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Commitments: Make The Next Half Even Better (and Longer)

I am 38 years old with two adorable kids and a wonderful husband.  2 working parents with travel schedules, building a new house, trying to be involved in our community, and trying to be great parents.   368 more words


...Katharine Morling

I feel like Katharine’s work is quickly becoming some of my favourite! The way the media is so disguised makes you want to look at any of her work for ages just capturing what it means to you. 111 more words

Echoes Through Time - Page 66: "A Tender Moment"

Lora and Deserous are getting awfully close in that last panel. WOOOO!

Recognize the woman and man in the locket? If not then you need to go back and refresh yourself on Deserous’ past starting at… 35 more words

Echoes Through Time

Echoes Through Time - Page 34: "Warlock Angst"

For the Forsaken, remembering their past lives as living mortals is often a painful reminder of a life they can never return to, yet which led them to where they are today. 14 more words

Echoes Through Time

Echoes Through Time - Page 31: "High As A Kite"

The party splits up to explore the Vancleef’s giant war ship docked in Ironclad Cove and Deserous discovers a fortune teller within the vessel. Does this gnoll really know Deserous’ past? 43 more words

Echoes Through Time

The Tutor Book Review

With any legend, especially one like William Shakespeare, there is often more myth and fiction than historical documented fact. With that myth and fiction, modern writers can delve into the what ifs of that person’s life and add new experiences that may or may not have happened. 303 more words


One ton shark revisits Georgia coasts near sub base

KINGS BAY NAVAL BASE, Ga. (WJCL) —  Submarines aren’t the only big objects floating in the waters off  the shores of Kings Bay Naval Base this week. 197 more words

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