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Why I chose what I chose to blog about?

Easy enough choice for me as I wanted to keep the theme with all of my other projects this year. One day in life I aspire to be in the position that Howard Stern is in. 142 more words

Chapter 2.1- Bye Jackson

Kacy did her homework

Jackson decided to work out in the corridor

He died of old age

Howard become a young adult but will be staying around until Kacy reaches adulthood. 89 more words

ISBI Challenge

Info Overload

The more we know somehow feels like overload,  yet our grey matter opens up to process something else we don’t know… 

Howard parked in front of the town hall and they walked into the Mayor’s office to see Lucille. 379 more words

Blackston Lake

#bigbinkshow Empire Cast Mates Really Married?

#bigbinkshow – I had no clue that “Andre” and “Boo Boo Kitty” from Empire are actually married.  How do they do it?  Here they are kickin it on the beach spending some of that Empire Money.   20 more words

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