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Life After Infertility: Balancing Optimism and Realism

When I was first diagnosed with infertility, I had a ton of optimism. You need that when you are going through procedures or taking fertility drugs month after month. 566 more words

Miracle baby believed dead cries out just hours before cremation

A tiny baby recently pronounced dead in China woke up crying after spending 15 hours in a minus12 degrees Celsius morgue and just before he was going to be cremated. 366 more words


Defined by What We Give

Like everyone, I long to know myself…to know my creative purpose in the world…to give myself to the mission installed in me from creation.  Whether I am known to others or overlooked by them, it truly does not matter.  237 more words


We are ALL Miracle Magnets

Yesterday I wrote about flipping it, switching it. After hearing Jim Rohn say UNTIL after I nearly gave up on a dream  I decided to do something constructive and I switched it and flipped it and started to refocus on what I want, not want I don’t want. 618 more words

Bible Miracles: Did they really happen, are they believable?

Christianity’s origin depended on miracles, which each have a purpose and a genuine place in recorded Scripture.

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Last Days

Scattered Desires

She cupped her hands

And cast the seeds of her desires

into the fertile ground

Of the universe

Her deed was done

Nothing more nothing less… 46 more words


ONE Year

A year ago today, February 8, 2015 at 10:38am, Jonathan (Meaning “Gift of God”) made his early arrival.  Our lives are forever changed.  He is truly is a very special gift.  283 more words

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