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Miracles and Magic In Your Hands

Have you stopped to notice all the little miracles that pass through our hands daily? While skimming through a number of recent and stored photographs, I could not help but realize how many beautiful things these worn out old hands have held.  116 more words

Train Ticket Miracles

I alluded to the drama that was Train Tickets in my post Give Me Strength… But boy did it have a fascinating end. Mother bought tickets last weekend and asked Grandmother to post them. 445 more words

My Life Today

Nine Ungrateful Lepers, and One who came back

Luke 17: 15-17 says” One of them came back to Jesus, shouting, “Glory to God, I’m healed!”  He fell flat on the ground in front of Jesus, face downward in the dust, thanking Him for what He had done…Jesus asked, “Didn’t I heal ten men?  339 more words


Sharing the joy!

I seldom share things from my family’s personal life but this one is too good. I have to share it with you all.

A week or so ago a large pile of crates fell on my son in laws right hand while working. 162 more words

Life Posts

the white fire of a great mystery

We have moments, all of us, when we wonder if we are on the right path and headed in the right direction. Or for me, I have stretches of days or weeks when I am not thinking much about the big picture. 1.186 more words


CONFIRMED : Irrefutable Physical Evidence of Exodus in Bible

Incredible! The Caldwell family investigated the same area traveled by Ron Wyatt, the real Mount Sinai in the arid desert of Arabia. We now have God confirming every detail. 48 more words

All Souls Are Mine

Faith, Miracles, and a Renewed Purpose

Wednesday, May 4, 2015

From a very early age, I knew my life would have to be fascinating or it wasn’t worth my time. It would have to include the mysterious and the miraculous and take me from very low points to very high points in order for me to see the whole picture clearly. 719 more words