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Coffee and Old Skool Hip Hop!? I'm Sold!

For some reason I had a lot of random thoughts this morning on my way to the gym. I was thinking about Scott Foley, because Indy, my buddy at work, was upset at the whole Scandal situation that involved Scott’s character. 649 more words

Javier Hernandez To Wait Till Summer To Join Real

Despite making a splash in Real Madrid’s recent matches, forward Javier Hernandez might have to wait until this summer to see if he will permanently become a part of the team. 47 more words

Getting Javier Hernandez Might Cost Real Madrid €10 Million-Report

After Javier Hernandez made a great showing for Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, there is now a clamor to have him move permanently to the team. 46 more words

Javier Hernandez Shines As Real Wins Against Atletico 1-0

After an intense match, Javier Hernandez pulled off a late goal to get Real Madrid 1-0 past city rival Atletico Madrid and win their quarterfinals match in the Champions League. 49 more words

Javier Mascherano: Barcelona Had Internal Issues

While Barcelona is on a roll, snagging a quarterfinals slot in the Champions League and being on the top of the La Liga table, midfielder Javier Mascherano revealed that this was not always the case, citing internal issues that nearly brought the team down during the early stages. 26 more words

Achieve the sublime

For me, the most inspiring thing about this photo is the dancer is a friend of mine. The leap is dumbfounding and graceful. That it’s a regular guy only makes it more extraordinary for me. 156 more words


Shit Javier Says

So far, Christy and I have three classes apiece. I’m teaching a group of Peruvian sailors (starting tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes) at the very basic level on MWF, a conversation class after that one on the same days, and a class of intermediate students on Saturday mornings. 446 more words