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Mussolini's Headquarters

Palazzo Braschi in Rome, the headquarters of the Fascist Party Federation, 1934.

Town rallies around Jewish family hit by anti-Semitism, turns swastikas into signs of love

HAVERTOWN, Pa. — A Jewish woman in suburban Philadelphia woke up last week to a spray-painted swastika on her trash bin, and now her neighbors and strangers from other countries are rallying to support her by painting their own garbage cans with flowers, hearts, birds and butterflies. 661 more words


Israel bombing Gaza again!

Yes, Israel is bombing Gaza again. I’m surprised there’s anything left to bomb, yet the world remains silent, unable and unwilling  to rein Israel in and say enough is enough. 801 more words


Burkini and the barrel

“…never allow yourself to be dragged on a barrel.” (Dr. M. Edelman)

Although I wholeheartedly believe it is important to draw these kinds of parallels, it always makes me feel a bit uneasy. 613 more words

The "Alt-Right," Triangle Badges, and the Lie of Otherism

The symbol of the yellow double triangle, the Star of David, with the word “Jude” inscribed still strikes horror into those who see it… and for good reason. 1.833 more words

Broken Dad's Blog


Layaknya musim hujan, musim rambutan dan bahkan musim kawin, tiap bulan Agustus di Indonesia juga terjadi fenomena patriotisme musiman. Banyak umbul-umbul maupun bendera nasional merah putih dikibarkan di depan rumah setiap orang termasuk juga di depan rumah Ipul dan Samid. 1.689 more words