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Free Your Heart For God

How can I free myself for God?

Let worries blow in the wind.

Let Christ take your hand and lead.

Let our Loving God encircle you. 74 more words


Birthing Christ Within—A Reflection

Advent and Birthing Christ are most appropriate reflections as we wait for the celebration of  Christ’s birth.  Aspects of Advent/Christmas and “Birthing Christ Within” are as follows: silence/prayer, patient waiting, surrendering self to God, generosity, humility, and LOVE.  82 more words


Love Mischief

God’s been up to some love mischief.

I have three pieces of evidence.

Last Sunday I preached on the lectionary readings for the day. I was captivated by an image I found in Psalm 116 which said that God inclines his ear to us. 534 more words

Spiritual Director Burnaby

Things I Learned During My Facebook Vacation

Earlier this spring was the beginning of Lent, a season which we Catholics mark (in theory) by a renewed focus on prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  Another longstanding practice is to give something up.   1.088 more words


The Betrayal of Love

Many of the links are to a private online journal that I kept during Lent to document, in a very intentional way, the movement of God in my life. 2.534 more words

Inspiring Students and Staff with Bob the Fish

This Lent, we have met Florence who transformed little fish like Bob into something amazing.

Thank you to CAFOD Schools Volunteers Lesley Waite and David Brinsden for sharing the Lenten story of Bob the Fish to students in the Westminster diocese. 68 more words


Episode 1 - Ashes

Time to jump in and learn the rules of Church Drunk, a podcast about the unspeakable, unthinkable, thoroughly inexplicable draw of the tractor beam that Mother Church has trained squarely on the souls of many young Catholics on the road to enlightenment. 34 more words