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Legendary Women project

Legendary Women is a project we started back in March. Every month we create a vectorial illustration of a woman we consider to be exceptional. 126 more words

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Look at Me by Mareike Krügel

Title: Look at Me

Author: Mareike Krugel

Publisher: Text Publishing

Date of Publication: 26 February 2018

Rating: 5/5

All mothers are concerned about their children but some are a little too concerned. 555 more words

Gender And Literature

Hampton Roads

Emily and Hilda stood in the sunshine outside the store in White Hall. They finished their Magnum Dove Bars, put the wrappers in the trash, and took swigs from their bike bottles. 3.449 more words


Brandywine Drive

Friday evening, Hilda rode to Brandywine Drive. The flowers and bright green leaves were reaching their peak in the heat of the late spring. Soon, just crossing town like this would be a sweaty affair, even with the shady tree cover of the Greenbrier neighborhood. 2.896 more words



Hilda switched on Channel 29 News while the coffeemaker gurgled on the counter top. She didn’t watch much TV, but she would rather let Dave Rogers tell her what the weather would be than look it up on her computer. 2.798 more words



The Greenbrier neighborhood was awash with brilliant white and pink dogwoods. The sun filtered through the trees as Emily made her way to school. Hilda trailed her as they navigated the curving, narrow roads. 2.810 more words



With five kilometres to go, Emily broke from the peloton and sprinted for the finish line. Sylvia and Tashiqua stood up and pulled alongside her, blocking any moves by the riders in the field. 2.076 more words