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Juan Cisneros is elected President of Occitania

20/12/2017 – BABOUGRAD

According to our informations from our local sources, Juan Cisneros will be elected President of the Popular Union of Occitania.

At 20:10, the electoral commission has confirmed only the results of few federal subject, the most populated hasn’t be published. 6 more words


Presidential & Legislative elections in Occitania : All the results

During three days, the Occitanians will elect their new president and their parliament. The vote is divided into three phases :

  • 18-20 December: E-Vote for the Occitanians living abroad…
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Occitania: Parliament dissolved, snap elections

BABOUGRAD – 04/12/2017

Only a few days after the last elections of 22 November 2017, which brought to the parliament and the presidency, the coalition  … 225 more words


Chkaya was reelected President of the Popular Union of Occitania


Occitanian President Babou Chkaya was reelected President of the Popular Union of Occitania for his 6th mandate of six months by the deputies.

Yesterday, his coalition wins the general election with 4 seats on 6. 127 more words


Timeline of the V° Occitanian General Elections

22 Nov 14h35 – R

The Occitanian general election, November 2017 will be the 5th General election of the Popular Union of Occitania. The vote will take place on November 22, 2017. 380 more words


22N Elections: Large left-wing coalition

BABOUGRAD – 18 October 2017

Today was created and for the first time in Occitanian history, a great coalition in order to bring several left parties to power.  305 more words


Branchadell will found its political party for the november general elections

14/10/2017 – BABOUGRAD

The President of the Republic of Three Flowers (occitanian federal subject), Vicent Branchadell will found a new political party and run in the next general election, in November. 121 more words