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Trump ain’t the Nazi, Hillary is

Here’s how:

Only Hillary eliminated: She eliminated Trump from the media, she eliminated justice on all legal charges against her, she eliminated the poor worker from all her trade deals, she eliminated all alternative views be it on education, or abortion, or immigration. 516 more words


Humor Era Nazi (2)

Giessen – Tidak semua orang yang  hidup tertekan dibawah Hitler bersikap pasif. Sebagian dari mereka melakukan gerakan bawah tanah, dan sebagian lagi melakukan perlawanan melalui humor. 548 more words

Live In Germany

Work Will Set You Free – Dachau Concentration Camp

Having already gained some understanding what life was like in a concentration camp at Le Struthof, in France, I now find myself in Dachau, only 29 kms from Munich and the site of the first Nazi Work camp which was to become a model for the 20,000 camps and sub camps set up during Hitler’s regime. 842 more words

European Nomad

Lying Tongues

Lately we have seen much dishonesty documented by many of our country’s leaders and even by members of the news media.  This dishonesty is not unique in our history for our establishment leaders but it never ceases to be disturbing to a God-fearing person. 442 more words

Christian Life

Holocaust Victims

Dead inmates at a Nazi concentration camp.


Executed for refusing to say “Yes”

The pages of Christian history are filled with countless names of those who came from virtual anonymity and proceeded to leave an indelible mark. St. Teresa of Calcutta is a prime example. 818 more words


Austria to tear down Hitler birth house


VIENNA: The house in Austria where Adolf Hitler was born is to be torn down to stop it from becoming a neo-Nazi shrine, the government said on Monday (Oct 17), after years of bitter legal wrangling with the current owner. 530 more words

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