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There are like, totally pictures in this post

Not the pictures I promised you, mind you. Because I am still the worst and have now broken two consecutive weekends worth of promises to myself, to Palau, and to the world that I would go through a chunk of that GoPro footage and get fun pictures.   1.806 more words


A death in a very small town

Tragedy struck on Sunday. No way to sugar coat this, no way to make it less stunning, no way to do anything but just write about it. 536 more words


50% (or, I am the worst and I'm sorry to everyone)

Not to you, dear reader.  Well, ok, to you, you’re part of everyone.  But I owe some other people an apology first.

Some of you may know that, when I started researching this Palau gig, I did the googles thing and found me some Palau blogs from some former Palau court counsel.   422 more words


Great Tourism Prospects for China’s Artificial Islands

The flood of tourists into Palau proves the great prospects for the development of tourism in the artificial islands built by China in the South China Sea. 1.065 more words