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Ingles pa more (Mga pagmumuni-muni tungkol sa wika)

Natural na lamang sa dyaryo, radyo, TV at kahit sa sosyal na midya, este, social media, ang paggamit ng salitang Ingles. Katunayan, dahil sa araw-araw itong nakikita at naririnig, halos wala na ritong pumapansin. 621 more words


Clase II: Verb to be - present form

Today we will talk about pronouns and the verb (to be). It is important to understand perfectly these topics because it will help us in the future to understand other more complex structures.  351 more words


First blog post

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Clase I: Estructura básica del inglés

Para poder entender el inglés vamos a empezar por analizar las partes que conforman una oración.

  • Nouns (sustantivos)

Person, place, thing or idea (persona, lugar, cosa o idea) 232 more words


Trump racism reflects our humanity

Translated by Marvin Najarro 

The Trump acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention was above all an assault to peace and democracy; it was in itself a call to violence and the continuity of racist and interventionist policies. 1.361 more words