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Songs I Missed #1: I.B.I., NCT-DREAM, Brave Girls, and More!

I get busy sometimes, and I can’t do a full review on everything, so this is my attempt to make up for lost time and write short-and-sweet reviews on a few different songs I missed over the past couple of weeks. 705 more words


I.B.I (아이비아이)


Song Review: I.B.I - Molae Molae

Just nine days after I.O.I returned as an (almost full) group, Produce 101 is once again churning out material, this time in the form of I.O.I’s sister group, I.B.I, which is composed of girls who didn’t quite make it into the final line-up (still with me?). 254 more words



IBI (아이비아이)

Name meaning: Ordiary Person Debut Song: Molae Molae Debut date: Label:  Loen Entertainment Years active:


Birth Name: Lee Hae In Stage Name: Haein Hangul:  해인 Age: 22 Position: Nationality: Korean Blood-type: A … 78 more words


Ontario's autistic youth deserve better

By Richard Forbes.
Featured image via CP.

In an embarrassing about-face, the Ontario government announced this week autistic children, ages five and older, would receive $10,000 in successive direct finding while they plan to expedite their transition to a new Ontario Autism Program for next year. 1.852 more words

Richard Forbes

Shea- Butterfingers!

Don’t you love my pun-y titles? ;)

Today’s post is going to be a quick one since this week is crazy busy. I’ve been juggling work, my best friend’s birthday, and planning an upcoming trip so my apologies if this seems a bit rushed! 137 more words

Behaviour Experts Call Wynne's Autism Policy Destructive

Toronto, April 20, 2016 – The Ministry of Children and Youth Services has declared that as of May 1, Ontario will no longer provide Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) to children of five years and older. 656 more words

Kathleen Wynne