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Much of Michigan is it’s own world, it seems, if one can mentally survive the crawling frustrations of circumnavigating the south end of Lake Michigan via Illinois and Indiana. 797 more words

Travelin' Man

Little book of spells - Books as Jewelry

I came home from work today to find a paper bag on my desk and these lovely tiny earrings were on a card inside. My husband said my mother had bought something for me while they were out for a drive. 134 more words


Thought for the day

I drink tea. Substitute your comfort beverage of choice.


Cam Newton Was the First to Wear a Bro-Romper and the Internet Is Throwing Him a Lot of Shade

The rompers-for-men trend is currently taking the Internet by storm thanks to a Kickstarter”RompHim” campaign that went viral. (It generated 1.8 million Tweets!) The company, … 415 more words


Buh-Bye Pano

The other day I e-biked to the very nice sightseeing viewpoint vista on Mingus Mountain, then further up to a cliff that also has a magnificent view of Cottonwood below. 1.457 more words


Risk Management Rebooted

Here’s something to consider. I found the two videos below to be supremely interesting despite their titles. That’s because “Survival Planning” is a fooler for us Norte Amerikahnskis. 333 more words

Daily Life