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I glide across


Matching your heartbeat

I hear in dreams

Each night

I surrender to.


A soft breeze enters

Through a window

Like your breath… 36 more words



It’s been a hectically busy week here. So busy that for once I haven’t had time to blog and even stranger, haven’t had time for orgasms either. 376 more words


The Journey (Part 5) – Hit In The Head By A Coconut

Okay, so we have reached part 5 so far. These story of mine are almost catch up with my current time. I’m not sure as how much more these series would go, but have a peace of mind by knowing that it won’t be for long. 938 more words


The Machine

The pointless flights
of empty,
weathered words

and fancy
of our lords

Dreaming only
of our flights
in cold insanity

Dancing lonely
at the plights… 21 more words

The Pocketbook

LEARNING FROM THE MASTER! - Epic Volcanic Factions Challenge Series - #13 (Minecraft Factions) - Learning from the Master Reviews

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Bestseller No. 1 Quest Nutrition Protein Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 21g…

A master sommelier reveals 4 trends changing the wine industry


As summer fades to fall, rosé’s time in the sun is quickly fading. Fortunately, there are some fresh new wine trends on the horizon. 698 more words