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As we sit here

 By Constance Mokhoantle

As we sit here during this wonderful time of lent and the crucifixion I have lost my ability to pray. No, I am not a bad Christian. 309 more words

Why Veronica?


Because I believe Christ’s encounter with Veronica to be one of the most powerful moments of Christ’s Passion, I have chosen “Veronica’s Veil” as the title to this blog. 176 more words


St Edmund's Sweet Tooth

Our thanks go to St Edmund’s Parish in Godalming for having a marvelous cake sale raising an amazing £310 split between CAFOD and the Kasanka parish served by the FMDM Sisters in Godalming. 167 more words


Lenten Program - Get Across 2018

Get Across is an annual Lenten program in the church of St. Michael’s Mahim, Mumbai. It’s one of my favourite evenings in terms of church events as we gather together for the way of the cross, prayers, singing and meditation. 9 more words


Spreading the love

Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day occurred on the same day this year.

Churchwarden Sandra Harper of St. Paul’s Westdale in Hamilton described it, “As this year’s calendar events — both secular and liturgical— have, in a sense, collided.” 151 more words


The Last Words, Mumbai

A Gospel Concert by Open Secret during the period of Lent


The Sobriety, redux

Back in 2015, I decided to go sober for 6 months as a little social experiment and it is documented as a peer-reviewed article here on this site. 349 more words