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Pics from Interactive Sunday on Golden Calf

These interactive prayer stations focused on the story of the Golden Calf.


Prayer for Our Day

Lord of Power and Might,
Harness the Four Winds
To serve Your Plan,
And bless Your inheritance.

Prostrate before You,
The Church raises a mighty cry, 177 more words

All Things Catholic

Crying Out

I search and search and do not find.
I ask, and ask, and light doesn’t come.
I beg, and beg, to no avail.

I cry, and cry deep within, 72 more words


Heart of Love

Write my love upon my heart
That I might sign it with my life’s blood,
Coursing through its chambers,
Rushing to serve and sing to You. 108 more words

All Things Catholic


The holidays have always been important benchmarks for my journey through life. It was true when I was a boy and even as an adult. 216 more words


Election Lent

As of this posting, there are 23 days left until the Presidential election and I am halfway through a self-imposed season of Election Lent. Most of us “religious types” know what Lent is: a period of fasting, moderation, and self-denial traditionally observed by Catholics and some Protestant denominations. 1.104 more words

Breath Of Life

Breath Of Life: What is It?
– It is a kiss of God’s out-stretched arms
– It is God’s energy for life
– It is God’s nourishing food… 70 more words