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Advent & Lent

The two most important Church seasons, both preparing us for two important events in Church history – the birth of Jesus and his resurrection.

You don’t just stumble into glorious events in life.  500 more words


An Anabaptist Does Advent (Annual Repost)

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. Here’s a post from two years ago that introduces the idea of following the seasons of the church year as a way of grounding our lives in the story of Jesus. 1.094 more words
Michael Pahl


Poverty — poor, spirit restless,

This is me without the Lord.

Questioning — probing, lonely, unfree,

This is me fighting as I find the Lord. 57 more words



I know.  It is borrowed.  Like the ground where my home sits, the air I breathe, and the wife I love: all lent to me for a time. 356 more words

Speak Lord: speak caution and care

Sunday sees the beginning of the Church’s new Year, and is the first Sunday of Advent.

The shops, for weeks and months, may have been exploiting Christmas for commercial benefit, but only now does the Church begain her preparation, and that preparation takes the form of a certain retreat from festivity! 351 more words

Catholic Faith

In Stillness, Christ Speaks

In Stillness Christ Speaks:

Be Vigilant

Be Watchful

Be Ready

Be Focused

Be a light in darkness

Be alive in Me

Be eyes for the sightless… 39 more words


Beaver Fact of the Week: Beaver meat counts as fish?

Technically, beavers are a mammal due to their milk producing abilities, fur/hair, and method of giving birth (live births as opposed to laying eggs). However, that didn’t stop the Roman Catholic Church from declaring beaver a fish during the 17th century. 171 more words