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The Tenses: Present Simple

When do we use the simple present?

  1. Repeated actions or habits
    1. I wake up in the mornings.
  2. Things in general or true facts
    1. The sun rises every morning.
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Embedded questions

Hi Sweetie,

An embedded question is a question that is included inside another question or statement.

They are common after introductory phrases, such as:


Verb tense: Present Continous

Hi Sweetie,

Let’s now study a new verb tense: Present Continous. It is simple verb tense, similar to one in Portuguese.

Present Continous

Form… 446 more words


Transition words


  • HoweverWe wanted to leave at 8:00. However, Mike arrived too late.
  • On the other handShe hates housecleaning. On the other hand, she doesn’t mind cooking…
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Quite a nice Australian

The Hallams invited an Australian soldier home. 22 year old Gordon Ingles had joined the Anzac Cyclist Battalion a year earlier.

24th June 1917
We had a young Tasmanian soldier in to dinner and tea – Gordon Ingles – from Hobart – quite a nice fellow. 6 more words

Life On The Home Front

How the Aperol Spritz Became Italy's Favorite Cocktail

In a country as culturally diverse as Italy, where regional differences in language, cuisine and drinking practices remain distinct even 150 years after unification, naming a national aperitif would be borderline blasphemy. 597 more words


Parem de falar em inglês!!

(*post original publicado no Facebook em 06 de janeiro de 2017)

Vamos rebobinar a fita (entreguei a idade) para 2013, quando decidimos vir para o Canadá. 669 more words