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An Amusing Ad

One of the things that keeps me away from broadcast TV here is all of the ads, all of them awful. Then when they repeat every ten minutes, it becomes an endurance contest. 46 more words


Harryhausen Cyclops in “Ready Player One”

I noticed at 1:45 mark, in new Ready Player One trailer that The Iron Giant and Harryhausen’s Cyclops from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad make cameos.


Tears for Gears

Well, among the final prep for departure items on my list is maintenance service that’s due on the Mighty Furd, and I also wanted them to check the front wheel alignment and check the front suspension parts, since the tires have been insistently cupping (wearing in weird and warpy concave patterns). 2.880 more words

The Intrepid

Too Much To Read

Over the many years that I’ve been reading, now and then I get a restless feeling. I wander around the house aimlessly. I try to concentrate on the television. 885 more words


Congrats GTD!

Nice to see a fantasy film do well at the Oscars!


Wow! The Opportunities Never End!

I received this urgent missive just today!


“Thank you very much for your urgent response to to me

“I am Ms. Liza Wong the Head of Accounting Audit Department of HSBC BANK (HSBC)in Malaysia. 443 more words