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Javier Mascherano: Barcelona Had Internal Issues

While Barcelona is on a roll, snagging a quarterfinals slot in the Champions League and being on the top of the La Liga table, midfielder Javier Mascherano revealed that this was not always the case, citing internal issues that nearly brought the team down during the early stages. 26 more words

Achieve the sublime

For me, the most inspiring thing about this photo is the dancer is a friend of mine. The leap is dumbfounding and graceful. That it’s a regular guy only makes it more extraordinary for me. 156 more words


Shit Javier Says

So far, Christy and I have three classes apiece. I’m teaching a group of Peruvian sailors (starting tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes) at the very basic level on MWF, a conversation class after that one on the same days, and a class of intermediate students on Saturday mornings. 446 more words


A Plague On Both Our Houses (Probably)

The unthinkable has happened, again. For the third time, actually. My husband and I are camped out on the living room floor, after having done all our laundry (including the fancy stuff) and the bedroom is outgassing. 913 more words

Liverpool's Javier Manquillo falls over table tennis table

Jose Enrique shared a Video via Instagram of fellow Liverpool players Alberto Moreno and Javier Manquillo having a practice doubles match before Liverpools in house

Chicharito se queda

Ancelotti dice que chicharito esta fichado porque aun lo necesitan….

No se sabe cuántos minutos el Mexicano Javier Hernández jugara durante lo que resta de la temporada pero el técnico merengue en un comunicado de prensa dijo que sigue con ellos trabajando porque es necesario aunque no es muy participante en los últimos juegos chicharito le comento que está muy contento de seguir con el equipo merengue y que cuando tenga la oportunidad el demostrara que tiene potencial para buscar un lugar en el equipo ya que ha demostrado mucho profesionalismo y Ancelotti esta muy agradecido por eso. 16 more words


A new legend

Javier Fernandez : “I got my third European Championship! Thanks for being there #Sup3rJavi‬

European Championship