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Song: Crazy by Patsy Cline

This song is about how crazy we can be when we’re in love. 124 more words

Ita uza lian saida los?

Iha n.º 1, artigu 13.º Konstituisaun nian hakerek dehan katak lian ofisiál Timor-Leste nian mak tetun ho portugés. Tuir lolos, iha Timor-Leste laran tomak tenki ser uza lian rua ne’ebe temi iha kotuk. 291 more words


Daily Prompt: Obvious

via Daily Prompt: Obvious

I saw him. I wonder if he saw me too.

The cafeteria was packed with people, no tables were available. My previous class has just ended, it was time for me to, yet again, eat and then find something to kill the time.   196 more words

Spilled Ink



Her back rests flat on the cold, hard floor.

Chill creeps through her bones

But she lays still,

Eyes twitching—


Since sunflowers bowed… 160 more words

Spilled Ink

To be dismayed is not enough

Translated by Marvin Najarro
Every time we learn about unpleasant news (a rape, a femicide, a slaughter, and a terrorist act) our first and last reaction is to be shocked and remain in that condition, as if with that our share of social consciousness, as a demonstration of our collective commitment, would be fulfilled. 820 more words


Yoga en Inglés

Un aprendizaje para una nueva era de la humanidad

Esta claro que los niños Españoles necesitan el inglés para poder competir en un mercado laboral cada vez mas competitivo y global. 354 more words


The Protector. Jodi Ellen Malpas

La autora británica de la muy conocida trilogía Mi Hombre; Jodi Ellen Malpas mostró a sus seguidores el trailer de su próxima novela que saldrá a la venta próximamente por medio de su página de Facebook. 172 more words