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Book podcasts

I won’t say I’m not a fan of podcasts, I just don’t seem to get round to them. I used to subscribe to a history podcast from the BBC History magazine (which is called something else now, History Extra, I think) and while they were interesting, I never seemed to keep up with them and I would end up with dozens of un-listened-to shows. 578 more words


Ooo! More Junk Mail Friends!

Apparently, I’m more popular than I thought! Witness the following emails I received recently:

I am Judece Michael Tisioh, writing with due respect, trust and humanity, I got your email address after an extensive on-line search via network power charitable trust for a reliable person. 525 more words


Road Locomotives

Different weeks here in Butterfield bring different sights. This week, it’s a couple of steam-powered threshing machines that have been moved out of a large shed and parked on the grass. 1.728 more words


The Butterfield Marauders

Out for a walk a couple of weekends ago, I returned to camp to find that a motorcycle gang had moved in. Okay, maybe it was more of a motor scooter gang, and all of their bikes were vintage and very similar. 1.175 more words