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13 point ultimatum for Qatar

Qatar has been issued with a 13 point ultimatum and has been given 10 days to comply as Saudi Arabia and their allies pile the pressure on top of the blockade. 828 more words


Saudi Arabia Issues Demand to Qatar: Close Al-Jazeera and Cut Ties with Iran

Saudi Arabia has raised the stakes in the Middle East, as they issued a list of demands to Qatar. The large kingdom and its allies have given the Gulf state just ten days to shut down Al-Jazeera and curb its ties with Iran. 483 more words


Top 7 Pieces of Modern Day Propaganda – Part 1 (Geopolitics)

By Makia Freeman | The Freedom Articles

Modern day propaganda is all around us. However, people have usually become so numb to it that they can no longer perceive it. 1.200 more words


Qatar says list of demands by Arab states not realistic


Qatar says list of demands by Arab states not realistic

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'The Problem Is the Senate Screwed Up.' House Stalls Russia-Iran Sanctions Bill

(WASHINGTON) — House Republicans are stalling a hugely popular bill to slap Iran and Russia with economic sanctions over a procedural issue that they’re blaming the Senate for creating. 585 more words

To end crisis, Arab states demand Qatar sever Iran ties

WASHINGTON (AP) — Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries that have cut ties to Qatar issued a steep list of demands Thursday to end the crisis, insisting that their Persian Gulf neighbor shutter al-Jazeera, cut back diplomatic ties to Iran and close down a Turkish military base in Qatar. 433 more words

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Saudi Arabia vs Qatar: Middle East Controlled-Demolition Plan?

There is trouble in oil paradise.

It seems that all the elements of an already explosive geopolitical concoction are getting vigorously stirred. The palace coup in Saudi Arabia, conducted by… 1.028 more words