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Love vs love

Yesterday I saw an amazing play in which a Mexican goes to the States leaving his wife for 6 years and when he finds her she’s cheating on him. 120 more words


#LifeOfOneReader - Winter Readings 28/07

Hello folks!

Here I am, in the last post I wrote about gadgets, but now I’m back to talk about my winter readings during my school recess, which was longer than one month. 238 more words

Ingles Grocery Haul + Predictable Grocery Sales {Menu Monday}

This week’s grocery haul is proof that shopping the sales cycle is a predictable and easy way to save money! My Timehop app sent me… 142 more words


Two Weeks Later - Moto X

Hello everyone!

I decided to talk about gadgets today, two weeks ago I bought a Moto X (the latest version) and I will tell now my experience with this device. 381 more words

Inglés en la capital del mundo

Vive una temporada en el epicentro de la cultura americana. Estudia  inglés en una de las ciudades más activas del mundo, Nueva York, a través de… 74 more words


Como aprendi inglês sozinha e sem gastar nada.

Olá, pessoas!

Como prometido no post sobre despertar. Vim contar como comecei a estudar inglês!

Nunca gostei muito do inglês, não acho uma língua bonita (principalmente o inglês falado nos EUA), mas chega uma hora na vida que é preciso enfrentar barreiras. 692 more words

Historias asombrosas de estos 9 deliciosos platillos [ARTÍCULO EN INGLÉS]

The first known reference to apple pie was in 1589

Food is one of the most basic necessities of life, but just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it’s simple. 1.620 more words