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Recapping Obama's Messaging Ahead of Bibi Speech

Much has been made on Jewish Twitter today of AIPAC– the speeches delivered by Samantha Power and Susan Rice, Netanyahu’s rock star status at the convention, the Hezbollah-flag-wielding protesters numbering, apparently, at only a few dozen, all stand in stark contrast to Bibi’s upcoming address to Congress tomorrow night. 423 more words

Partisanship has no place in foreign policy

OK, one more attempt at making sense of this Bibi blowup and I’ll move on.

It’s being reported that about a quarter of congressional Democrats are going to stay away from the speech Tuesday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will make before a joint session of Congress. 225 more words

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Rick Perry: ISIL 'the worst threat to freedom since communism'

Rick Perry: ISIL ‘the worst threat to freedom since communism’


2/27/15 11:23 AM EST

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry struck an energetic and strident tone against terrorism, illegal immigration and President Barack Obama as he spoke to conservative and libertarian activists on Friday morning here at the Conservative Political Action Conference. 293 more words

Obama's Iran Nuclear Problem

Recently, Obama has been asked about the Iranian nuclear weapon ambition. He seems to be discussing sanctions (again) and at least hinting that they are indeed seeking a nuclear program. 233 more words

NSA Claims Iran Learned from Western Cyberattacks - Glenn Greenwald

The U.S. Government often warns of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks from adversaries, but it may have actually contributed to those capabilities in the case of Iran. 357 more words


Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech to Congress, What's Obama Afraid of?

I am anticipating an insightful and bold speech from the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu tomorrow when he appears before the U.S. Congress.  Much is at stake for Israel these days, and for America!  234 more words