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Juicing Hack: A Week of Juicing in One Go

Do you dream of being the kind of healthy person who makes a fresh vegetable juice everyday, but in reality you juice for a few enthusiastic days and then slip back to your old ways where you’re lucky if your juicer sees the light of day at the weekends? 598 more words


"Love means following his commandments, and his unifying commandment is that you conduct your lives in love." ~Apostle John

I must be diligent in living out the truth of God’s commandment. I must be consistent and not waiver. I must not give up.

Jesus, the Messiah and my Master, makes it clear that my one task is to love. 157 more words

God Thoughts

Mango Landin'

My Master set me quite a challenge the other night with the mango. I could only use the muscles of my cunt to push it out. 85 more words


[For. Vietnamese fans only] COMELY BOY tuyển admin hoạt động trên Facebook và WordPress

Chào tất cả các bạn fans của Jaehyun tại Việt Nam! Như các bạn đã biết thì COMELY BOY là một fansite mới mở nên chỉ có mỗi mình – Kim Jemi, là master thôi ㅠㅠ 532 more words



여러분 ~~~ 안녕하세요! NCT 재현의 팬 사이트 COMELY BOY입니다.

Hello everyone! New fansite support NCT Jaehyun has opened “COMELY BOY”, from Vietnamese fans.

All pictures and videos taken by us, please : 87 more words


When Daddy is on overload

My Daddy is having a tough time right now. He’s got so much stress piled on Him, I don’t know how to help Him. But that’s how I think. 489 more words