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664. Neu! '75 - Neu

Brief Background: Neu ’75 is third album by German Krautrock band NEU!. The album has two distinct sides with the first being rather mellow instrumental rock and the second being more agressive proto-punk with vocals. 161 more words

Shout Out to Northeastern's Rescue Team!

Shoutout to Northeastern University’s Rescue Team!!!

I just had my first Skype call with Alex (President) and Alice (Executive board member) and their passion for Liberty in North Korea truly awed me. 54 more words

Neu! - Leb' Wohl (1975)

I’m struggling to understand why it has taken me so long to post anything by the incomparable Neu! on this blog. No matter, an omission now rectified. 179 more words

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Mehrzweck o

Schneid den Schokobraten in Stücke,

Kind mit Zahnlücke,

und jauchzen voll Glück hey

hey dazu Stierhodentee,

im nu ein Fest

nein kein Restaurant

fein im  Etablissement, 138 more words


Erster Tag - erster Eindruck

Der 1.8.2016 ist für uns der Beginn eines neuen Lebens: Um 5:30 Ortszeit setzte unser Flieger der Linie AirChina auf dem Rollfeld des International-Airport-Pudong auf. 314 more words


50 classic albums to listen to before you die (4/5)

By Daniel Margrain

Neu 2 (1973) Neu Neu’s intuitive and innovative ‘motorik’ beat of surging rhythmic impulses, obsessive repetition and cosmic futuristic soundscapes, predicted the neurosis of the post-industrial era as exemplified in the work of artists like Pere Ubu, Joy Division and Public Image Limited. 740 more words