal game and sometimes it seems a foregone conclusion who will be targeted first before the game even begins. First impressions can be decisive and throughout the years we’ve seen many last place finishers who follow an established trend of being either elderly, challenge liabilities or socially awkward and look perfectly at home in the first boot club. 1.434 more words


Are cave #divers thrill-seeking nutcases?

Thrill seekers, yes. Adventurers, yes. Nutcases? Um, who am I to say?!

I don’t get the appeal of cave diving. Scares the hell out of me. 486 more words

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