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Ineligible For A Miracle: Got my Vines Up In A Bundle

Have you ever felt ineligible for a miracle? I have.

In fact, I feel this way right now.

All my life, I’ve grown up with the belief that God can (and still does) intervene in human lives in ways that we have no clear explanation for. 910 more words


DaFruits of Standing and Listening to God in Every Season.❤

We serve a faithful God.

In every season have faith no matter what.

In every season trust God no matter what.

In every season pray for clarity it is important that we hear God clearly. 2.128 more words

“The truths that  taught, were the doctrines of grace; the works that He performed, were the miracles of grace; the invitations that He breathed, were the promises of grace; the blessings that He pronounced, were the gifts of grace—in a word, the blood that He shed, the righteousness that He wrought, the redemption that He accomplished, the salvation that He proclaimed, the souls that He rescued, and the kingdom that He promised, were the outgushings, the overflowings, the achievements, the triumphs, and the rewards of grace.”

Octavius Winslow

Evening Meditation

Please Start Judging Immediately!

If you’ve stopped judging, get at it again. If you never judged, get started. If you are judging some, please increase judging now! If you have been or just starting judging, get better and better at it! 3.450 more words


When Pigs Fly

The cashier was busy talking to another customer when I carefully placed the angel globe on the counter.  There were things strewn all over and my elbow inadvertently knocked into another item.  967 more words


My Magical Garden - A Sequel

Last May I wrote about a very special garden in the front of our home. This garden had a mind of it’s own, and would not yield to any of my attempts at planting flowers. 175 more words

"What's Going On With Humanity?"

That was the question Oregonian and ESPN news anchor Neil Everett said today on Sports Center! It could have been me walking into the gym, it could of been me at the high school I coach at, it could have been your work or your child or loved ones school, so let’s answer the question. 264 more words