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"Nazi's not as bad as IS" says Abbott

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has argued that Islamic State is worse than the Nazis in World War Two.

‘The Nazis did terrible evil but they had sufficient sense of shame to try and hide it. 360 more words

Rightwingers, learn your history!

The irony meter explodes again

Where do we begin? This is so ridiculous it’s low even by Biffer standards.

Yes, we know – Biffers rely upon the ignorance of their followers. 76 more words

Britain First

I Did Not Do That in Vain

I did not power down those we trust to protect us for any reason but to teach them that they were not able to do what they thought they could do.  97 more words

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End Times? – The World View I Embrace

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L. A. Marzulli

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Thei'yre. Take That Grammar Nazis

If there is one complaint I am sick of about my blog, it’s the use of spelling and grammar. You guys arn’t telling me anything my english teachers in school used to tell me on a regular basis! 208 more words


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Sir Douglas Haig’s conduct of the battle prompted – and still causes – great controversy. Critics argued that his inflexible approach merely repeated flawed tactics; others argue that Haig’s hand was forced in that the Somme offensive was necessary in order to relieve the French at Verdun. 292 more words