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Master's rules

I am allowed to serve Dom/mes sexually – And enjoy!

I am not to get pregnant, my vurtility is owned by my Master

I am not to call Dom/mes by their full title except for – 30 more words

bondservants & employees

Employees, you are not bondservants. Some would say the two are to be compared. And so we compare.

Bondservants, otherwise known as “slaves,” have nearly no rights or freedoms. 855 more words


Forgive Me, Dom, For i Have Sinned (Part 1)

(Yes, it’s that bad) Yesterday morning…5:56am, that’s when the worst of it started. i had woken up around 5:30 and that was a half hour late which meant that i was a half hour late at waking the slowest kid in the house. 1.735 more words


Introducing "Sixth Day"....

Chapter 1 will be released March 16, 2015 by 12pm Pacific Standard Time.

xoxo – Darling


What have I been up to??

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ― Dr. Seuss

I have been off the radar for quite some time…..

669 more words

Saving Charlie- Days 1 & 2

So I’m a dog girl. I’ve had cats in my life, but never really warmed up to them like I have to my dogs. I’ve loved my cats, don’t get me wrong, but their famous feline standoffishness was always turnoffish to me- a girl who wants to cuddle for a long time. 1.734 more words

Dragon Girl V

Waking up, I rolled over and looked at the clock, 6:30am.  It was Saturday morning.  Yawning, I groused to myself,   it’s too early to be getting up on a day off.    2.472 more words