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. …..continuing on with WHEN. the CONTINUAL DAILY offering.

. again, these OT scriptures are for us, a type of worship. 706 more words



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Sundown November 30, 2015 Dawns Hebrew Day 255. According To The Calculator Greater Light Day 700 and Mayan 711, However; 255 + 25 = Sundown 12.25.  116 more words

Britain's David Cameron wants to use bombs to prospect for gold in Syria

By John Chuckman | Aletho News | November 30, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the British Labour Party, is a man of genuine integrity and honesty in his opposition to British bombing of Syria.

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United States

Israeli and Palestinian Leaders Exchange Rare Handshake

Israel’s prime minister and the Palestinian president, in France for the climate summit, met and shook hands for the first time in years.

A photograph shows Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas shaking hands and smiling on the sidelines of global climate talks outside Paris on Monday. 71 more words

Hosea 8

Set the trumpet to thy mouth.

He shall come as an eagle against the house of the Lord,

because they have transgressed my covenant,

and trespassed against my law. 303 more words

Daily Tidbits

Israel-Russia communication: Straying Russian plane avoid being shot down

The good news is that Russia is capable of deconflicting an intrusion into another country’s airspace, inadvertent or not.

The bad news is this reflects negatively on Russia when it refers to Turkey. 437 more words


Forget ISIS: Humanity is at Stake

I still remember that smug look on his face, followed by the matter-of-fact remarks that had western journalists laugh out loud. “I’m now going to show you a picture of the luckiest man in Iraq,” G… 7 more words