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Response To Reuters Biased Coverage Of IL

2/9/16: Yahoo posts Reuters take on Israeli Knesset brouhaha over Arab MKs visiting & praising the families of 3 terrorists killed by Israeli security forces. 658 more words

5 Incredible Photos of Masada

Here are 5 photos from Masada that prove it’s magnificent beauty.

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The Mesmerizing Masada

Masada; a name packed with so much beauty and tragedy. It has a story that will leave you in tears and the kind of haunting beauty that will be engraved to your memory for many years to come. 274 more words


Israel locks down Palestinian village after settler stabbed


Israeli security forces, pictured on January 14, 2016, are searching for the perpetrator who stabbed a Jewish man from the settlement of Neve Daniel… 264 more words

Masada (or; I am Scared of Heights)

I stood on the top of Masada, looking down at the Dead Sea.  I was supposed to be leaving the place, but I could not move because, as I was finding out, this was my worst fear come to life. 936 more words


Sanders and Soros and Clinton - strange bedfellows with OSF

From Feel the Bern, the above video distorts history and defames Israel

Nearly everyone likes funny, warm Bernie Sanders.

And once upon a time he was a Jew, working in Israel.  873 more words


Ted Nugent Explains Jews And Gun Control To The World.

For a whole bunch of reasons, some personal, some having to do with my regard for his musicianship, I have refrained until now joining my GVP friends in condemning NRA Board Member Ted Nugent’s gun rants.  636 more words