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Creative Writing - knife play

Written some time ago, I present this is semi-fictional, a collection of things I’ve done with sharp pointy things, but not all together with the same person, as presented here. 4.357 more words


The Story of Sega's First Console, Which Was Not The Master System


The Sega SG-1000 | Image by Evan Amos / Wikipedia

On July 15, 1983, the Famicom was released in Japan. The console, later rebranded in the West as the Nintendo Entertainment System, would go on to change video games forever. 530 more words


Research Scholarship

Do you think it’s impossible to research and study at the same time?

If you think so, pay attention to the research scholarships. These research grants allow master students to collaborate with researchers or research groups of the IQCC on their research lines. 70 more words

The Tale of Two Pots

There once were two pots that were used to draw water from the river.  Every day two or three times the young man shouldered his yoke.   296 more words


FPU call has been opened!

The call for the application of FPU PhD grants from the Spanish Ministry of Education has been opened today 19th January of 2017. If you are a current master student with research vocation do not miss it out! 37 more words


My Master gave me an order last night to find a video that had both an impressive outfit and some impressive fucking and share it with him (and you all.) If the video impressed him more than the image he had in mind, I’d get a reward. 158 more words


Educate Modern People, Manners.


Alhamdulillah, given blessing to live in this era and country where I can still get education and competing to get a job as soon as possible. 592 more words