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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Lie comes the complete Dirty Angels trilogy box set (with bonus content, the novella “Esteban”).

Purchase on… 226 more words


Javier Gomez out of Rio Triathlon 2016


Javier Gomez is out of the triathlon at the RIO 2016 Olympics – a personal disaster, especially after winning the RIO test event. Obviously this boosts significantly the chances of a Gold for Team GB. 603 more words


Only The Good Die Young

Whenever Javier and I spend time together (which is every day), the amount of juvenile laughter and outlandish shenanigans that happen are truly a magical force from GOD.  454 more words

Neymar all set to sign new deal at Barcelona

Brasilia, Brazil 30th June 2016:  Neymar is close to signing a new contract with Barcelona that will tie him to the La Liga champions until June 2021. 272 more words

Ubaid Awan

Jardines Productivos y Escuela en Ggulama

Manejamos  durante cinco minutos en la carretera Masaka-Kakuto hacia el norte, y dimos una vuelta a la derecha en una brecha, tan polvosa, que terminamos empanizados. 1.418 more words


Ggulama Food Forest & School

We drove back to the road to Masaka for  5 minutes and turned right to a dirt road and drove a couple of more minutes. Over there, there were some boarding schools, with school childrens lining up for something and walking down the dirt road. 1.023 more words


Trailer Talk: Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 3

I am a huge fan of the apocalyptic and dystopian genres, I’m not really sure why, a psychologist or a fancy online survey could probably tell you why, but right now let’s just focus on the awesomeness of one of the pop culture pinnacles of these genres: The Walking Dead and the reveal of the latest addition to its magnificent video game series by Telltale. 520 more words