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A Good Match

As Jack Johnson’s song goes, some things are better when (we’re) together. Doing this photo challenge by Ben Huberman.

This was a perfect afternoon, after getting off work. 24 more words


Dream Destination


You seem magical.

With your maze of rock islands, your lush,green scenery, and don’t forget about those crystal clear waters!

Now lets get to the fun facts: Locally the island nation is known as Belau and it was actually the Germans who gave it is current name. 115 more words

Dream Destination

HB-2594 pass the Oregon House

Today, CANNs Law Enforcement bill passed the 3rd reading unanimously in the Oregon House. Next is passing the Senate, with first reading tomorrow.

Follow the bill here: 25 more words


Weekend Excerpt: Words of the Lagoon

I wanted to share an excerpt from the book I’m currently reading. The sharp-eyed among you will spot that this book is from Palau, rather than… 233 more words

Australia And Oceania


It was raining and the sun was shining at the same time. The golden rays shone through my open door, I just had to go out and take a shot. 36 more words