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Katharine's Bridal Shower, August 8, 2015

Oregon welcomes back its’ Texas beauty!

My dear friend Katharine is marrying her love, Nathan, in December and I am honored to join her bridal party as a bridesmaid! 167 more words


Civilisation: Katharina Kepler arrested for witchcraft

Welcome to the ‘Civilisation’ blog series. This is my attempt to categorise some of history’s most famous (and infamous) names. Sometimes it’s serious and sometimes it’s silly. 520 more words

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Echoes Through Time – Page 159: “The New Boss”

If you were expecting Katharine to break down and have a tearful reunion with her long-lost husband then you’re not familiar with half-demons who hide their feelings… 57 more words

Echoes Through Time

"Two tough women; and they clicked."

In a 565-page history book (A History of the World, Andrew Marr) I found four female names: Cleopatra, Katharine, Margaret, and Jiang Qing. From these, two raised my admiration. 376 more words

Echoes Through Time – Page 158: “Hating You”

One by one the dominoes fall to the hands of forces unseen. Soon after Deserous fell under the control of the Old God so too did Katharine; giving up her humanity to embrace her demonic side inherited by her… 135 more words

Echoes Through Time