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Shrimp and Langoustine Giouvetsi

Giouvetsi is a typical Sunday dish. It is usually  beef cooked with orzo in a clay pot, and one of the horrors of my childhood. I could not stand the slippery texture of it, or the suspicious sense of ‘comfort’ it was supposed to convey. 525 more words


Crying Out

I search and search and do not find.
I ask, and ask, and light doesn’t come.
I beg, and beg, to no avail.

I cry, and cry deep within, 72 more words


The Evolution Continues...

Good Friday



The Blessed to Be a Blessing art installation lent itself to adaptation so easily. For the duration of Lent we removed all brightly coloured umbrellas leaving up any remaining black ones that hadn’t been painted and the one red umbrella which represented Christ. 109 more words

Art As Worship

Shrimp Bisque

This evening we had a shrimp bisque, made with soy milk because it is a fasting period. Delicious.



there is life - we are the people of promise!

When I first started my studies in death and dying in the early 1970s, Ernest Becker had just published his Pulitzer winning book, The Denial of Death… 244 more words


Free Your Heart For God

How can I free myself for God?

Let worries blow in the wind.
Let Christ take your hand and lead.
Let our Loving God encircle you. 74 more words


Father, My Father

Where would we be without You?
You are our life-breath.
You walk hand-in-hand with willing souls.
You encircle our every effort.
You reach out to our wounded heart. 64 more words