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Occitania celebrates today his second birthday

BABOUGRAD – 15 September 2017

Today, Occitania celebrates his second birthday! To celebrate this birthday, the micronation has created a forum, where all the citizens, members of the administration and foreign guests can know more about recent events in the micronation. 90 more words


Hurricane Irma : OAID has given food products

BABOUGRAD – 9 September 2017

Irma is a hurricane of category 5 and one of the strongest recorded in history. It struck the Caribbean causing at least the death of 25. 152 more words


Operation of special forces to save wild animals

BABOUGRAD – 04/09/2017

On the night of 3 to 4 September, individuals have thrown illegal fireworks on French territory in an area located between two Occitanian territories Babougrad and Lyudi. 89 more words


Al Occitania has now his news live channel !

The editors of Al Occitania decided to officially launch the broadcasting of a live channel. This new web live channel, called Al Occitania TV will broadcasts programs 7 days on 7, and 24 hours on 24. 31 more words


Former Chief Mouser of Occitania Toulouse dies

BABOUGRAD – 29.08.2017

After long health problems that began few weeks ago, Toulouse dies this morning at the age of  7. Toulouse suffered from a bladder tumor. 41 more words


Weather : Orange alert on 7 federal subjects

BABOUGRAD – 27.08.2017

The Occitanian Civil Protection has decreed the orange meteorological warning on seven federal subjects (All-Saints, Babougrad, Lyudi, Maltemps, Palmola, Shalom and Verd). The reason? 26 more words


Venezuela : a micronational El Dorado ?

BABOUGRAD – 26/08/2017

Tagtabazar, Sabia & Verona, Elandia, Unica… the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela seems to be a good place for the foundation of micronations. Exempted the two demographic giants of the cultural zone, Brazil and Mexico, Venezuela is the Latin American country hosting the most micronationalists .  754 more words