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What's In a Word?

Just a reminder to you creatives out there, and a discovery moment for all those who sign up for sweepstakes, access to forums, photo display websites, and just about anything offered to you as a free or discounted online service. 1.064 more words


Horseless Carriage Welcomed With Open Arms...NOT!

Years ago, I was speaking with a nice lady who had no wild idea that the first automobiles were met with disdain rather than glad acceptance. 2.126 more words


Action Trumps Sentiments

Last evening, I was watching Expedition Overland’s set of videos about touring down into Central America (Season 2). I had downloaded them earlier on my DSL Internet service at Rancho Begley, to watch later. 308 more words

Navel Gazing

Equipment Follow-Up

This here’s a minor post on the e-bike and the printer, just to indicate how things are working out for those who might be considering adding these items to their Squandered Resources Arsenal. 1.503 more words

Mod Squad

Hoo Boy...

I just discovered that Four Wheel Campers has been sold to a San Francisco-based private equity firm, Salt Creek Capital, as of September of last year. 1.312 more words


Understanding Mormonism

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Mormonism

by Drew Williams

So far this book only rates two stars. When comparing Mormon ideas with mainstream Christian ideas the Author is is greatly oversimplifying the Christian ideas. 77 more words