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John Kerry says foreign banks should “feel free to deal with Iran”

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday that the USA is not seeking to prevent Iran from dealing with banks outside the US, that he wanted to address the “confusion” among some foreign banks, and that foreign banks should now “feel free to do business with Iran”.  92 more words


Writing on Iran for Raconteur

Our analysis of the opportunities that the opening up of the Iranian economy offers to British firms was featured in the second issue of the new monthly magazine… 57 more words

Meet the Zainebiyoun Brigade: An Iranian Backed Pakistani Shia Militia Fighting in Syria

SYRIA has seen tens of thousands of foreign fighters from an enormous range of countries across the world. There has been enormous flurry of media coverage on foreign ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra fighters and their role in the war. 741 more words

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Iran: UN experts: Iran regime denying medical treatment to political prisoners

April 27, 2016

A group of United Nations human rights experts on Wednesday warned that over a dozen political prisoners in Iran, including some prominent human rights defenders, lawyers and political activists, are at risk of death in detention due to their worsening health conditions and the continued refusal by the Iranian authorities to provide them with medical treatment. 124 more words

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Yazd, ciudad de película

Llegar a Yazd fue cansado. Desde Isfahán hasta Yazd no vimos una sóla ciudad, 5 horas en la carretera y tan solo unos kilometros antes de llegar apareció la primera. 693 more words