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*IMPORTANT Leak About Trump’s Trafficking Ring*

Our friend, Michelle Myers, and several other of our ex- #Nazi member friends, are seeking to find “Maria” – HOWEVER, what they don’t know is we’ve been actively looking into this situation out, as well (our social media account on Twitter is deactivated temporarily out of safety concerns). 105 more words

[THE] Rainy Parasol

Scenario 2 The Rainy Parasol, deals with Resource boundaries, which are related to the resources, because the resources can also create a divide among people, societies, regions and countries. 1.574 more words


"Wet Pain:" The Sensations and Horror of Racism and Natural Disaster

In the short story, “Wet Pain” by Terence Taylor, racism is the villain of the story. Taylor writes about the critical Black-white paradigm of racism in the United States (US) through the relationship between the protagonist, Dean and his family. 412 more words

[THE] Talking Bridge

Scenario one deals with Individual boundaries, which are related to the way we humans conduct ourselves, the way we interact with others. Sometimes all one needs is a way to communicate or cross barriers to go from point A to point B. 963 more words


Day 3 Biography

My Social-Emotional History

The illustration is this person moving forward into the past with this backpack of experiences and memories.  Stop/Wait, I am reacting to something and the original cue and reason for my reaction is in the backpack somewhere! 674 more words