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Barcelona's hidden jewel

One of the most beautiful things you can see in Barcelona is hidden amongst ordinary buildings in the city’s oldest neighborhood. Walking down a narrow street, appears as if by magic in front of you. 134 more words


A Guide to Palau and the Maddalena Islands

 Spend the day upon a boat departing from Palau to the isles of Budelli, Spargi, S. Maria, La Maddalena, and the south of Caprera. After spending the day swimming in exotic beaches and feeling the breeze upon your face, stop for a visit to the Maddalena Islands. 705 more words


Palau Sunset

Sometimes known as the Rock Islands due to the degradation of the islands from rain washing down the limestone base which has made the mushroom shapes instantly recognizable by most. 43 more words


🇵🇼 Constitution Day (Palau) 🇵🇼

Today is Constitutiona Day in the Republic of Palau (Beluu er a Belau in Palauan), an archipelago nation to the east of the Philippines in Micronesia. 122 more words

National Holidays

Pacific Small Island States Unify for Climate Finance

While much of the world is still thinking about Brexit and its implications for their economy, Pacific island nations are racing against the rising waters as well as funding opportunities for climate resilience. 585 more words

Pacific Islands

Library books sent as donations to Micronesian schools, public libraries

The Friends of the Library of Hawaii book sale at the McKinley High School cafeteria ended Sunday afternoon, but for the books not sold, it’s the beginning of a journey to the Western Pacific. 169 more words


Charting Our Own Course

After our week of intensive diving on the liveaboard, we found ourselves with some extra time in Palau. And, honestly, after 25 dives in five and a half days, we were ready for a change of pace. 1.265 more words