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December 4th- Untamed

​It’s been 2 days. Two days of sexual desperation. she had permission from her Sir to play and it hasn’t helped. she hasn’t had sex in over a year. 621 more words



“Mere Harirai Rattan Naam Har Basiyo Gur Haath Dhariyo Mere Maatha
Janam Janam Ke KilBikh Dukh Uttere Gur Naam Diya Rin Laatha”
(When my Guru has kept His Hand on my Head then my heart becomes full of only His Name. 282 more words

Beyond Expectations - "The One Gold Slave" by Christian Kennedy

About three weeks ago, I was thinking about the possibility of extended this blog to more than just short stories and opinion posts, and including book reviews as well. 1.229 more words


December 3rd- Pain that Equals Pleasure

​December 3rd

she played a few times this morning. she had begun a search for “sex” on Netflix. Why Netflix? Because she wasn’t looking for porn.

2.412 more words

December 2nd- Chains

​she woke up confused. she wondered what had happened. she had memories of the past day… week.. months.., but she hadn’t been fully aware. Had she been in a trance, zoned out..?

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He says the sweetest things

After surgery I’m stuck in bed. I look like shit, yet He still calls me beautiful! I realize soon I will be out of bed and back to my life, looking hot for Him again. 558 more words

Tower Dash Apk v1.1 (Mod Money)

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Play Tower Dash! The super addictive new game from the creators of Bird Climb and Spider Square. 26 more words