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Ode to Punch a Nazi

So as most people are probably aware of right now, there is this group running around who call themselves Antifa. Antifa which in their minds is shorthand for anti-fascism are now renown for showing up at rallies and causing damage to both events and attendants. 1.056 more words

160 // The Great Escape, Getting Away With It

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In March 1944 in the prisoner of war camp Stalag Luft III there was an escape happening, and it was not just a guy trying to jump over a fence and legging it. 813 more words

Mental Health

Review | Gift of Darkness:Growing Up in Occupied Amsterdam by Craig K. Comstock

Title: Gift of Darkness:Growing Up in Occupied Amsterdam
Author: Craig K. Comstock
Genre: Non Fiction, Biography
Publisher: Willow Press

Publishing date: 25th November, 2015
Pages: 206…
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Bookish Talks

Part 1: Let's Talk about the Future of Books

This is my dystopian future regarding books and how it will affect society. I think there won’t be anymore physical books in the future, it’s all going to be on kindle like technology. 559 more words


Nazi Artifacts Uncovered In Argentina

A member of the federal police holds an hourglass with Nazi markings on Friday at the Interpol headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Natacha Pisarenko/AP

20 June 2017 | Merrit Kennedy | NPR… 290 more words


U of O Holocaust scholar says he is a aim of Polish 'hate' campaign

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Hidden trove of suspected Nazi artifacts found in Argentina

(ABC News) — In a hidden room in a house near Argentina’s capital, police believe they have found the biggest collection of Nazi artifacts in the country’s history, including a bust relief of… 532 more words