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Tribal Council Autopsy: Survivor Palau Part 2/4

Episode 5, Elimination #7

Jenn and Gregg got close at Koror.

Tom became irritated by Willard for not tending to the fire as much as he should be. 637 more words


Tribal Council Autopsy: Survivor Palau Part 1/4

Survivor: Palau was the tenth season of US Survivor and took place in Palau. This four part series will analyse each of the tribal councils from this season to find successful strategy as well as blunders committed. 730 more words


Day 9: Most Proud Moment

Probably when I started teaching Sunday school. It’s one thing to teach a small group of kids, and it’s another to teach all the groups of kids. 211 more words


The beautiful Karimunjawa, Indonesia

Hello Curious Friends!

I just came back from one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is an island called Karimunjawa, Indonesia which is to the north of Java. 501 more words


8 International Trips You Should Take If You Live in Australia

Obviously when you’ve just moved to a new country, you should probably focus on making a bucket list of all the places actually in that country which you need to visit, but as usual I’m getting way ahead of myself and completing superfluous tasks first with no sense of urgency, so here we are. 1.611 more words


Day 4: Earliest Childhood memory


Earliest VIVID childhood memory would have to be my accident. I have a bunch of scars on my left leg and one big one  on my left artery area place. 194 more words