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Today Pegman is visiting Peleliu.

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Make Every Word Count

It's Been A While 

This week has been one of those weeks when you just say thank God, it’s finally Friday. A week that had you hanging by a thread and all you could do is pray that it’s strong enough to keep you alive. 19 more words


Goodbye Palau, Hello Philippines

After what seems like endless delays we are finally underway to the Philippines!!! The passage from Palau to Surigao, our first port, is about 500NM, so with any luck and some good winds we should be in the Philippines in 4-5 days. 37 more words


Palau and Ocean Protection

Only two years ago, the island nation of Palau designated 193,000 sq miles of ocean as protected, forbidding fishing and mining.  The move was controversial, with opponents saying it would decimate the fishing industry and impoverish the country. 93 more words


TBT: What it is Like to be On Passage?

We are preparing to to set sail to the Philippines in a few days. Meals are cooked, cabin in stowed and we have a keen eye on the weather. 341 more words


A Balloon In My Mind #AtoZChallenge

In my dream, the balloons were in the yard, trying to get in the house.

My grandma once told me of the time she was walking along a beach and came across this blue balloon thing on the sand. 284 more words

Guest Blogs And Featured Spotlights

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Sometimes you have a bad day and shake it off. Other times bad days string together into a bad week, leaving you to wonder just how you managed to pissed off absolutely all of the God’s, at the exact same time. 1.823 more words