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Nicholas Winton, saviour of children on the Kindertransport dies at 106

LONDON – Nicholas Winton, a humanitarian who almost single-handedly saved more than 650 Jewish children from the Holocaust, earning himself the label “Britain’s Schindler,” has died. 101 more words


Former Auschwitz guard asks God for forgiveness

WATCH ABOVE: Oskar Groening appeared in Lueneburg state court in northern Germany on Wednesday, and said he helped in the running of the death camp. 142 more words


VIDEO: PEGIDA March Ruined By 2 Anti-Fascists When They Took Their Banner

Germany’s ultra right-wing ‪Pegida‬ march was ruined by 2 anti-fascists.

PEGIDA, which is a group of people who have inherent hatred towards Islam and Muslims met their match at their march when 2 anti-fascists when took their banner. 33 more words



Munich is known as the heart of the Nazi movement. It is where Hitler became radicalised to their ideals and made his attempted coup. It’s also where he created one of the first concentration camps in Germany. 582 more words


Architectural Propaganda

Architecture controls the masses. We’re born into an environment and throughout our lives, the enclosed spaces that we call home, school and work defines our ideals and induce philosophical ideas. 5.677 more words


NASA - Never A Straight Answer!

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

NASA – Never a Straight Answer cut the live feed from the space station!  And the the Critics are saying this: 240 more words

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a shift in mind

Artists are sometimes activists of freedom and their freely expressed art has sometimes been the object of repression. As we speak, ancient artefacts and sites from Syria are being destroyed by isis jihadists in the name of ‘god almighty’; classical art was many times destroyed for iconoclastic sectarian or political reasons; nazis set fire to so-called ‘degenerate’ books and painting; and closer to our times, in communist countries arts have almost always been censored. 480 more words

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