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Trobairitz: The Lady Composers of Medieval France

I’ve divided this article into two parts. 

Part One will give you the background information you’ll need to fully appreciate Part Two. Context is everything! 4.143 more words

Medieval Music

"La Historia, en mayúsculas, es un recurso para dotar la trama de un esqueleto sólido que ciña la acción a un contexto determinado"

Jaime I el Conquistador sucedió a su padre Pedro II en la corona de Aragón. Era su heredero. Pero, ¿y si hubiera tenido un hermano bastardo? 1.027 more words


Who are the N.F. Board

The N.F. Board is a football association which was setup in December 2003. They represent “nations” including autonomous territories, dependencies, unrecognised states, minorities, stateless peoples etc. 72 more words


Occitania Match Worn Home Shirt

Occitania are one of the most regular and long-standing non-FIFA international teams. Having competed pretty consistently since 2005, they have been around for a while and have had quite a lot of success. 249 more words

Football Shirts

2014: Year of the Separatists?

From guest blogger Tim Nau.

Separatism may have suffered a major set-back in Québec last week, but it’s alive and well in Europe.

The European Free Alliance currently lists 35 member-organizations, all of which are trying to achieve autonomy or out-and-out independence for regions now parts of larger nation-states. 242 more words

Luis Racionero: El Mediterráneo y los Bárbaros del Norte

Las dos Europas

¿Qué pasa con Europa? Cuanto mejor parecía, estallan dos guerras mundiales, y en palabras de Madariaga, “cuando Ortega nos había convencido de imitar a Europa, la modelo se volvió loca”. 1.951 more words


One day workshop "The Crusades. History and Literature."

11 Bedford Square, London, 22nd of March 2014, 10.00 – 18.00

A one-day workshop on the crusades and their texts, to include talks on lyric responses to the crusades in medieval France and Occitania, poetic sources in First Crusade texts, crusading warfare, chivalry and the enslavement of women and children, Outremer and redemptive suffering, and non-knightly participants in the crusades. 77 more words

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