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Chief Mouser is back at home

BABOUGRAD – 12/08/2017

After three days of hospitalization, Toulouse, the Chief Mouser of Occitania is back in the president’s official residence in Babougrad. His condition is not yet stabilized and several medical dispositions are planned.


Babougrad has now his Numismatic Museum

BABOUGRAD – 11/08/2017

After several months of searching and filing, the Numismatic Museum of Babougrad (occitanian capital-city), will open its doors to the public tomorrow. 68 more words


Chief Mouser of Occitania urgently admitted to hospital

BABOUGRAD – 10/08/2017

Chief Mouser of Occitania, Toulouse was admitted to a veterinary clinic last night in Muret (suburb of Toulouse city) due to severe abdominal pain.  32 more words


Occitania inaugurates its Commonwealth

BABOUGRAD – 31/07/2017

Yesterday, with two Japanese micronations, Babou Chkaya founded a new international organization, the Occitanian Commonwealth. The aim of this organization is to strengthen the political, diplomatic and cultural ties between Occitania and its allies. 71 more words


Bastille Day celebrations in french- Occitania!

MEDOC – 14/07/2017

Bastille Day is the common name given in English-speaking countries/lands to the French National Day, which is celebrated on the 14th of July each year. 213 more words


Occitania: Vote on a new chapter of the constitution devoted to ecology


The Vergadering (Occitanian parliament), has voted today (2 FAVOUR/1 ABSTAIN/ 1 ABSENT) the addition of a fifth chapter in the Occitanian constitution devoted to ecology and sustainable development. 58 more words


MicroWiki : Aragon's page under attack


Three days after the massive cyber-attack against the pages of the Empire of Austenasia, the occitanian page about the Autonomous Aragon Oblast was attacked yesterday night. 85 more words