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The Holocaust - We Must Remember, Dr. Michael Berenbaum


 30-Hour Series of Interviews broadcast on the Roger Fredinburg Radio Program 

10-27-1997 – First Program in Series

Guest:   Dr. Michael Berenbaum, author… 5.069 more words


‘UKIP’ announces shock merger with far right ‘British Primacy’ party

In a shock move the far right ‘British Primacy Party’ (BPP) which describes itself as a patriotic ‘street defence’ movement has aligned itself with the ultra-right ‘United Kingdom Insular Party’ (UKIP). 300 more words

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Olivia's change of heart

Good things come to those who wait. That’s how the story goes anyway. Whether or not you choose to believe it is your own affair. Personally I’m a little too jaded and cynical to fall for that – at least most of the time I am. 353 more words

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BF to stop asking biffers for fascash

Britain First has sent another begging letter. As usual, I’ve found the original draft with all the crossings out and posted it here it for the hard of understanding (biffers)… 589 more words

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Extra post: Liberation of Gdansk

Today’s special post is in honor of the great city of Gdansk, Poland, destination of over 40% of the UNRRA livestock shipments. My Polish friend Grace, who lives near and works in Gdansk, recently noted that the city would be observing the 70th anniversary of the “liberation” of Gdansk on March 31. 202 more words

Seagoing Cowboys

The Eagle Has Landed (1976)

The Eagle Has Landed would be the perfect partner to Where Eagles Dare in a WW2-themed double bill. Not only do the films share similar titles, but their basic storylines are practically mirror images of each other: in… 580 more words


Oramienplazt / Berlin : Who would have burned the 28 buddies Oranienplazt?

source: droitsdemigrants

28 doors Oranienplazt, refugees of control symbol for integration, representing 28 member states of the European Union that have closed their doors to refugees was found burned to wake people this morning. 164 more words