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Age Revelation

 Origins of Age-Related Issues?

I’m choosing to leave this post somewhat rough-cut and without excessive editing and refining.  This is a topic that has been rising up and begging a response and just recently some things came together for me and I felt I had something to get out.   1.297 more words


Do You Notice and Recognize Miracles?

It’s been four months since I had abdominal surgery to remove a grapefruit sized fibroid from my uterus. I’ve written about my friends supporting and taking care of me, and I’ve covered how this  experience has opened my heart to kindness. 1.024 more words

The Hopper

Ephesians 4: "Prepare and Position"

Jesus ascended back to heaven after His Resurrection to bring All to full consummation, to apply what He had secured by His finished work, and to accomplish what only Kingdom of God on earth could accomplish. 1.156 more words

Love Beyond Letdown

“I told Him I love Him anyway”

These were the precious words spoken by our new friend after he had his tumor surgically removed.  This statement came in response to him needing surgery instead of the tumor being supernaturally healed by Jesus. 

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McFarland USA and the Rest of the Underdogs

Growing up I was kind of known for sticking up for the underdog. Or as M would say, I always had a “project” going – someone I was trying to pull out of their shell. 715 more words

Fat Bottom Fifties Get Fierce

Practical Steps To Physical Healing

New Video!

What do we do with God’s promises for healing when we don’t see an immediate miracle? Does your church tradition handle this question by dismissing miracles and healing, calling them heresy? 183 more words


Week #1 drawing coming up... | Mary Ellis Marathon

HEY! it’s almost time for the 1st Saturday giveaway!

No more entries will be accepted for tomorrow’s giveaway after midnight tonight EDT.

Entries received after midnight will be added to the drawing for next Saturday. 52 more words