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Be enlightened by personalized reading suggestions from our Librarian.

  1. Cracking The Dream Code

This book will also provide you common dreams, their interpretation and what action to take. 806 more words



Blue: (v) to make or become blue.

Often life arrives in a very pale shade, threatening despair, and I too quickly grab the “blues” to darken it. 185 more words

B Words

Poetry (Day 207): Operator


When I was a boy
we had one of those phones
where you turn the handle
to ring the bell.
The operator would answer… 96 more words


Good for the Soul Films//Apple Mortgage Cake

So. I really love a good film. Like, Seriously. The struggle gets real though because sometimes I want to watch something without feeling like I need to repent afterwards. 202 more words

Called Out

3 They did not conquer the land with their swords;  it was not their own strong arm that gave them victory. It was your right hand and strong arm… 291 more words

God Doing The Impossible

When God talks about doing the impossible, no man on earth will be able to stop God from doing so. We totally believe God can perform any miracles as and when He deems fit. 450 more words

Daily Devotion

Falling Into The Mind Trap

It’s been a weekend of fixing some small world injustices, which always brings up shadow work around “good enough.” In my little world, those shadows, if ignored long enough, manifest into walking into automatic doors at the craft store and unsticking my humidity soaked skirt from my rear in front of an audience I hadn’t noticed. 201 more words