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Ash Ketchum is Still the Worst Pokemon Trainer Ever

Our previous post about Ash Ketchum, shamelessly titled “Ash Ketchum is the Worst Pokemon Trainer Ever,” is far and away the most popular post on the site. 1.065 more words


Máster en Arte en Milán: 35 becas con NABA

Studiainitalia se complace en anunciar que NABA, la Academia Internacional de Artes y Diseño en Milán, ofrece una convocatoria de becas a estudiantes internacionales para cursos de posgrado… 334 more words

Cursos De Italiano


I’m so glad last year was the year I decided to start keeping a diary because it’s fascinating looking back and seeing what stage my training from my Master was back then. 696 more words


Famous luthiers - 3

Matteo Goffriller

He was born in 1659 and he lived most of his life in Venice. Matteo is well known for the quality of his cellos. 138 more words


Last Week

I spent most of the last few days with Master, as they were his days off. Because of how hesitant I’ve been we agreed that Wednesday would be snuggles and movies and Thursday would be our play day. 703 more words

Week 4 Check-In

Its that time to check in a review our rules. They might be in a weird order because i usually note them as Master goes over them. 261 more words


Through the looking glass

I am not editing this right now. I am just blurting it out. This is not a fictional story. It’s one piece of my story. One glimpse in on the abuse I suffered in this case from a man who was my Master. 528 more words