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Charlottesville Incident

I am sick of hearing about it.  I really am.  I am sick of not knowing what actually happened, but there are only a few raw videos available.   442 more words

Current Events

One flag

One flag – Old Glory

Not a Nazi Flag
Not a Confederate Flag

You cannot fly either of the latter and claim to love the United States


Oh, I know why I'm drinking this wine!

Shocking news! Women may be binge drinking more without even realizing it!
That was the gist of a “news” story that I saw on Facebook yesterday. 799 more words

Stuff That's Not About Cancer

I'm not shocked, outraged, or surprised.

With the current events of our time, is it really surprising what is unfolding? The left and the right going at it is not surprising in the least to me. 331 more words

How to be a (Conscious) Mountain Biker (Human Being)

I needed something light today – and this video always makes me laugh. I love mountain biking – and the mountains have been saving my ass from my own grief and sadness these last couple of months (and especially these last couple of days). 401 more words


Bridging the Gap

Let’s begin, shall we?

For the past week, my heart has been aching. Not that dull, senseless ache from working too many hours at your job…not that sudden jab when you miss your spouse or a loved one. 447 more words

Thoughts after Charlottesville

This is very hard to watch. (I suggest an “R” rating and that it not be shown to children.) But if you want to really understand the face of racism and white supremacy, please watch – to the very end. 128 more words