Is Aaron Carter The Second Coming Of Michael Jackson?

Photo via Michael Jackson’s website

In delusional news, child star Aaron Carter seems to believe Michael Jackson passed down the torch to him. Carter says him and MJ connected because they really were and still are the only ones of their kind. 54 more words


Ένας ανερχόμενος Ιρλανδός τραγουδιστής με κάνει να αλλάξω γνώμη για μια από τις μεγαλύτερες επιτυχίες του Michael Jackson.

Δεν θα με ακούσετε συχνά να λέω καλά λόγια για τα τραγούδια του Michael Jackson, ενώ συγκεκριμένα το Billie Jean νομίζω πως είναι ένα από τα πιο υπερεκτιμημένα τραγούδια στην Ιστορία της ποπ.

Τώρα, όμως, έρχεται ο Ιρλανδός Eden με την πολύ ενδιαφέρουσα διασκευή του στο πασίγνωστο τραγούδι, και με κάνει (όσο και αν αυτό θα θεωρηθεί βλάσφημο από πολλούς) να το ακούσω με άλλο αυτί!


No# 145

Handmade: Broche
Stamp origin: The Netherlands
Size: 3.3×4.3×1cm (Length ribbons max. 17cm)
Subject: Popstar – Michael Jackson

Material: stamp, foam, broche pin, front and back orange vilt, glitter print carbon side frames, needles, plastified see-through window frame, tape, rapid fix glue, fake pearl beads and ribbons in the colours of the rainbow.



On This Day in MJ History 25th & 28th November 1987

On this day – 25th & 28th November 1987
Michael performs to capacity audiences of 135,000 at two concerts at Brisbane’s Entertainment Centre, an indoor venue. 80 more words

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Looking back...looking forward...

Looking back…

Of all the posts I’ve done to date, one of the most visited is, oddly enough, one of the “obscurities”… specifically Obscurity #1… 452 more words


Samplethon 2015 Spotlight: Bruton Music

For our second Samplethon 2015 Spotlight posts, we’re pleased to give some further information on our catalogue partner for the event, Bruton Music.

Founded by Robin Phillips in 1977, the label was named after Bruton Street in West London where the label was originally based. 226 more words


On This Day in MJ History 24th November 1992 

On this day​ in MJ History
– 24th November 1992
Inside a hangar at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, Michael witnesses the loading of 43 tons of medical supplies, blankets, winter clothing and shoes onto a DC-8 cargo jet bound for the children of Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a war zone in the former Yugoslavia. 460 more words

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