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Up-and-coming series | Part 5: Mihai-Vlad Paraschiv - Diandra-Aniela Illes

Names: Mihai-Vlad Paraschiv & Diandra-Aniela Illes
from: Romania
What’s to say:
After a successful partnership in Youth, Mihai and Diandra now dance in Adult, where they are currently ranked 56. 56 more words


a swimming hair salon

The first swimming hair salon I have seen in my life.

Rennes lies at the confluence of the two rivers, the Illes and the Villaine. The rivers have branches, which makes waterways in the city quite common. 21 more words


Joc de Presidències: els acords progressistes a Balears

En el Joc de Presidències en que s’està convertint la investidura del proper president o presidenta de les Illes Balears, hi ha tres escenaris possibles, que podeu veure al diagrama i que ara entrarem a valorar. 430 more words


The Beat Will Never Grow Old

An Interview with Ivan & the Parazol

Take My Hand. Lumberjack. 1965. Love Is Like. Wish You The Best. And the Sziget Festival anthem, Together, which we couldn’t get out of our heads even if we tried. 2.666 more words


Gràfic: Enquesta pel Parlament de les Illes Balears

Aquí teniu una de les possibles projeccions en base a l’enquesta publicada avui pel Diario de Mallorca que mostra com podria ser el Parlament de les Illes Balears després del maig. 39 more words


13th March 2015: Illés - Komm geh mit mir

Language – German (not sure why this is in German, as the band are Hungarian…)

Translation – Come walk with me

I am a sucker for a recorder in pop music – what a great sound!   129 more words

Csipetnyi gyerekkor

Illés koncert @ Főnix csarnok, Debrecen

Dec. 21. Illés koncert a Főnixben! Akarsz jönni? Végül is, miért ne? Nem az az abszolút várt koncert, akár kihagyható is lenne, de azért azt talán nem kellene… mert mégis: Illés. 407 more words