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K- Rapper Spotlight: iLLA

It’s that time again for another K-Rapper spotlight. A little weekly series where I try to showcase Korean Rappers that I think deserve much more fame than what they currently have. 261 more words

Jam On It: Illa - "I Remember" (Prod. by Trackademiks)

When San Francisco songstress Illa pairs up with producer Trackademiks, the end result is a refreshing nod to throwback R&B. 74 more words

New Music

I just cn't figure it out

How do u ove on so quickly?

Well , being heartless and learning from ur mistakes, cherising the life they did do and get/experience or shit and not the moment that took our breath but the moments that took our breaths away, whilst living. 85 more words


New Music: Syed The Great Ft. Qari & iLLa - Day In Day Out

Featuring frequent collaborator iLLa and underground emcee Qari, Chicago artist Syed The Great brings us his latest listen “Day In Day Out” produced by Bliss Beats.

Diari de bitacora, Alken Prima 1, Mayu cargo

Em desperte un cop del dolç, si bé curt, son a coberta, per a ser saludat per l’ungla de lluna.

Torne a dormir.

Em desperta la gent parlant. 875 more words


Diari de Sulawesi, dia 32, ports de Bitung

Estic ja un dia més a Sulawesi  del que planejava, però no m’importa :D

M’alçe a les 6:20, massa pronte, deuria haver dormit més  però  el acostumar al cos a una rutina té el seu preu.Tot i això volia açar-me a les 5, per tant no està tan mal. 724 more words