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George "The Animal" Donut

George Steele immortalized as a glazed confectionary at Voodoo Donuts.


Here is a good video to watch. Father Ja ...

Here is a good video to watch. Father James Martin talks about what the Bible says about refugees and migrants….


Trip Routing

This post is definitely more about describing how I work out where to go and where to stop than it is about how you should do so. 5.166 more words

Navel Gazing

Shopping Spree Joy!

What joy book shopping! Especially when I have a whole sunny Saturday afternoon to myself with second-hand bookshops and stalls near and far waiting for me to come and do virtual cartwheels down their aisles. 790 more words


Anglish and English: Why our language is 750 and not 1,500 years old

How the English language arose is a captivating story with a great cast of characters, though they happen to be groups of people and texts rather individuals. 11.804 more words


Keep calm and listen to Handel

Enjoy five minutes of calm with George Handel on this Wednesday ‘hump’ day –

George Frideric Handel’s Pifa (Pastoral Sympony)

I’ve gone all ‘pastoral’ again this week. 519 more words


Harvest Corn Dollies at All Saints, Siddington, Cheshire

Located on the side of the A34 between Congleton and Alderley Edge in Cheshire, All Saints Church at Siddington is clearly visible on a slight rise with its distinctive timber frame filled with wattle and daub plaster and painted with black and white stripes to highlight the timber frame.  523 more words