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Federal Court opens an investigation against Lundenwic for hate crime

“The Federal Court opens an investigation after the complaint filed by Vicent Branchadell, President of the Republic of Three Flowers and in the name of the moral personality of this territorial entity for hate… 131 more words


Massive vandalism of thousand Occitanian pages on MicroWiki

29 March 2018 – Babougrad

UPDATE #1 / On 6PM, the Civil Guard, Occitanian Police forces have published a press conference.

Since 14:41 UTC, an account named “ 161 more words


Spanish drag-queen will represents Occitania in the next Microvision

Spanish drag-queen, La Prohibida (in Spanish, The Forbidden Woman), will represent Occitania at the next Microvision Song Festival in June 2018 after her song’s victory in the… 114 more words


The PIP did not vote confidence motion to the Chkaya government.

10 March 2018 – BABOUGRAD

The President Cisneros political party, the PIP (Progressive Independent Party) did not vote the confidence motion to the Chkaya V government (of which he is a member of the coalition). 79 more words


GUM Popular Consultation : "No" wins with 59%

59% of the occitanian citizens, living in Occitania has voted “NO” to this proposal. 

On March 4, Occitanians has voted for their country’s membership in the Grand Unified Micronational. 118 more words


GUM Membership Popular Consultation : live results

On March 4, Occitanians will vote for their country’s membership in the Grand Unified Micronational. The question is: Should Occitania begin the process of leaving the Grand Unified Micronational? 267 more words


MICROVISION 2018 : opening of registrations

BABOUGRAD – 2 March 2018

The Micronational Broadcasting Union (MBU) has published the registration form for the Microvision 2018 Song Festival today. In the same time, the MBU has opened the… 145 more words