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Goings on at the Parson's /Redmonds

Graham and his wife Abigail have company over almost everyday. 99% of the time, they just show up, uninvited. Neither of them seem to mind, but when Graham is feeling depressed af, it’s hard to have all that family around, in your face. 469 more words


“It’s just above freezing, Emily. I can drive you to school.” The kitchen was bright with the sunlight reflecting from the winter wonderland in the back yard. 1.403 more words



Emily carried her cleated racing shoes into the kitchen. She had her long-sleeved winter racing kit on, with a bright orange microfiber buff around her neck. 2.980 more words


The Northern Neck

“Enough slack, you two,” Emily shouted and grinned. “Race me home!” Emily opened up on her parents until she was a small dot in the distance. 1.630 more words


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“No one really wishes to be a queen.”

Oh my, I loved this. This book seems to be very polarizing on my feed, and from people I love, trust, and have similar reading tastes as, so I was a little apprehensive going in.

1.048 more words


Emily wrapped her scarf twice around her neck and stuffed it snugly in her jacket before starting down 12th Street again. The snow had come suddenly – it had been sunny and pleasant on the way to school. 1.505 more words



Emily grit her teeth and pushed. Her legs were burning from her hips to her ankles, and her toes might be numb or in pain – she couldn’t tell anymore. 2.304 more words