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Medoc plant flowers after the passage of Leiv

The inhabitants of the Autonomous Médoc Oblast have today planted new flowers after the passage in early February of the Storm Leiv which destroyed almost all the flower production in this federal subject of Occitania.  27 more words


Timeline : Flag referendum in Occitania

7:05 PM : “River Flag” project won the popular vote, Occitania MFA says.

6PM : New results from capital Babougrad, River 100% (2 Votes) and… 65 more words


Microvision 2017 : Occitania threatens to withdraw

The Occitanian television broadcaster, TV OC has ensured not being able to guarantee the occitanian participation to the next Microvision song festival, in Toyoashihara, due to the lack of experience and reliability of the organizers. 23 more words


Chkaya calling a referendum for a constitutional revision

The president of the Popular Union of Occitania, Babou Chkaya, will organize a constitutional revision referendum on May, 7. This referendum will take place one week after the flag’s referendum.  36 more words


France: The accidental rebirth of Occitania

An ancient region in the South of France has risen from the ashes and put itself back on the map. Occitania is an area doused in heritage, its name long entwined with the old hamlets, towns and cities that stud its hills, and the intriguing language marking out many of its inhabitants… 202 more words


Occitania y Adanesia ingresan a las Micronaciones Unidas

Tras un largo proceso de debate y votaciones tanto en el Consejo de Seguridad como en la Asamblea General ambas micronaciones han logrado su membresía en la organización. 81 more words

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