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THEY WERE LIKE FAMILY to ME: STORIES by Helen Maryles Shankman

THEY WERE LIKE FAMILY to ME (Scribner) by Helen Maryles Shankman is “an absolutely dazzling triumph…A singularly inventive collection” (Jewish Book Council) of linked stories set in a German-occupied town in Poland during World War II, where tales of myth and folklore meet the real-like monsters of the Nazi invasion. 397 more words

Helen Maryles Shankman

The New Star Of Germany's Far Right

Populist parties have been flourishing across Europe, and are already in power in Hungary and Poland, but a far-right resurgence in Germany is uniquely alarming, both because of its history—the postwar constitution was designed to curb populist influence—and because of its dominant position on the continent.

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Stopping the Purveyors of Hateful Propaganda

Propaganda has been an important tool in war efforts for centuries. Today, there is a growing consensus to forcefully confront the people and machinery used to promote terror, as much as the effort to eradicate the terrorists themselves. 1.270 more words


Indian-origin lawyer shoots 9 in US, killed by police

Indian-origin lawyer shoots 9 in US, killed by police

An Indian-origin lawyer with apparent Nazi sympathies went on an early morning rampage in US’ Houston city shooting nine people on Monday before he was killed by police, according to authorities. 150 more words

4 Virtuous Behaviors That Are Keeping You Imprisoned

Much of what we’re told about virtuous behaviors is wrong. Certain behaviors that are deemed noble are in fact prisons you optionally lock yourself in. These habits often go completely unchallenged and become a source of great unhappiness for people who implement them. 921 more words

Human Behavior

Houston gunman had 2 weapons, thousands of rounds at scene

HOUSTON (AP) — A disgruntled lawyer wearing military-style apparel with old Nazi emblems had two weapons and more than 2,500 rounds of live ammunition when he randomly shot at drivers in a Houston neighborhood before he was shot and killed by police, authorities said. 616 more words


Red Front Republic let their faces down no pizza though

Red Front Republic held another demo and no it wasn’t Pizza Hut munching on Pizza. Nope, they took a leap and a jump and ended up in the pub! 136 more words