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The Risks

Expose yourself to challenges. Life is full of excitement when you take the risk .

You might fail but you may not. The taste of risk is good anyway. 115 more words


Travel: How Oslob Broke My Heart

Early October, my cousin and I went to Cebu for some personal matters and we decided since we’re already there, we may as well visit some touristy spots. 560 more words


Ruins & Βeginnings

Ruins and beginnings. My life has always been full of them.
There is no one to put the blame on and this is uncomfortable.
There is also nobody to whom I owe the small or bigger victories of everyday struggling. 20 more words


Sixteen Going on Seventeen

Ever since I was little ‘The Sound of Music’ has been a favourite of mine for sentimental reasons. Growing up I soon realised that I loved the famous movie because in turn it was actually my love for Musical Theatre. 277 more words


Even more letters from Maria!

I just got 3 more letters in the mail from my dear Maria, all on the same day. Talk about exciting! I just love seeing those orange and white envelopes in the mailbox that came all the way from Mexico. 480 more words

Marius Moga e tătic!

Se știa de ceva vreme că Marius Moga și soția sa, Bianca Lăpuș, erau în așteptarea primului lor copil, dar nu știau exact ce v-a fi. 27 more words