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7 Proven Tips to Master Your Time

“The bad news is that the time vuela.La good news is that you are the pilot. “
Are you jealous of your colleague who constantly performs more than you do? 527 more words


Today's Thought: Stunning Revelation

Praying the Names of God: What a stunning revelation—that God is not only Lord and Master, the Ancient of Days, the Mighty Creator, the Holy One of Israel, but also Abba.

Daily Thoughts

What is BDSM?

So before I start my post on what BDSM is, I figured  I’d let you guys know that I’m going to be using  this blog for both essays but also for what’s called a slave diary/journal. 206 more words


Alandra--What it Means to be a Mist Girl

To me being a “mist girl ” is living my life, I have been a mist girl for the past 30 years.  What it meant in the early years has changed in the later years, not only due to age but also what is happening in our life. 280 more words

When School is Over

As soon as we approach graduation, many of us feel lost, because for the first time we are on our own and have to make important decisions for our future. 435 more words


What should I do after graduation? Part II

So, in the last post, I was talking about my background and the alternatives that I’ve thought of. On this post, I will breakdown the alternatives and why I feel stuck despite having those great alternatives. 559 more words

Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, x86, and the downfall of the PC gaming master race


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Xbox One X arrives November 7 for £450Just three years separated the release of the original PlayStation 4 in November 2013 and the PS4 Pro in November 2016. 813 more words