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Trump’s Phony Support for Iran’s Popular Protests, by Reese Erlich

Most Iranians, even the ones who don’t like their own government, can’t stand Trump. From Reese Erlich at

During a recent reporting trip to Iran, I interviewed almost two dozen people at random in both rich and poor neighborhoods of Tehran. 408 more words

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Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf-ji - Ravi Shankar

English is not a language of the British, Americans and Australians alone. Even amongst them the ‘tomayto’ and ‘tomaato’ syndrome shows that there are different English-es. 570 more words


US Urges EU to ‘Fix’ Iran Deal: Brussels Between a Rock and a Hard Place, by Peter Korzun

President Trump is “squeezing” Europe on the Iranian nuclear deal, but he can’t really squeeze Iran, Russia, or China. From Peter Korzun at

President Trump… 348 more words

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Iran Protests: How has the regime reacted?

Now in the third week, Iran´s nationwide protests show no signs of slowing down. Meanwhile, the government in Tehran is feeling the rising pressure.

Employing the usual rhetoric, Tehran has accused the United States and Israel of interfering in domestic politics. 361 more words


Iran Espionage Comes to Light in Germany

The federal prosecutor’s office in Germany released a statement that the police conducted a series of searches related to investigations of 10 suspected Iranian spies. No arrests were made as a result of the January 16 raids. 650 more words


BBC - Travel - Iran’s ancient village of little people

Oh this is freakin awesome.. You realize this means they were about 40 inches tall, compared to average for the time of of 60″. Now I wanna know what they smoked!! 15 more words

7 Most Amazingly Cheap Places to Backpack

“Travelling- it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Do you love travelling? Are you planning to travel the world without burning a hole in your pocket? 701 more words