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Son of Saul

It is my intention to bring you all five Best Foreign Language Film nominees, from this past 88th Annual Academy Awards ceremony, over the next five weeks. 377 more words


The Prophetic Witness of a Murdered Jesuit

“Rejoice—for the Lord is near!” Could you ever believe those words? Could you imagine yourself saying them at your best moment? At your worst? Could you imagine yourself writing those words with manacled hands in a prison cell? 821 more words


Reading Nietzsche: the Memoirs/Nothing Nazi About Nietzsche

Here’s a review of a new Nietzsche biography, The Making of Friedrich Nietzsche. The review (astutely titled “Nothing Nazi About Nietzsche”) wastes no time mentioning the damage Nietzsche’s sister did to his (Nietzsche’s) reputation: 428 more words


Theo Balden (born Otto Koehler) (1904-1995).


Reviving Roman Empire Gestapo Growing

Thinking on the rise of Adolf Hitler to power in the Germany of the 1930s immediately produces realization that the bringing together of ruthless enforcement entities was key to establishment of der Fuhrer’s dictatorship. 819 more words

Prophecy Line

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Dachau, Germany (former concentration camp)

Another trip I made when in my first European destination was to a town located in Munich’s suburbs where there is a former concentration camp… 351 more words



Let’s do a kind of YouTube Q&A shall we? Here we go.

Actually, let’s not.

Yes, Patrick Stewart is in this film. It’s the only explanation I can think of as to why it has a current RT score of… 240 more words