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Kings and Kingdoms: Our First Calling

Around 2010, I began asking a question about what was going on with the church in light of the rapidly declining society in the US. What I could not figure out was, how could the church think it was doing such a great job when the evidence in society clearly revealed the opposite. 2.345 more words


God Will Send His Word To Heal And Deliver You

He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. 54 more words

Daily Thanksgiving Devotion

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Our God Comes AntiochLIVE It is sad to consider how people have taken all the good things that the Lord has done for them for granted. We take them for granted because they happen everyday and as a result we fail to realize they are a miracle from God. When people think of miracles, they often think of something impossible God accomplishes in someone's life (stories in the Bible for example); such instances are worthy of giving praise to the Lord. However, the Almighty is not into the grandiose miracles that people often see in the Bible. We must understand that the Bible does not record every miracle that God had done throughout history. If it did, then the Word of God would be too big for us to handle. That is because God is into the tiny and common miracles that we take for granted everyday. Giving us air to breathe, food to eat, and clothing to wear are just examples of God's many miracles that He showers upon His people. Even though they are small, they are still miracles from God nevertheless. Therefore let us pause and consider all the things that God has given to us daily. After considering the multitude of God's blessings upon us, let us give thanks to the Lord. For every aspect of our lives is a miracle from the Almighty.

Everyday is a miracle from the Lord, if we only open our eyes to it.  Check out these selections above and learn about the Miracles from God.

A New Beginning

This word excited me to my core this morning:
“It’s a new day. This is a new day and this is a new world – a new beginning for you. 328 more words


You Have Revealed Them to Infants

You Have Revealed Them  to Infants

In Matthew 11,  Jesus was totally disgusted  with the cities of Chorazin, Bethsaida  and Capernaum.     Despite the fact that Jesus had done many miracles  in these places,  they did not believe  or repent  of their sins.     445 more words


In the Lap of The Holy Trinity

In the ancient city of Yaroslavl, 250 miles outside Moscow, one of the prime attractions is a sculpture of the Holy Trinity.  The only one in Russia because before it was built only statues of Christ were allowed to be depicted in stone. 369 more words


All or Nothing

“I refuse to let others walk thru my mind with their dirty feet.”


I’m a walking contradiction, a conundrum even to myself. For I have everything and nothing at the same time. 391 more words