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In Latvia, hundreds march in honor of German SS veterans


In Latvia, hundreds march in honor of SS veterans

Man arrested for displaying a poster of soldiers killing Jews during world’s sole event for former Nazi fighters…

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A Prominent American Hate Group Just Collapsed Because of an Affair - VICE

This is SO PWT!! Yup, Poor White Trash, tearin’ down the trailer park…. reminds me of that “Daddy, yer crushin my smokes” joke…

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Doctors To Examine Minneapolis Man Sought In Nazi Case

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — American authorities are moving ahead with Poland’s request to extradite a 99-year-old Minnesota man to be tried on allegations he was involved in a World War II massacre of civilians, Polish prosecutors said Thursday. 365 more words



Timo Pekka Olavi Siitoin (May 20, 1944 – December 8, 2003) fu un apprendista occultista e divenne piu’ tardi noto come il fondatore del Partito Nazista Finlandese. 160 more words


Your Racist Language

You know, language and words have a life of their own. Some words can change meaning drastically, taking on so much weight, baggage, and connotation that they become nearly unusable unless prefaced by a huge contextual aside to clarify the meaning. 1.007 more words

Sir Nicholas Winton

I discovered Sir Nicholas Winton through a LinkedIn video (yes, social media) and wanted to spread the knowledge of this inspiring human being. He was a very quirky individual, extremely modest and truly a man with a heart of gold. 226 more words