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Eine Stadt wie ein… ja, wie ein was denn eigentlich? Nein, Berlin, mir fällt kein Vergleich ein.

Vier Jahre lang warst du für drei, viermal im Jahr mein Wochenende Auszeit, mein Urlaub vom Leben in Charlottenburg. 244 more words


Neu! - Neu! 75 (1975)

Finally a chance to do it properly?  Neu have their sound, they don’t run out of money this time.  On the other hand Michael Rother has been drifting off to play with Harmonia, exploring ambient sounds, and Klaus Dinger has roped in his brother and Hans Lampe to both play drums his material.  371 more words

Album Review

Late Night Stargazing

In 1971, Michael Rother and the rather wonderfully named Klaus Dinger quit Kraftwerk and went into the studio with Kraftwerk’s producer Konrad Plank to record their eponymous debut album. 52 more words

Late Night Stargazing

Is it normal to have Snow in Barcelona?

Maybe this could be the first Mobile World Congress with snow in Barcelona. I can asure you that the people who love in Barcelona and the coast in this part of the world they may love SNOW! 356 more words

[freshman rant] Why are students so cliquey here?

Frustrated freshman here. Its second semester and I haven't made a single friend. Like come on, ive been making effort but these cliques are ridiculous, everybody is content with their own small circle and alienates everyone else. 25 more words


Yoga Termine – NEU NEU

Yoga Termine – NEU NEU:

8.3.2018, 1815-1945, Klubhaus TSV Stelingen

10.3.2018, 13-14, Salzgrotte Seelze

10.3.2018, 17-18, Salzinsel Hannover

12.3.2018, 19-20, Salzinsel Hannover

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Neu. Κάτι καινούργιο.

Μία Ελληνίδα εικαστικός πειραματίζεται με τη διαδραστικότητα του χώρου και του σώματος και επαναπροσδιορίζει την έννοια της τσάντας.

Ποιά είναι η σχέση του χώρου με το σώμα; Τι είναι ένα αντικείμενο και πώς μπορεί να εγκλωβίσει το σώμα μας; Πώς μπορεί το σώμα να παραμορφωθεί; Πώς ένα σώμα εμπιστεύεται κάποιο άλλο; 26 more words