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His will until conflict, tragedy, forevermore

Gone once safe on that Heavenly Shore!

Child of God is safe even then

Psalmist experienced what God did contend! 229 more words


our niagara falls wedding

I’m not going to say much but just post pictures from our gorgeous special wedding day. I think the pictures say it all (just wish I could remember what we found so funny). 101 more words


The trip to Shirdi and the Miracles that Happened

Hello readers,

This is the continuation of my blog where I described the vision that I got before going to Shirdi. Baba had asked me to make a Mala out of beads for Him. 1.412 more words



It has been a good week of firsts…first week of summer vacation (for my school)…first tick bite of the season (PTL for oregano oil and applying it abundantly)…first corn on the cob (it is beyond great)…first crazy dream of electric wires since I was a little kid. 594 more words

The fine art of neglect

You know by now that there is only one thing standing between you and perfect bliss: the mind.

The mind in its ungoverned state is a noise factory. 348 more words

From The Counsellor

Daily Inspiration for Living a Spirited Life

When two or more are gathered, in person or in thought, their intent can manifest miracles through the energy of love. Namaste!


To stand strong in Spirit is to truly know Spirit. Spirit is available to each one of us. We can connect with the awesome power of The Most High Holy Spirit when we choose to do so. 235 more words

Daily IN-spiration