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Wideness in God's Mercy: Small Towns

{Lent 2018 — I’m choosing a panoramic photo each day and letting the image prompt some idea to write about. Many times, it works.}

This is how Owego, NY looks on the approach from the bridge over the Susquehanna. 1.244 more words

Daily Mass: He is Christ the Lord. Catholic Inspiration

As Jesus claims his divinity in the Gospel of John we are challenged to consider how our lives conform to Christ.  He is our Lord and His example guides and directs our lives in all things. 15 more words


#LentBookClub Sheep Fair Day 20180322

I really liked this poem by Kerry Hardie. It reminded me of that wonderfully thin book, “the practice of the presence of God” by Brother Lawrence. 385 more words


A Song for Lent - Day 33 - A Whole New World or The Same Old Place?

To Read: Click on song title to watch a video

A Whole New World

from Aladdin

I can show you the world, Shining, shimmering splendid… 1.120 more words