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Whovian Coke

When you’re a fan of something, it changes you. I grabbed a Diet Coke the other day and it said Missy on it. My mind immediately replayed a conversation in the recent Doctor Who episode Dark Water. 17 more words


Free Safety

Freedom and safety often seem to be opposites except for the fact that the key to both is discipline.

NOTE: This blog series investigates twelve attributes I see as conducive to recovery from PTSD and other past stress. 625 more words


Challenge #1 (July 1, 2015)

Score 2,500 points or more in Turmac Roll!
Score 1,500 points or more in Turmac Roll! Score 750 points or more in Turmac Roll!

NOTE: You do not, actually, get a reward from me or the official Neopets team for completing these challenges,  It just for fun.


Self Spanking

Master contacted me to day and told me that he was very disappointed with me. I had forgotten in all of the events of the last few days to text him the photos of my nakedness. 565 more words

I do not know if ever I have met a man or a woman who did not at some place and for some purpose desire to be relevant; to be of some value to someone.

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I'm a Master!!!

Yes! I finished my education finally! I had a defence of my diploma work on 26th June and I passed! With A! I’m so happy! 127 more words

Amairo No Life

Rules made

This weekend Master and i finally sat down and went over the rules that i am expected to follow. Most of them are pretty average and what someone would expect to receive in this line of life-choice. 501 more words