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Iran: Letters of 5 political prisoners to UN Secretary-General - See more at:

By Staff Writer, Iran Probe
Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Political prisoners condemn mullahs’ intelligence plot to murder and massacre their relatives and other Iranian refugees in Iraq. 332 more words


Iran announces new ‘Zionist caliphate’ cartoon contest

An Iranian museum on Tuesday kicked off a “Zionist caliphate” cartoon contest, with “Zionism, terrorism and racism” and “ISIL terrorism and genocide in the name of religion and to the benefit of the Zionists” the designated themes. 202 more words

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Turns Out That Maybe You Shouldn’t Trust the ‘Media’

In December 2013, a journalist named Andrew Dwight emailed Rori Donaghy, a journalist with Middle East Eye and a founder of the Emirates Center for Human Rights, which focuses on abuses in the United Arab Emirates. 1.234 more words

Middle East

Mystery feminist tattoo on Taraneh Alidoosti, “the Natalie Portman of Iran,” causes uproar

Is there a tattoo of the “woman power” symbol inked on actress Taraneh Alidoosti’s arm? Iranian social media is abuzz after a photo snapped at a press conference seemed to show a bold feminist fist sticking out from under the sleeve of her dress. 215 more words

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Nigeria risks losing oil buyers to Iran, S’Arabia

Nigeria, which recently lost its Africa’s top oil producer status to Angola on the back of huge decline in its output, stands a chance of losing some of its traditional buyers to rival producers such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, industry experts have said. 15 more words


Iranian woman discusses choice to cut hair so she can walk hijab-free in public

The image of 29-year-old Kajal is a striking one: She stands in front of a historic site with her arms crossed in front of her, wearing a white coat with a white bag slung over her shoulder as a cellphone hangs from its strap. 433 more words

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