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Excerpt from "Words of the Lagoon: Fishing and Marine Lore in the Palau District of Micronesia"

Palauans say a person who is hard to wake up bad el wel–“sleeps like a turtle.”

-R.E. Johannes, Words of the Lagoon

Australia And Oceania

The Coin of the Realm -- and Something Extra

Everyone likes money because of the value it has in itself. Coin collectors like certain kinds of money because of its rarity or historical value. Every once in a while currency comes around that is just plain fun. 118 more words


Koror, Republic of Palau

Sailing north from Baluan Island in Papua New Guinea to Japan, we made a two-day SCUBA diving and snorkeling stop at Koror, The Republic of Palau.  408 more words

Coral Triangle

Cave. Man. Cooking.

We don’t eat out at restaurants very often, but we do love eating ashore.

We’ve cooked breakfast in a volcanic steam vent, found secret grottos for picnic lunches and dragged our BBQ up a river to cook sausages beside a fresh water swimming hole. 1.271 more words


Pasifika participation excites Pacific EDAs

Twenty-eight companies from eight Pacific Island countries are showcasing their products at the Pasifika Festival in Auckland on 25-26 March. 1.119 more words

New Zealand

Palauan made candies comes to Pasifika

Palaun Made is a family owned, home based enterprise run by owner, operator Tarita Holm. 399 more words

New Zealand