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U of Manchester Begins Project to Digitize Iranian Newspapers

The University of Manchester in the UK has begun a project to digitize Iranian newspapers, specifically around the time of the 1953 coup d’état and the 1979 revolution. 48 more words

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As Iran’s dismantling of much of its nuclear apparatus and negotiations for prisoner releases and drew to a close, two American riverine boats strayed into Iranian waters and were stopped by the Iranian Navy. 802 more words


Ini Alasan Harga Minyak Sulit Bangkit

  • Pasokan minyak secara global diperkirakan lebih tinggi dari perkiraan sebelumnya, seiring rencana Iran dan Irak memacu produksi.
  • Permintaan terhadap minyak rendah, salah satunya karena perlambatan ekonomi China.
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Canada lifts some sanctions on Iran

Canada has lifted some of its sanctions against Iran, following the JCPOA nuclear deal implemented in January.  It has:

  1. Lifted its ban on importing goods from Iran, and has eased its general export ban to prohibit the export only of 41 listed items, most of which relate to Iran’s nuclear and other WMD programmes.
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Masalah orang-orang Arab adalah Iran, bukan Israel (Pemimpin Partai Perdamaian Libanon)

dan katakanlah: Beginilah firman Adonai YAHWEH: Lihat, Aku akan menjadi lawanmu, hai Gog raja agung negeri Mesekh dan Tubal… Orang Persia (Iran), … banyak bangsa menyertai engkau.

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A Bigger Problem Could Brewing

First thing I would like to do is thank ALL my readers on the stats from yesterday……they were through the roof…..I appreciate all the fine folks that stopped by and helped make it a great day here on IST…….also it was one of my better days for comments and that is one reason I write a blog…..I like it when my readers reply to each other and the conversation begins……Thank you….thank you…… 337 more words

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Czy wojny o ropę są nieuniknione?

To tylko sugestie. Nie umiem ich poprzeć faktami, danymi liczbowymi czy naukowymi podobnie jak nie potrafię udowodnić z całą pewnością udziału człowieka w ocieplaniu się klimatu. 893 more words

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