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Alii! That’s Hello in Palauan :-)

It’s my 6th day here and I am finally certified to scuba dive! The marine life here is swarming! I’ve seen packs of spinner dolphins, over a dozen sharks, and countless fish. 66 more words

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La Sciumara – Palau

By robertsardinia



Boats are Expensive and so is Research

This post was written on July 22nd, 2015*

There are times where I think to myself, “Amber – you did not think this through.” Unfortunately, even after years of thinking this, I… 542 more words

Why is Micronesia So Bad at Football?

Sorry but We Prefer Baseball

When the Micronesia football team was trounced 30-0 by Tahiti, then drubbed 38-0 by Fiji, and finally pummelled 46-0 by Vanuatu, its players would surely have been asking themselves why. 587 more words


The Start of Something New: Research in BELAU

July 17th, 2015

Alii world!

It is July 17th, 2015 and I just finished my first official week of research on the island of Belau (known as Palau to the rest of the world).   510 more words

Palau Part III: The Traveler's Dilemma

My Palau adventure has sadly come to an end, but I had an amazing last week in this beautiful place. I was in Palau for a 3-week research seminar on coral reefs, and if you missed my first two posts about this trip you can read them… 3.599 more words

5 Romantic Islands for Honeymoon

“Fathom Way To Go”, “ORBITZ Travel Blog”, and “Triplt Blog” are the top three romantic blogs. One of the hot topics is “The Best Destinations of Honeymoon”. 399 more words