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This is what the bitch says when she wants to say, “I can’t help you” to the gender that obviously has more power in the workplace.

Operation Daybreak: Obscure war film with a killer synth score (1975)

It’s good having a wide circle of heads to slip you good music, but this is the first tip-off I’ve ever got in my granny’s house having a cup of tea. 369 more words

Total Recall

Germany Bans Jew 2018

Let me explain. I called the latest German government what they are doing between Merkel, Junkers whose ancestors built NAZI bombers and Soros involvement in Germany as a bunch of frigging NAZIS. 271 more words

The Commie Bash

Star of the Wrong Side

Move over Romeo and Juliet, the world has has a new romantic tragedy and it stars the beautiful and naive Czech actress Lida Baarová. In 2016, a fictionalized feature film and a full-length documentary were released about Baarová’s international film career and personal life. 478 more words

A Brief History of Vertical Take-Off and Landing

Of course it was the Nazi’s who pioneered VTOL technology. I should have guessed/assumed when I saw the story.


How Fanta Was Created for Nazi Germany

The soda was made from apple fibers and a cheese by-product.

11 Jan 2018  | Matthew Blitz | Atlas Obscura

“IT’S FEBRUARY 1944, AND BERLIN is attempting to recover from American aerial bombing. 1.334 more words


Old russian neonazi`s graffiti in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Це, мабуть, одне з найдавніших політичних графіті Харкова. Радше за все воно нанесене неонацистами з харківської ланки РНЕ – “Русского национального единства” \ “Російської національної єдності”.