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Why Do You Do It?

After more than a few injuries and too many 15-20 hour work days to count facilitating interventions in my full time job as street outreach crisis counselor, someone asked me why I put all of myself into the full time work we do with the youth and young adults we serve. 340 more words


Carl's Desire for Freedom

As the sun poured through the window, Carl fluttered his eyes and looked around. After seeing that no one was stirring, he snuggled deeper into his bed, closed his eyes and slipped back to sleep. 372 more words

Something Fishy

This week we got to meet with a lot more people! Danny is set for August 8, we got to meet with David again before he leaves for Ireland, and we got about 3 referrals this week! 519 more words


Walk With God: Impossible Made Possible

A few years ago Honda had an advertising campaign all about making the impossible possible. It was innovative, creative and definitely caught your attention.

Dare I suggest that such a strap line could be used by God. 306 more words

Living For Jesus

The Miracles of Jesus 1

We notice in the scripture above that Jesus was preaching the gospel and healing. His focus was the gospel, and he healed.

He was not preaching miracles and then healing. 155 more words


Timothy Richard Tebow III Has Been Promoted To The Class A-Advance League

Can I get a hallelujah from the choir!?

Timothy Richard Tebow is out here proving the haters and losers wrong one day at a time. Sure he has a .222 batting average and I’ll concede 69 (nice) strikeouts in 63 games isn’t optical but even Jesus needed time before he started dropping miracles left and right. 369 more words


Effort and Faith

“Now, let me share my Miracles.
Only, their ultimate effectiveness will be
determined by your efforts, and your faith.”

—Petrus of Thorolund, Dark Souls.