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Survivor Oz Top 10 - Top 10 Pre-Merge Seasons

Survivor seasons are often remembered for how they end. As a season progresses, the decisions and strategies implemented have a more direct impact on the end result and this means that the post-merge game is often more interesting and memorable. 3.491 more words


The Name Game Of Survivor - Part 4

Feature Monday is here again and today we bring you another segment of Ozlet Ivan Ornelas’s name game. Today five different names are placed under the microscope for a close-up look at the similarities and differences of castaways bearing the same name. 1.680 more words


372 Portrait of Tommy Remengesau, the president of Palau. Watercolor

This is Tommy Remengesau, the president of Palau, yet another microcountry in the pacific ocean – I start to get the idea that the majority of the faces in this series might be leaders from these countries. 140 more words

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Day 55: Facts! South Pacific Edition

I swear, you could do a cursory Wikipedia search on basically any country on earth and you would find at least one interesting fact that you had no idea about before. 812 more words

So, here's the problem(s)

Three and a half weeks ago I promised that there would be updates coming. That stuff had been happening, interesting things to write about, and that latter part was true. 303 more words


Survivor Oz Top 10 - Top 10 'Blue Collar' Survivors

Survivor has brought us an array of ‘blue collar’ types, and in the lead up to the season 30 premiere, our stately Englishman, James Pickering brings our 3 week series to a close by presenting his top 10 picks of quintessential blue collar contestants who have kept it real during their time on the show. 1.641 more words