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3 Months of Waiting..

Let me start by saying… Laura, Morgan, and I reunite in 1 week!!  It’s going to be a weekend full of fun, crafts, and laughter.  I cannot wait! 528 more words


Echoes Through Time – Page 155: “Hacky Sack”

That was a touching reunion, but not altogether unexpected when you vanish for almost a decade and don’t bother telling your wife that you’re still alive after saving her from… 64 more words

Echoes Through Time

Being Grateful: Preschool Graduation

Time is such a hard thing to keep in perspective.

Sometimes you wish it away, like those moments you are sick in bed with the flu and you just want your sickness to be over with.   120 more words


The Dreaded "D" Word

Let me preface this blog post by asking one question, “Is there anyone out there that likes the big D word?” Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded word DIET.   572 more words


Confessions of a "To-Do" List-aholic

We are in the middle of a relaxing beach vacation with our kids for the very first time.  Sunday was both of the kids first time playing at the beach.   273 more words


Echoes Through Time – Page 151: “Altered Forms”

This page title is not to be confused with the Bush song Altered States or the SEGA game Altered Beast.

Lora, enthralled by Katharine’s seduction spell, is lured upstairs to the private chambers of her half-succubus hostess. 65 more words

Echoes Through Time