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Turkey’s Actions Show the Despair of the Regime Change Camp

By Dan Glazebrook | RT | November 25, 2015

Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian jet today shows the utter desperation currently sweeping through the regime change camp as Russia closes in on the death squads in Syria – and does so with massive international support.

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Happy (Persian) Thanksgiving!

What meals do you like to cook for your Thanksgiving dinner? Whether you stick to traditional American dishes or like to experiment with your Thanksgiving recipes, make sure to check out this video by AJ+ featuring Iranian-American chef  14 more words


Photo Series: Autumn in Iran – Snowfall in Masal, Gilan

Masal, a county in the western part of Gilan Province, encompases the upper valley of the Shanderman River and the whole catchment basin of the Masal River (also called Ḵālekāi) until its arrival into the plain. 167 more words


Wenn der Westen im Osten weilt

Irgendwann muss man auch mal ruhen. Wo macht man das besser als bei der Arbeit? Wir suchen uns also einen Job im Iran. Es zieht uns in die Wärme des Persischen Golfs. 236 more words


It Won't Be Last

The last days of autumn in Tehran… at Jamshidieh park 6 more words