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Clod on a Hot Tin Roof

Well, the sweat continues as preparation for departure approaches. Hopefully, today is the last day of the brutal stuff. Due to the unusual heat (94-98 degrees ever since my last post) not much has been accomplished. 378 more words


2037 County Championship preview

2037 Stormzy Luxury Walk-In Baths County Championship Div One preview

Now in its 148th year, minus the seasons lost to three world wars, the County Championship remains English cricket’s most prestigious silverware, as well as the last remaining domestic first-class competition outside of Ireland. 911 more words


New Book Release: American Rococo

What do seashells, obesity, graffiti, and the American ghetto have in common? Nude hot springs and the Japanese theater? Atheists and family-values conservatives? Why do atheists go on religious pilgrimages? 205 more words


Riverview Amusement Park

While digging around on some aerial photographic archives I found an image from 1938 showing Chicago’s now defunct Riverview Amusement Park (1904-1967).  You can see some of the amusement park rides (the Chutes and the Bobs) and other features. 37 more words


Zombie Poison

I was cleaning up a bit and found this on one of my book shelves. Of course this was the basis for the Wade Davis best-seller and film “The Serpent and the Rainbow”. However, this is real.


Fireplace Simian

Here’s an example of the “pareidolia” effect where the mind connects the dots and sees faces in random space. Here is a Planet of the Apes gorilla in a burning fireplace log.