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My First Post: The Nerd Perspective

Welcome to my newly created blog মুক্ত চিন্তক, তাই নার্ড. In Bengali, this phase translates to “Freethinker, So Nerd”, literally meaning “Nerd because I am a freethinker”. 397 more words


BBC audiences get Israeli PM's Congress speech through the Bowen filter – part two

On the evening of March 3rd and the morning of March 4th the BBC News website published several reports on the topic of the Israeli prime minister’s speech to the US Congress. 1.053 more words


WorldViews: Britain bans Israeli tourism ad because it shows Jerusalem’s Old City as part of Israel

British authorities have banned an Israeli government tourism ad because it appears to suggest that Jerusalem’s Old City, which is technically occupied Palestinian territory, is a part of Israel.The ad, a brochure titled “Israel Land of Creation,” was inserted in British newspapers earlier this week. 72 more words


Bibi, King Maker, Double Agent, Politician, Fool or some combination?

I am afraid that I have to add my voice to the discussion about the speech or should I say, performance of Bibi Netanyahu at the Congress. 566 more words


Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday March 5, 2015

In this week’s edition of Open Sources Guelph, we’ll be covering a wide-range of topics, as per usual. What happens when an Israeli politician talks to the U.S. 429 more words

Show Notes

The last 24 hours

Now I am going to get political here. There is a reason. What I am going to discuss here covers not only the political arena but also the realm of faith and God. 976 more words