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iBi is back and this is wonderful!!!! <3

“You can find it at my lil’ inworld store at Black Kite. All you need is to activate your 8f8 Creations group tag and click on the vendor.  35 more words

Second Life

Choosing a Quality IBI Program: Questions to Ask Potential IBI Providers

What is IBI?

IBI stands for Intensive Behavioural Intervention.  It is the application of the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in an intensive, highly structured format. 1.442 more words



El término epílogo deriva de las palabras, epi, que significa sobre, y logos, que significa discurso. Por tanto, el epílogo es lo que hay sobre o después del discurso, es una conclusión. 382 more words

Política Económica

Hyperactivity and Autism 

To say my son is energetic is an understatement, the polite educators at his daycare use the word electric to describe his everyday behaviour. His high energy boils over into all activities which makes his new IBI regime a challenge. 165 more words


So last week was a little overwhelming but not because of Autism

So our positive first week of IBI led into a not so positive one last week. It is hard to come here and say that because for the most part, it breaks my heart that Reid is the real victim in all of this. 820 more words


  Love this because people don't understand the beauty in some one with autism I’m Not Sorry

You may call him electric mixed with a short attention span but that little boy can teach you more in a few months than you could learn in any textbook. 29 more words