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29" Santa Maria Model Ship

29″ Santa Maria Model Ship

The model is made out of wood, with no plastic pieces. Master craftsmen using historical drawings built it to scale with high-grade woods. 23 more words

Mac에서 MariaDB 사용법

1. 서버가 돌아가고 있는지 상태확인

$ mysql.server status

2. mariadb서버 실행시키기
(반대는 stop)

$ mysql.server start

3. mariadb 접속하기
(비밀번호 없이 접속가능하므로 나중에 보안적인 문제는 해결해야합니다.)

$ mysql -uroot

4. mariaDB는 mysql의 상위 버전이므로 사용법이 같습니다.


Mac에서 MariaDB 설치

<Mac에서 MariaDB 설치>

$ brew install mariadb

Depression and Disguises

My struggle to live with mental illness has made it necessary for me to create two versions of myself.  Internally I’m deeply depressed, anxious, obsessive, and powered by compulsive behaviors.  1.358 more words


Educational research: what do we need to know? | Maria

The Christmas edition of the Economist contained an article called ‘Animal Factory: the evolution of a scientific meaning’.  It was about the difficulties of conducting experiments on laboratory mice.  77 more words

Prog #114: I Suspect Everyone - and No-One! (The DNA Man, part 2)

Case File

Dr Frankenstein realises that Dredd suspects him of murdering Beaker, so sends a gang of mutated DNA Men to his apartment to kill him. 276 more words