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Godwin's Law should force us to remember & fear our shared heritage with Nazi Germany

Summary: American discussions often end in references to Hitler or Nazis. That’s usually seen as an oddity or fun fact, when in fact it warns us of deep aspects of American society that have roots in 1930s Germany — and that still shape our future. 1.327 more words


Another Mother’s Son

Running time: 98 mins
Release Date: 24th March 2017
Certificate: 12A
Director: Christopher Menaul
Cast: Jenny Seagrove, John Hannah, Julian Kostov, Ronan Keating

Set during World War II, when the island of Jersey was occupied by the Nazis, and based on the true story of Louisa Gould, who took in an escaped Russian POW and hid him over the course of the war.

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Talking Point: Donald Trump's immigrant crimes list

Claim: Members of the media are claiming that President Trump’s list of immigrant crimes resembles a policy from Nazi Germany. 417 more words


Prussian Blue: murder at the Berghof

It’s 1939 at the Berghof. A Nazi apparatchik just got shot – on the terrace where Hitler takes his tea! When I picked up the 12th book in the Bernie Gunther series I was fully prepared to report that the modern thrillers aren’t a patch on the original Berlin Noir trilogy. 421 more words

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Never forget

On this day in 1933 Adolf Hitler managed to push “The Enabling Act” through the Reichstag in Germany.

This gave him the position of Dictator, and gave the minority Nazi party effective control of Germany.  205 more words


Mel Gibson Is Quietly Supporting Holocaust Survivors

It’s been a good year for Mel Gibson.

His latest blockbuster Hacksaw Ridge earned a slew of nominations from a range of arts academies. This past December, he got seven nomination nods from the Critics’ Choice Awards. 1.010 more words


Tim Allen "Hollywood is like Nazi Germany"

Tim Allen has compared living in Hollywood as a Republican to being a Jewish person living in 1930’s Nazi Germany. The actor and comedian told Jimmy Kimmel Live this week that the atmosphere in so-called ‘liberal’ Hollywood right now is extremely facist.

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