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What it takes when You Are Determined to Succeed

For the past two weeks I have had writer’s block. I have been writing, but I have not been able to come up with subjects I wanted to write about or really anything that interested me. 761 more words

Live A Life You Love

35 before 35

Inspired by 34 Before 34 | Is That You Darling

1. Dye hair blue

2. Read a Stephen King book

3. Do a park run… 152 more words


What Will I Give Up for Lent? Let's Agree to ........!

What Will I Give Up for Lent?  Let’s Agree to ……..!

Jesus is quoting Psalm 82:6 … “I say, ‘You are gods, children of the Most High, all of you.”  (Even those preparing to kill me …in Jesus’ words–all of you.” 496 more words


Why I'm Taking Up a #BlackLivesMatter Reading List This Lent

In 8 days, Christians around the world will begin the Lenten journey with Ash Wednesday, in which ashes are smeared on our foreheads to remind us of our own mortality. 908 more words

Social Justice


Next Wednesday, March 1, we begin again our Lenten journey, a season shaped by the purple robe placed around Jesus when he was shamed and tortured by his guards. 477 more words


to bear or not to bear?

Lent. The Christian 40-day season of preparation for Easter. It’s chief character and call, penitential self-reflection and spiritual renewal. A primary image, wilderness.

Jesus, after his baptism, was thrust by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan… 853 more words

A Personal Reflection