Joseph Fiennes addresses 'blackface' backlash over axed Michael Jackson biopic

Joseph Fiennes has defended his now-canned portrayal of the late Michael Jackson, wishing viewers could still see the programme.

Sky Arts decided to pull the infamous Urban Myths episode… 615 more words


McKinney 8-year-old takes on Michael Jackson dance for talent show and nails it!

MCKINNEY — Just a heads up, you need to mentally prepare yourself for cuteness overload. This time though, it`s not puppies or kittens, it`s an eight-year-old stealing Michael Jacksons moves! 228 more words


'Stay Alive' by Jaq Moon

If you like your hip-hop with a little bit of pop, grime and even rock thrown in, then Jaq Moon’s new track ‘Stay Alive’ is without a doubt one for you. 108 more words


#58 Daily dose : Take Selfies With Celebrities Using Snapchat Drawing Tools

Our dream is to take pictures with celebrities – but that’s kinda hard to do.

Now its easier using the magic of Snapchat.


Yes, It Hurts...

A few days ago a colleague of mine asked for the name of the drug that killed Michael Jackson.
“Propofol” I answered.
“It makes you forget, dosen’t it?” And she went on to lament the fact that no such drug is available for regular use and wouldn’t it be nice to take a pill and just forget your bad memories? 333 more words

Learning a new skill will hurt. So Much!

Yesterday I decided to learn how to dance Thriller by Michael Jackson; I used to love the singer more than anything growing up as a kid. 728 more words


The Magic of MJ

Vins has finally discovered the wonder of Michael Jackson! We listen to music a lot at home and in the car – but he’s never really sung along or tried to dance or anything. 347 more words